Form 2.9 before ANSES: Format, Data and MORE

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This article will explain the importance of completing the Form 2.9 before ANSES. The organism ANSES From the first place, it cares about Argentine citizens or the people who reside in that country. For this, they implemented a new system called «My footprint» that will help citizens to carry out all kinds of procedures.

But there are cases in which people have not been able to go to the offices to place their prints because they are not physically well or due to adverse situations. In these cases, citizens must complete and submit the Form 2.9 before ANSES.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you read on so that you can take note of the topic.

Format of Form 2.9 before ANSES

Citizens who contain a physical limitation or cannot move to register their fingerprints, must download the Form 2.9 before ANSES or have your medical certificate. This is why the person has to enter the web portal of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

When the citizen has accessed the link, of the web portal of the Argentine entity, he will be able to find on the page the title of documentation, below that the form will appear, which is in the format PDF.

You must print it and fill out the form and then take it to one of the ANSES offices.

Data to Provide in Form 2.9 before ANSES

When you have the Form 2.9 before ANSES, you will need to complete the following information:

Exemption Applicant Information

In this first part of Form 2.9 before ANSES, the citizen must provide the following:

  • You must enter your Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL).
  • Your last name and first name.
  • Place your email personal.
  • Telephone.
  • Address.

Reason for Exemption

In this part of the Form 2.9 before ANSES, the citizen will explain his reason for exemption. That is, this part applies to citizens who cannot transfer to perform the biometric system. You must provide the following information:

  • Explain in detail your impediment.
  • You will have to put the respective dates of the event (From to).
  • You must enter yes or no if you go attach the certificate.
  • Put the date of the certificate.

Certifying Physician

The citizen must provide the required information about the medical professional:

  • You must indicate the your license plate number.
  • Select if the professional is from the province or national.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Put your CUIL / T.
  • The estimated payback time.
  • You must place the place and date.
  • Lastly, the signature and stamp of the certifying physician.

Impossibility of Mobilization / Transfer

This part of the form should be filled out by people who have some inability to mobilize. In the case of hospitalization in an institution or residences for the elderly, you must place: the name of the institution, the CUIT and the Residence Address.

If the citizen is admitted to a hospital, he must place in the Form 2.9 before ANSES, the name of the institution, the CUIT and the residence address.

If it is home medical hospitalization, you should only put information regarding, to the residence address and finally, if you are on home rest, you must put the rest address on the form.

Then the certifying medical authority must complete the following information. This is for cases of Hospitalization, the signature of the doctor and the seal of an authority of the hospitalization institution will be required.

  • The description of the impediment, placing from when to when it ends.
  • Place yes / no yes will attach the certificate.
  • Certificate date.

In the part of the certifying doctor you must fill in information according to your registration with the number, if it is national or provincial, your name, surname, the CUIL, place the estimated time of recovery and finally the certifying doctor must sign with the seal . In addition, the signature and seal of the certifying authority.

Deprivation of liberty

If the citizen is in this situation, he must complete by putting the name of the organism, the detention address, the type of detention, whether prison or home.

Then you will need to place in the certifying authority, the name and surname, the CUIL, the position, the place and the date. And finally, signature and stamp of the certifying doctor.

Other motives

If you cannot attend for other reasons, you must explain with details your impediment, place if you will attach the certificate and the date of the document.

As mentioned, place the information of the certifying doctor such as the registration number, national or provincial, name, surname, CUIL, specific recovery place, place and date. To later sign and stamp.


This is the case, when a proxy or third person must complete the Form 2.9 before ANSES with the following data:

  • CUIL.
  • Name and surname.
  • email.
  • Telephone.
  • Domiciled in what place.
  • Place who is authorizing with their respective CUIL
  • Domiciled where.
  • Place and date,
  • Signature and clarification of the holder.
  • Signature and clarification of attorney.
  • And finally, signature and clarification of the certifying authority.

To carry out this process of the application for Exemption of Biometric Identification by fingerprint, it is governed by resolution DE-N No. 567/13 and 648/14 and its supplementary amendments, before the National Social Security Administration.

What is it for?

First it should be noted that the Form 2.9 is sent by the Social Security Administration (ANSES) in the Argentine territory.

The footprint is a system that was created so that all Argentine citizens can place their handprints, to make the procedures to be carried out more comfortable and easy. In some cases there may be exemptions that were explained in the previous point.

This document works for those cases that people cannot attend to place their fingerprints. If you have circumstances other than those mentioned above, it is essential to fill out your form, it must be signed and stamped by a treating physician or autority.

Who should File Form 2.9 before ANSES?

It will generate the question of Who should process the Form 2.9 before ANSES? In these cases, all citizens who have physical problems or cannot travel due to some circumstances to register their fingerprints must do so.

What is ANSES?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) It is a decentralized entity that is in charge of administering the benefits and services that make up social security for Argentine citizens. It is worth emphasizing that it was established in 1991.


  • At ANSES they are concerned with correctly carrying out policies in the field of social security. In addition, the Argentine citizens benefited must obtain the benefits and services.
  • This body is committed to managing with efficiency and social commitment the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA).

What is Form 2.9 before ANSES?

The Form 2.9 before ANSES, It is an important document that can be found on the agency’s website ANSES. This form must be filled out by citizens who cannot attend to place their fingerprints, because of physical problems or because they cannot go to the office due to adverse situations that were explained in the first point, such as if they are deprived of liberty or interned. , etc.

How to carry out the procedure

To carry out the procedure, the citizen must comply with the following steps:

  • You will first need to download and print the Form 2.9 before ANSES and must be signed by the doctor. Also instead of the form, you can supply a medical certificate where it should have your date, diagnosis, the determined date of recovery, signature, stamp and registration of the medical professional.
  • Then the form must be signed by a doctor, explaining the reason through which the person cannot move.
  • You will have to take an appointment to be attended in a ANSES office.
  • To request it on the portal ANSES, you must click on take a turn.
  • Then on the page it will appear that you must enter the name of the procedure and three options will appear: for proxies, enrollment and exempt.
  • In this case, you will select exempt and then you must enter your CUIL Number and the CUIL Number of the attorney-in-fact (Optional). Finally, you will continue and you must follow the instructions to conclude and schedule your appointment so that you can place your fingerprint.

Problems with My Fingerprint registration

In the event that your fingerprints cannot be registered, because they are blurred, it is not essential to bring the form or the medical certificate. You will first need to contact ANSE staff and then they will tell you what to do.

It is important to note that this system of «My footprint» is an innovative system that recognizes the identity of the person through the fingerprint. Each retiree, pensioner or in that case attorney-in-fact will register the fingerprint in a simple and one-time manner.

This guarantees maximum security in all procedures, where fingerprints and information will be stored. For this reason, people must place their footprints, but in that case they cannot ANSES I implement that citizens who cannot due to a physical complication or because they cannot attend must process the Form 2.9 before ANSES.

Finally, you must bear in mind that this document is important so that you can carry out your procedures without any problem.

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