Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors: Format, Filling and MORE

Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors If you are looking for a monthly allowance for up to 5 children under 18 years of age, this is the article you are interested in reading. Here we will be showing you what it is and how you process everything related to it Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors.

This form is a tool used to process and obtain a Universal Child Allowance (AUH). This assignment is received by one of the parents. If you are a mother, you will know that the system will prioritize for you.

Format of Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors

With this form you can obtain the AUH and collect it monthly. To do this, you must present each child’s Notebook once a year.

The form is prepared in sections or rubrics, which indicate the phases that you must complete in order for you to process the form. We will detail them below.

Item 1: In this first label you must fill in all the information about the parents (mother or father).

2: Here you must enter each of the data you have about the father.

Item 3: Corresponds to each of the employer’s data:

  • Unique key
  • Family nucleus or company name.
  • Email (if applicable).
  • Location telephone number.

Item 4: In this section you must mark the corresponding amounts with an «X» in capital letters.

Item 5: In this part you must put a capital letter «X» in the number forty-five (45).

  • This item is activated in the case of a license that covers between thirty (30) and forty (40) days.
  • The information date is the proof that you are present to date.
  • Here you must count the weeks that you go until the date of delivery.

Item 6: This section is for the exclusive use of the treating physician. You have the option of leaving it without registration to be filled out later.

  • You can show the certificate in a copy authenticated by the employer.

Item 7: This section is to be filled out for children with special conditions.

Item 8: This section is not mandatory. It is intended for the data of the attorney-in-fact.

Item 9: This heading is intended for the data of the representative to be appointed.

Item 10: Intended for the registration of the different firms involved; employers if they come from DGP, and signatures from ANSES.

Completion of Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors

When recording your information on Form 2.63, you must be careful in each part. This way you will verify and update data and consign the required documentation:

  1. Update your personal data.
  2. Check that your personal data and family ties (children and partner) are renewed in your My ANSES profile.

If not, present the relevant documents: birth certificates of minors; marriage or cohabitation certificate; and the DNI of the family group.

  1. It incorporates the documentation via Virtual Attention. Choose the option Advice> Update personal or family group data.
  2. If you have a child with a disability, you must carry out a prior procedure.

At this point, we make an important call for you to obtain the authorization of collection for Allowances for Children with Disabilities:

Due to Covid-19 and its biosecurity implications, the National Disability Agency granted a one-year extension for all Certificates of Disability (CUD) that expire during 2020.

The expiration dates will automatically be taken to the same date in 2021. You do not need to process a Disability Authorization currently processed in ANSES.

If you have not done so already, you must complete the Form PS 2.71 DDJJ for the Processing of the Authorization for the Collection of the Allowance for a Child with a Disability, in which you must go locating the necessary information, so that you can register it in the indicated rubrics.

These sections are what you will see in the form:

  • Item 1: record all your data.
  • Number 2: fill in the details of the minor or person with a disability.
  • Item 3: indicate your current employment / pension situation.
  • On the back of the form, place your signature and clarification.

If you process the Disability Authorization for a dependent child or person with a disability over 18 years of age and the addresses declared in Items 1 and 2 of the form DO NOT match, to prove the «State in charge» you must submit the following papers:

  • Medical certificate that guarantees the disability of the person you are registering and who for these reasons lives in the declared address,
  • documentation that proves the maintenance of the disabled person by the holder (bank drafts, summary of monthly expenses, medical prescription with invoice for payment of remedies issued in the name of the holder, rental contract in the name of the holder with the respective proof of payment; among others records).
Attach any file that shows that the holder contributes to face the condition of the disabled person.

If you need to process a valid Certificate of Disability (CUD), you must follow these steps online:

  1. Confirm your personal details.
  2. Check that your personal data and family ties (children and partner) are updated in your My ANSES account. If not, record the birth certificates of your minor children, the marriage or cohabitation certificate and the ID of the family group.
  3. Register the corresponding form, as indicated in the Documentation title.
  4. Enter the Virtual Attention system, and present the required documentation. This system has been arranged to attend the current period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation.

When you manage to properly carry out all these procedures, you will be able to collect the Allowance.

And once this payment is obtained, you must remember that:

  • 80% of the Assignment is charged monthly.
  • To receive the remaining 20% ​​and continue charging, once a year you must present the Universal Assignment Book to prove school attendance and health checks.

What is Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors for?

We tell you that there is a wide variety of forms provided by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), to enable the Universal Child Allowance (AUH).

We recommend that you investigate this information carefully, so that you can locate your case. It is a success factor if you need to get this help!

Form 2.63 is focused on addressing those situations where people can choose each of the representatives, in the event that the owner is at least 18 years of age.

The AUH that you can obtain with this form will allow you to attend a wide range of social situations:

  1. Unemployed
  2. Monotributista social
  3. Domestic worker or any other employee who may have a fund through a monthly settlement.

In this way, it will be possible to access a benefit that will help you in the immediate future, or when you need it.

Once enrolled in this type of regimen, you must cancel it on a monthly basis, at least until your child turns eighteen.

In this way, people can ensure that the monthly settlement of this allowance it reaches them, especially if they find themselves out of work. If it’s your condition, you shouldn’t miss it.

It is also the case of monotax social workers, domestic workers, and employees. We reiterate, if you are going through any of these situations, do not miss this opportunity. It is a way to make funds so that you expand your possibilities in the future.

It is appropriate that you also know that children with disabilities do not have a payment limit. It will continue to be paid continuously.

It is about achieving a type of assistance in which people can benefit from the moment they yearn for it. Thus, as an interested mother or father, you must ensure the entire process from the birth of your child.

You should also note that large cataloged families are only allowed to add five (5) children. Well, you should consider that the aid system gives preference to people with disabilities or special conditions and to minors.

Who should process it?

All those People with minor children can process the ANSES PS 2.63 form. It should be noted that this form must be submitted directly, if you want to do this procedure.

So we can point out the following stakeholder groups, so that you can evaluate where you can locate yourself.

  1. To whom it corresponds
  2. To the father or mother who lives with the minors who face any of the following situations:
  • Unregistered worker (without contributions).
  • Domestic service worker.
  • Monotributista social.
  1. To those who are enrolled in the programs: «We Make the Future», «Hands on Work» and other Work programs.
  2. To the dependent parent who can receive payment directly without the consent of the other parent, by submitting the Family Allowances Collection Form.

Who Issues It?

Form 2.63 is issued by the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES), which is a decentralized body created since 1991, whose mission is the administration of benefits and national services of Social Security in the Argentine Republic.

What is Form 2.63 for Representatives of Minors?

Form 2.63 is one of the regulatory formats intended for the assistance of all those who wish to have a base of their own monetary funds, in order to defray any eventuality that may arise.

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