Form 3.4 MetroGas: Steps, What it is for and MORE

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The Form 3.4 MetroGas It is used to place the Gas Order in Argentina. This is a very important document, whether it is for a new gas installation or an extension and modification project. If he does not show up, you will not be able to carry out the procedure, which is why it is vital that you know everything about him.

As a result, today we will be explaining to you how to fill out this form and what it is for. Also, we will explain everything about the Metropolitan Gas Distributor (MetroGas) and how exactly to order gas. Stay with us and find everything you need in one place!

Steps to Fill Form 3.4 MetroGas

Let’s start by talking about How to fill out MetroGas Form 3.4. It is probably the most important aspect about this document, because if it is not completed correctly, you will not be able to carry out the loss of gas.

Although this is intended for the registered gas operator, it will not hurt you to know what data it includes. Being prepared or prepared in advance is always positive.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, you must access the Gas Order Form.
  • Once there, you can find the Form Identification Data. This corresponds to the company logo and the order number.
  • Then you will see the section of Installation Project. Here you must select the one that corresponds:
    • New.
    • Extension.
    • Modification.
  • Name of who received and the corresponding date.
  • Next come the Address data. It corresponds to the complete address where the gas order work will be done, just in the order in which it appears.
  • The Installer Data come now. These correspond to the installer, registration number, category, address and location. Additionally, you will have to enter the retirement fund, if you have one, and what affiliate number you are.
  • Once the previous section is done, the Owner Information. Enter the name of the owner, identity document (CI, CC, CE), number, issue, address, town and telephone number.
  • The section of Installations it must be filled out very carefully. Depending on the use that will be given to the installation, the data corresponding to the quantity and with intakes are entered. It should also be studied if compliance with the Law 17,250.
  • The Industrial Activity Number and the services location map is filled out. The registrant will have to use a solid line to mark the location of the service, as well as indicate the distance to both corners. If there is a service to be canceled, it will mark its location on the dotted line.
  • In section Detail of Artifacts to Place and Supplies the data of these artifacts and their characteristics will have to be entered. Being a licensed gas operator, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.
  • It will select if it is new or existing pipes, if it is an existing service or if a branch is required.
  • At State of the Estate, select whether it is under construction or built, and the extension.
  • If you need to do the reopening of supply or replace an existing meter, then the fields corresponding to the meter number, its capacity and existing consumption in m³ / h should not be missing.
  • It proceeds to indicate the number of clients it has on the property.
  • To finish with the first page, you have to sign. They are signed by both the owner and the installer.

With this you will finish the first page to fill. Remember that this form is intended for registrants, who must have the training to fill out this document. As you can see, you can be guided by what the form itself indicates.

The same happens on the next page. The data are indicated as they correspond. Either for gas use, amounts to pay and intervention. The general instruction is for the gas operator to fill out the form and submit it.

Additional requirements

  • Sketch where the location of:
    • Regulatory plant.
    • Measurer.
    • Length and diameter of the extension.
    • Plan of the location of the work where the gas order is made.
  • Prior Consultation Form. You only have to present it if the sum of consumptions is greater than 10 m³ / h. Obviously, consumption related to the order. This will allow you to choose the correct meter.
  • Finally, a detail matrix of the nomenclature of the functional units that were used in the process. Of course, if the order is linked to more than one unit.

All this must be presented by the registered gas operator. It is something that you must take into account if you are the one who wants to ask for gas. Why? because it is common confusion that those who want to request gas think that they have to fill out this form. It is not like this. This is in the ‘For Enrolled’ section for a reason.

Consequently, if you are not a professional, you have to contact one to order gas. This will be in charge of the installation and the technical procedures before MetroGas.

What is Form 3.4 MetroGas for?

The MetroGas Form 3.4 It is used to record the inspection and transformations that are made by gas order request. This request can be made by people who run domestic, commercial or industrial facilities.

In this sense, the registrant must approach the place and do the analysis to determine if the installation or other procedure related to the gas order can be carried out. If so, action will be taken and the management will be terminated with the payment of the respective amounts.

MetroGas It is who is responsible for issuing this form. However, it does not offer registered gas operators. From its web portal, those interested in ordering gas can see the list of professionals they can hire to do the installation and all the technical procedures.

Consequently, there are three two main protagonists in this process. The applicant who hires the registered gas operator, and the latter who must do the necessary procedures with MetroGas to prove that the establishment has the necessary conditions to do the work, and the specifications of what is done.

At the end, in the form, what you will get will be the data of the owner, the property, the installer and the procedures that are carried out. In addition to the relevant amounts.

What is MetroGas?

MetroGas is a company, of the type corporation, whose work is the natural gas distribution in Argentina. It was created in 1992 and today it is a private company, with more than 2 million customers who enjoy this service on a daily basis. As a curious fact, more than half of this figure is in the capital, Buenos Aires.

Its official page is enabled to carry out a number of very important processes. Those interested can enter and know the news that the company brings, solve their doubts using the Virtual Assistant and know the means of contact that it offers.

Likewise, it has arranged dedicated sections for each of these stakeholders. Consequently, you will get the sections for:

  • Households
  • Shops and professionals
  • Large clients
  • Enrolled

Which can consult all the procedures that are available and instructions on how to carry them out. For example, in the Enrolled section you can get the Form 3.4.

You can also know everything in the section of The company and do online procedures from Virtual office. We are talking about a very well developed portal, through which we recommend you navigate.

How to Request Gas from MetroGas?

To finish, let’s talk about How to Request Gas from MetroGas. Hopefully, this will clarify any doubts you may have regarding the completion of this form. Keep in mind that the gas order corresponds to a procedure that both the applicant and the enrollee must deal with this company.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t have any major problems understanding the gas application process.

  • To begin with, the interested party must contact a registered gas operator. To find out who to hire, you can go to the Metro Gas website and go to the section on Enrolled > Contact an Enrollee.
  • This will go to the place to determine if has a gas network or not.
  • In case of having it, then the gas operator will approach a technical office. You will submit the required forms, including F 3.4, and request the final inspection once the internal installation has been completed.
  • If you don’t have it, then the process becomes more complicated. You will first need to request a network extension project. For this, it is required that you know the following aspects about the place:
    • Use (residential or commercial).
    • Number,
    • Location,
    • Between streets,
    • Consumption,
    • Number of homes in the lot,
    • Street,
    • Back street
    • Artifacts
  • And you must also present a cadastral plan.
  • With this you can go to the office of Jovellanos 922, Barracas, located in the city of Buenos Aires.
  • When the network extension is done, you must hire a registered gas operator to internally install the gas and the pertinent technical procedures.
  • Finally, when 72 hours pass after the final inspection is approved, the request registration. This is done through the Virtual Office, on the MetroGas page, presenting the background necessary.

In this way, the tasks that are the responsibility of the applicant and the registered gas operator can be clearly defined.

What is Form 3.4 MetroGas?

The Form 3.4 is used to make the Gas Order. You can find it on the MetroGas website, who is issuing it. Specifically, it is in the section of Enrolled > For Enrolled > Gas Order.

The registered is a professional who knows how to do the procedure, both installation and technical procedures for submitting forms and documents. It works hand in hand with the requestor for the service, as both are responsible for taking different steps to achieve the same goal.

This will be in charge of making the internal installation and presenting the form at the MetroGas technical offices for the final inspection. To the applicant It corresponds to him to contract it and to register the service in the Virtual Office.

We hope we have helped you and, if you have any questions, you can contact MetroGas by WhatsApp using the number: 11 3180-2222 or with the registered gas company What do you plan to hire so that I can explain the procedure more fully.

Until next time!

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