Form 2046 SUNAT: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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Business investments are an important aspect within a nation, in this way complete economic development is achieved. However, it is extremely necessary that the government of the country generate the plans and legal coverage for the availability of this area. On the other hand, the fact that each company has a different establishment must be taken into account. Which varies according to the required dimensions or depending on the economic provisions that are allowed.

Therefore, in this article we will explain everything related to Form 2046 SUNAT, We will tell you what this form contains, how to complete it, who should do it and more. It is important to note that if you think that this information can be useful to a friend, you can share this article.

Keep reading! Here we will have all the information for you.

SUNAT Form 2046 Format

The Form 2046 SUNAT it is a very easy document to complete. This form should only be used when the taxpayer has establishments in addition to the one indicated as the tax domicile. This must be submitted to the SUNAT office that corresponds to the jurisdiction to which the taxpayer’s tax domicile belongs.

This document will be presented in a PDF file which you can download to your computer and then print it. You must bear in mind that the document must contain legible letters and must not present any type of erasure or erasure, since otherwise, the document will not be accepted. Next, we will briefly explain what this contains Form 2046 SUNAT Attentive!

  • Item I. General information.
    • Type of request.
    • RUC number.
    • Surnames and Names or Company Name.
  • Item II. Detail of Annexes Establishments.
    • Type (a)
    • Denomination and / or number.
    • Establishment code.
    • Department.
    • Province.
    • District.
    • I use SUNAT.
    • Zone / Type – Name.
    • Road / Type – Name.
    • #
    • KM.
    • MZA.
    • INTER.
    • DEPT.
    • LOT.
    • References.
    • Condition of the property.

Finally, a series of fields will appear below that you must complete. For example, identity document, surnames and names, signature, fingerprint of the authorized person and stamp and signature of the receipt, signature of the taxpayer or legal representative and names and surnames of the same.

However, at the time of printing the Form 2046 SUNAT, two sheets will appear. The first will contain all the fields that you must complete and the second will have all the instructions that you must follow when completing the form. You should note that this document is completely free.

Similarly, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Form 2046 SUNAT, do not hesitate to go to the SUNAT office closest to your home so that the personnel in charge can clarify your doubts or help you solve any inconvenience that may arise.

How to fill out Form 2046 SUNAT?

As we said earlier, the Form 2046 SUNAT It is a very easy document to complete as long as you have all the information at hand and the instructions are followed to the letter. Otherwise, any type of inconvenience or mistake may occur at the time of writing this document.

In the previous section we were able to explain how the Form 2046 SUNAT so that at the time of printing you know the data to complete. We have also decided to expand this information by explaining how this document should be completed. Take note if necessary!

Form 2046 SUNAT

  • Item I. General information.
    • Request type – Mark with an X either, HIGH, MODIFICATION, OR DOWN.
    • RUC number. You must enter the taxpayer’s RUC number, except in the case of an entry in the Registry.
    • Surnames and Names or Company Name. You must enter the data corresponding to the taxpayer.
  • Item II. Detail of Annexes Establishments.
    • Type (a). You must enter information depending on the establishment. For instance:
      • Matrix house. (MA)
      • Branch office. (ITS)
      • Agency. (AG)
      • Commercial or service premises. (IT)
      • Productive Headquarters. (PR)
      • Deposit. (FROM)
      • Administrative Office. (OF)
    • Establishment code. This information will be provided by SUNAT.
    • Department, Province or District. The information where the annexed establishment is located must be entered.
    • Zone type. The data must be entered according to the coding. For instance:
      • Urbanization. (01)
      • Young village. (02)
      • Neighborhood Unit. (03)
      • Housing complex. (04)
      • Human Settlement. (05)
      • Cooperative. (06)
      • Residential. (07)
      • Industrial zone. (08)
      • Group. (09)
      • Hamlet. (10)
      • Fund. (eleven)
    • Type of road. The data must be entered according to the coding. For instance:
      • Avenue. (01)
      • Shred. (02)
      • Street. (03)
      • Passage. (04)
      • Mall. (05)
      • Pier. (06)
      • Oval. (07)
      • Park. (08)
      • Square. (09)
      • Road. (10)
      • Block. (eleven)
    • Number: Enter the number corresponding to the address.
    • Kilometer: If the address is located on a road, enter the kilometer in which it is located.
    • Block: If the address does not have a specific number and it is within a block, enter the latter.
    • Interior / Department: You must enter the number / letter of the interior or department of the address, if any.
    • Lot: If you have indicated that the address is on a block, you must also indicate the lot number.
    • Condition of the property: You must indicate if the address that you consign is your own, rented, assignment in use or others.
Likewise, we must remember that this document should not have any type of erasure or erasure.

