Form 300/97: How to File It, Utility and MORE

The Form 300/97 It is a mandatory document that contains the affidavit of health, its objective is to provide information on any disability, which does not allow the citizen to join the Argentine Integrated Pension System, as well as granting the enjoyment of the benefits that the registry brings retirement due to disability.

To fill the Form 300/97 You must follow a few steps and take some precautions, if you are interested in the subject, do not hesitate to read this article that can be of great help.

How to process Form 300/97?

To process the Form 300/97 or affidavit of health, for self-employed employees in Argentina you must provide the following information in its four sections:

Section 1

Provide your personal data in the corresponding lines:

  • Your number CUIT.
  • Your last name and names.
  • The type of identity document you have.
  • Your number.
  • Write date of birth, in the respective order day, month and year.
  • Define the profession or activity for which you are managing this income in the YES DAD.
  • Specify the true registered address that you have with its number, floor, department, adding the telephone number and postal code.
  • The town and city in which you reside.

Section 2

Already in this section of the affidavit, you must answer the questions that are asked of you within the boxes, which are:

  1. Do you feel in good health?
  2. Do you have any difficulty performing your normal work tasks?
  3. Have you ever been or are you currently in treatment for any of the following illnesses? (You will be shown different options, including cardiovascular, diabetes, seizures, Chagas disease, bronchopulmonary, hypertension and others).
  4. Do you have a physical defect or disability?
  5. Have you been hospitalized in the last 24 months?
  6. Have you had an operation in the last 24 months?
  7. Do you take any medication on a regular basis?

Section 3

This third section makes it easy for you to declare the clarifications arising from the subsequent seven questions. Given the case that the first answer was negative, within its corresponding line you must clarify the reason for said answer in detail. It should continue in the same way, if the answer is positive with the rest of the questions.

In addition to this, the Form 300/97 and it should be explained in the same section:

  • Indicates the diagnosis you have to date.
  • Write down the dates of all events.
  • Where, indicate the place, either clinic or hospital.
  • Provide the name of the attending physician and diagnosis.
  • Report the name of the medicine and its indicated dose.

Section 4

Finally, you must request that you fill in everything related to the intervention of the medical audit, given any of the following cases:

  • Discharge without medical examination.
  • Correctly complete or expand the affidavit. Here you must also finalize all the relevant data that you have to add.
  • That a medical examination should be carried out. It must also indicate the place, the date and the auditor’s wet stamp, together with his signature in this and the cases described above that correspond.

After completing Form 300/97 correctly, you must go to the office of the ANSES with the original and the copy thereof. There they will take care of receiving the original and they will leave you the duplicate for your files and support. View form here.

If necessary, the entity will qualify all your information and in the subsequent twenty consecutive days after the presentation of the form, you will be able to request medical reports and examinations that will be prepared by the medical commissions.

If after those twenty days the request for any document to be completed is not reported to you, that means that your income has been satisfactory, congratulations!

Usefulness of Form 300/97

The Form 300/97 it is very important and very useful, Since without it you cannot enter or certify yourself in the SIPA (Argentine Integrated Pension System) and be able to have the disability pension, at the time that an accident or medical diagnosis occurs within the work performance.

Who Issues It?

As we have already pointed out, all self-employed workers who enter the Argentine comprehensive pension system must have a health certificate or Form 300/97 to determine if you have a disability or illness at the time of admission.

Decree No. 300/97 does not specify any date for the period of validity of the report. This just means that there is no problem with the submission deadline as it can be completed throughout the year.

What really matters is that you show up as soon as possible. In this way, the medical committee will carry out the corresponding assessments in the event of an accident or illness.

Once members begin providing services, this will also allow them to request reports to supplement or expand on information already obtained.

These complementary or supplementary documents may be notified by the member within the next twenty calendar days after submitting the Form 300/97 before the ANSES. If done correctly, there will be no difficulty for the worker to start collecting the disability pension as soon as possible.

Health Sworn Presentation

The Sworn Presentation or Form 300/97 must be delivered in the ANSES with these attached documents:

  • Unregistered worker (without contributions). Domestic service worker. Monotributista social.
  • The document that consists of the affiliation of independent workers, together with two copies, if necessary.
  • Two copies of Form 300/97 completed by hand. You must deliver a copy and the entity will be responsible for returning the other copy. Similarly, both copies must be signed in front of the authority in the ANSES.
  • The National Identity Document in original and photocopy.
  • The monotax certification, with two copies if applicable.
  • The last quoted payment that you have made to the monotax, in its original copy and with a copy.
  • Health sworn presentation.

Make sure to process your form 300/97, protect your life and your work through this affidavit.

Aspects to Consider about Form 300/97

There are some important questions to consider about the Form 300/97 or the affidavit of health will be shown below:

Who Must File Form 300/97?

Any individual belonging to the following groups:

  • Self-employed workers who enter the YES DAD, after the incorporation into function of Decree 300/97.
  • Self-employed workers who come to request their withdrawal, for the period in which their re-registration corresponds to them.

  • All registered in a dependency relationship, that is certified in the YES DAD as self-employed workers. This is if by the time you request your new registration, a consecutive time greater than twelve months has elapsed since your time as a dependent worker ended.
  • Self-employed workers, whose contributions have been paralyzed for a consecutive period greater than twelve months.

Until when is there a duty to file Form 300/97?

The ANSES does not set a deadline for the presentation of the Form 300/97. Trust that you can get filed at any time of the year.

Is an appointment necessary to file Form 300/97?

To present the Fform 300/97 in the offices of ANSES, no need to set an appointment or a shift.

What about workers who are already retired? Can those cases file form 300/97?

As we have already pointed out, only the workers involved in YES DAD must present the Form 300/97 in case they need disability benefits in the future.

Due to the nature of pensions, retired workers cannot provide or receive the aforementioned pensions.

And if you already receive an early retirement, it can be done Form 300/97?

Impossible. Any citizen who has retired early or has reached his normal retirement age cannot request Form 300/97.

What is Form 300/97?

The certificate is for recording disability information in the Form 300/97 or affidavit of health.

To use this tool, you may need to be unable to formally join the Argentine Comprehensive Social Security System (YES DAD), therefore, you must receive disability retirement benefits.

In short, it is a document for regulatory use to be registered with the National Social Security Administration or ANSES.

This statement, as the case may be, can be attached to other important documents, such as form 940 for the self-employed registration certificate, or the acknowledgment of receipt of the monotax transaction.

Until the Form 300/97 It is not declared respectively, or in case it is presented with amendments, the affiliation will not be processed and the services of retirement due to disability, or of the pension due to the death of the affiliate will not be offered.

Decree 300/97

Decree 300/97 stipulates independent workers to present the Form 300/97, In order to help them achieve the benefits of their social work, in the event of an accident, it is processed through its integration into the YES DAD, which functions as a registrar for all workers who are not under a dependency relationship who have social work. See regulations on the page Web.

Today, the health of every citizen has a significantly important value that must be taken care of. Given the innumerable risks to which we are exposed, it is very necessary for the worker to process the affidavit of health or Form 300/97. If you are in the condition that requires it, do not stop processing it.

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