Form 2.68 before ANSES: How it is, Filling and MORE

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The Form 2.68 before ANSES allows the interested party to request school aid that is given annually. This contains the necessary data of the beneficiary and its context, which will allow the entity to better manage the process. However, it is necessary for the applicant to know all aspects of this document.

That is why today we will be explaining how to obtain it, what the form is like, how to fill it out and what it is for. Likewise, we will talk about the additional requirements to request the help and everything you need to know to carry out this management. Stay with us and learn all about him Form 2.68!

How is Form 2.68 before ANSES?

Form 2.68 can be obtained from the ANSES web portal. In this sense, we will explain how you can acquire and fill it out, so that you do not miss anything when you go to request the school help service. Let’s see!

Obtaining the form

  • To begin, you must enter the institutional page of the ANSES.
  • Once there, you must go to the section of EDUCATION and click there.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you can find three options:
    • Annual school aid.
    • Progress.
    • Enhance work.
    • Universal assignment book.
  • Obviously, click on School Aid.
  • Click on School certificate.
  • There you can complete the form as it matches. We will talk more about this in the next section.
  • When you finish, you only have to finish the application with the other requirements and choosing the processing method: online or in person.

Since you know how to get the Form 2.68, We can go on to explain what it contains and how to fill it out.

Filling of Form 2.68 before ANSES and Presentation

For Fill out Form 2.68 you must know the following aspects.

  • Beneficiary data: here are the student data contained in the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL).
  • Schooling data: here you must fill in other data, such as:
    • School year: corresponds to the year the student is studying.
    • Certificate type: corresponds to the level of studies in which the beneficiary of the program is located.
      • School: what level you are in from preschool to middle school.
      • Higher: if he is attending college or a TSU.
      • Special or Differential: if this presents any educational need or disability and therefore your teaching is different. This section includes those who participate in rehabilitation schools, individual classes and special workshops.
    • Province: this time the province where the institution or establishment where the student watches classes is located is located. You just have to select the corresponding one.
  • Others: you could also be asked for your residence information, email and contact number. In this case, you just have to enter them.
  • Finally, to verify that you are not a robot, you will be asked to enter a Code. Type it as it appears in the image and voila!

Once you have filled out this form, you only have to submit it. Of course, always keeping the requirements in mind. You must fill it out, download it, print it and take it to the establishment or institution to be signed.

Then you have two options: do it online or face-to-face. If you do it online, you just have to follow the same steps to get the certificate. You will find the option to upload the form in the same section where you got it: UPLOAD SCHOOL CERTIFICATE. Obviously, you must first have it digitized from where you are going to upload it (phone, tablet, computer).


you should check if your child’s forms are not already available in My ANSES before filling out the form. In the next section we explain how.

You can download the PDF FORM entering the corresponding link.

You can also ask TURN to take it to an office. You just have to enter the corresponding link and click on Annual School Aid and enter the CURL number. Then you have to go to the place and submit the form.

As a result of the process, you will have applied for school aid.

Additional Requirements for the Procedure

There are some Requirements for Form 2.68, both for its completion and to request school aid. It is vital that you know about these, since if you do not you could be exposed or exposed to waste time following unnecessary steps. You may not even be able to make the request.

Following this line of thought, we can summarize the requirements to apply to enter the program:

  • Be enjoying the collection of Universal Child Allowance or from Household allowance.
  • The child must be attending official educational institutions or establishments.
  • If he has a disability, then he must have authorization for the payment of allowances issued by ANSES. This must be in force and must be intended for children with this condition.
  • The legal representative or parents The student must have Argentine nationality or prove a minimum of three (03) years of residence.
  • The child cannot be of legal age, unless he or she has a disability. Must be between 05 and 17 years.
  • Finally, you should check if your child’s forms are not already available. For this you must enter the web portal of ANSES and click on My ANSES. Proceed to press on Sons > School Certificate or Universal Assignment Book, as appropriate.

If they are not available, then you must fill it out as indicated. The requirements to fill out the form if they can vary, but in general lines they are:

  • CUIL.
  • DNI of the father and the minor.
  • Certificate of concubinage, civil union or marriage, if expressly required.
  • Birth certificate of the minor.
  • Meet the requirements to enter the program.

IF you take all this into account, you should have no problem carrying out this management. Again, remember that you can apply before the end of the year.

What is Form 2.68 for before ANSES?

The Form 2.68 of the ANSES serves to request the collection of the School Aid. This charge is made annually to affiliated persons who have minor children or adults with disabilities. It is charged only by a parent or representative, subsequent fulfillment of the requirements and completion of the form.

This contains all the data of the beneficiary of the program and its managers. In this sense, you will find the basic data, of residence, of the institution or establishment in which you are a student, and so on. This allows ANSES to study the requests and enable the payment option.

What exactly does this help involve? It is a monetary transfer that will allow the father to pay the child’s educational expenses, partially or totally. Without a doubt, an incredible tool for those who need this type of subsidy.

Finally, keep in mind that a different form must be submitted for each child. Why? Because different charges would be given and specific cases would be attended to for each one.

Before, Form 2.68 was used to apply to other programs, but today it is only used to request School Aid when the applicant is enrolled in the Family or Universal Allowance.

What is ANSES?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) it is a state body. His job is precisely to carry everything related to social security. This includes the creation and control of programs, such as family allowances, unemployment benefits, pensions, publications, benefits, and so on.

It is constitutionally part of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security from Argentina. It was founded in 1991, almost thirty years ago, and today it has great resources that allow the operation of its programs.

This entity employs more than fourteen thousand (14,000) people and among the programs it offers is that of Family or Universal Allowance per child. It offers the unemployed, people who earn less than the minimum wage or who have high-risk jobs, receive monetary benefits for each child they have.

These must be minors, although those of legal age who have a disability are excepted. Within this program you will also find that of Annual School Aid, very useful for them to finance their children’s studies, and for which it is necessary to fill out the Form 2.68 of which we have spoken to you today.

Finally, this entity offers interested parties an institutional portal so that they are up to date with the latest news, news and information from ANSES and its programs. In its section of Virtual AttentionYou can even carry out procedures online. Among these are those related to retirement, family allowances, unemployment, proxies, and so on.

What is Form 2.68 before ANSES?

The ANSES Form 2.68 It is a document that must be completed online. This contains basic, contact and institutional data of who would be a beneficiary of the Annual School Aid.

This help is received by the people who are part of the program Family or Universal Allowance for Child, if requested. Like the assignment, it is a disbursement of money so that the applicant can pay the educational expenses of his registered child or children.

You can get this form on the ANSES page, in its Studies section. Right there you can find information about the procedure and the requirements that you must take into account. This if you want to make sure that everything we have told you today is correct.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) is an entity whose job is to administer everything related to social security. That is, the establishment of different programs, such as family allowances, unemployment benefits, pensions, publications, benefits, and so on.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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