Usefulness of Form 2046 SUNAT

The Form 2046 SUNAT It can be used to carry out different types of procedures, for example, to register annexed establishments, make modifications with respect to those establishments, or cancel them. Likewise, we must bear in mind that registering, is a procedure that must be carried out to add an establishment where it will carry out its activities in the RUC file.

Therefore, de-registration is the process that will be used to declare de-registration of the annexed establishments, where the activities were carried out. That is, they will no longer be active. This procedure must be done within five (5) days after the event occurred.

With respect to the modifications, the taxpayer must communicate if he requires a new annexed establishments or if he made the change. Emphasizing that this establishment can be a branch, an agency, a warehouse, among others.

However, it is important to clarify that all the documents referring to the establishments must be duly updated. So that in this way any type of inconvenience that may affect the establishment can be avoided.

All taxpayers who carry out commercial activities in more than one establishment must declare them and keep them updated in the RUC.

Who Should Fill It Out?

The Form 2046 SUNAT It must be filled out only by the person who is authorized to make the declaration, that is, the taxpayer responsible for the annexed establishment or, in this case, by a legal representative. This can be verified through a series of requirements and steps that the taxpayer must follow.

Therefore, if fraud is suspected with respect to the document and the taxpayers, the process will be totally denied. Likewise, it is important to note that to avoid this type of suspicion or fraud, all documents referring to the establishment must be duly updated.

National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT)

The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) is a specialized technical body, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has legal status under public law, with its own assets and enjoys functional, technical, economic, financial, budgetary and administrative autonomy.

The SUNAT Its primary purpose is to administer the taxes of the national government and the tax and non-tax concepts that are entrusted to it by Law or according to the inter-institutional agreements that are signed, providing the resources required for fiscal solvency and macroeconomic stability; ensuring the correct application of the regulations that regulate the matter and combating tax and customs crimes in accordance with its attributions.

It also aims to implement, inspect and control compliance with customs policy in the national territory and international traffic of goods, people and means of transport, facilitating foreign trade customs activities and ensuring the correct application of treaties. and international conventions and other regulations that govern the matter.

Its mission is to serve the country by providing the necessary resources for fiscal sustainability and macroeconomic stability, contributing to the common good, competitiveness and protection of society, through the administration and promotion of fair taxation and legitimate foreign trade.

And its vision is to become the most successful, modern and respected tax and customs administration in the region. Being successful, modern and respected by the State, taxpayers and users and their workers.

Likewise, SUNAT must be in charge of exercising certain anointings by applying its own technical criteria, thus achieving its independence and institutional stability. In this way, the behavior that its members must have must be fair, upright, upright and based on respect and truth.

What is Form 2046 SUNAT?

The Form 2046 SUNAT It is a document that will allow any type of person, whether natural or legal, to make any type of modification of annex establishments within SUNAT. It must maintain a specification referring to the different tax models depending on the company.

Therefore, it is essential to adjust and keep up to date all the documentation required for this document. Likewise, this will represent a crucial factor within the company because it will allow any activity related to the modification of homes or establishments to be carried out.

But, keep in mind that in order to request this Form 2046 SUNAT a series of requirements must be met, which we will leave you below. We must remind you that if you think this information could be of use to a friend, you can share it.

Likewise, to present the request for modification of annexed establishments, you must have:

  • Proof of services in the following areas:
    • Electric light.
    • Water.
    • Fixed and mobile telephony.
    • Internet.
    • Natural gas.
    • PayTV.
  • Document that shows all the account statements of banking and financial entities that are under the supervision of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS).
  • Proof of insurance and AFP.

What are you waiting for to request your Form 2046 SUNAT?

You already have all the necessary information to carry out this process!

We wish you the best of luck.


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