Form 3003 for Successions: How it is, Procedure and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Form 3003 for Probate in the Argentine territory. This form is of total importance for citizens who are going to benefit or inherit property from someone.

We recommend that you continue reading this article so that you can take note of the matter.

What is Form 3003 for Probate like?

If you are going to inherit something from someone, that procedure is named inheritance. If this is your case and you are in Argentina, you should bear in mind that you must download the Form 3003 for Probate which is in PDF format.

The Form 3003 for Probate You can find it by entering the page of Universal Judgments or through the page of Public Bar Association.

You can see that the title page contains the DECREE LAW N ° 3003/1956. Then it highlights that it communicates to you for having started a lawsuit, you must complete the following information about the deceased:

  • Place the Surname in capital letters.
  • The Names.
  • Type and number of document.
  • Place your CUIL.
  • Select your marital status.
  • Put the name of your spouse.
  • The name of your parents.
  • The date of death.
  • Place (Town and province).
  • Nationality.
  • last Real Address, with its respective Street, No., Town and Province.

Trial Data

You will need to complete the following information regarding the trial information:

  • Argue the character.
  • The initiation date.
  • The national court with its respective number.
  • Enter the name of the Judge.
  • The Sec. No.
  • And the name of the secretary.

Initiator Data

Finally, you must fill in the Form 3003 for Probate, information regarding the initiator:

  • Name and surname clarified.
  • Type and number of document.
  • Address (Street, N °, Town, Province).
  • Character in which it is presented.

The format found in this form gives you the possibility of fill it directly online. That is, you will be able to complete the different fields on your computer without any problems. You can also choose fill it by hand.

How is Form 3003 for Probate processed?

Citizens should bear in mind that the Form 3003 for probate they must be presented by an attorney, however, you may request a copy demonstrating this presentation.

It is important to note that the form 3003/56 has a decree implemented. It was established on February 27, 1956, therefore it was decreed by law that:

First article

In the file of judicial and notarial actions in the federal capital, it will be planned and must have the correct registration up to date in the respective universal judgments. Which will be registered in an organized manner in the trials.

Whether they are civil suits by creditors, the summons of creditors is determined by bankruptcies. Therefore, regarding the protocol of the wills and probate.

All of these must be started through the courts that are located in the federal capital. This courts in most cases, the record will be open to the public.

Second Article

You must take into account that within the three days that the trial of Universal character through the federal capital, your processing of the certificate or the duplicate form, which will have the information required for the specialization of the deceased, court and secretary where the trial will be carried out.

The citizen will be returned a copy of the form, in the same it will be certified that the trial was carried out where the citizen participated. This copy must be added to the trial file.

In the event that you do not comply with what is detailed in the document, the judge can verify privately with the people involved so that in this way they can review and complete Form 3003 within 2 days.

Third Article

The one who makes the decision in the registry, will communicate within the registro all the rules of the trial with the identification of the citizens involved.

Fourth Article

This article highlights the bulletin or judicial notification that will be taken to the trial record. Likewise, it will be taken to the registry of successions.

What is Form 3003 for Probate?

Its convenience can be seen at the beginning of a probate trial, because the person in charge, in this case the judge is the one who is going to intervene requesting the lawyer to process and correctly present the form 3003/06.

The Form 3003 It is a document that is intended to demonstrate that there is no prior judgment on the good has a universal character.

Trials of a universal nature are those that make up the successions, economic bankruptcies and bankruptcies. When the procedure of a universal trial is generated, several people are participating, called successors. These people can be relatives or other citizens with characteristics hereditary, debtor and creditor.

The form is processed through the format of the judicial proceedings which is located in the Palace of Justice in the capital, specifically in the area of ​​Talcahuano No. 550.

This is where the records of each trial are universally executed, which have started in any court within the capital.

In the first three days after the start of the trial, the Form 3003 in the Universal Judgment Registry.

Lastly, this Form 3003 for Probate It serves to demonstrate to the lawyer that the succession procedure is being carried out to validate and present it to the representative in charge, in this case the judge, which the information provided is correct

How Does the Probate Process Work in Argentina?

The inheritance procedure in the Argentine territory entails that a inheritance trial, which is intended to guide the heirs or citizens who will benefit. These people will be informed of the content of the will and finally, the collection of the fees will be made to the responsible person.

Then you will have to pay off the debts and then the goods will be delivered as such. In addition, it is quickly determined and evaluated the testamentary document If you see the document to check that it is valid.

This type of trial must be carried out in the court and put the residence address of the person responsible. However, two kinds of sequences can occur. The currents are known as legitimate successions and the second case is named, Probate.

The Probate Its purpose is that citizens have written a document. Instead, the legitimate succession It is when a judge is in charge of carrying out when there is no document or will, this is one of the cases that happens the most.

According to the succession process, it is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that will be explained below:

  • First, an inventory must be made of what will be left to the citizen within the inheritance. In addition, it is given the value that corresponds to each good.
  • Then a prepared person is sought in the area of ​​the property administration while processing the process.
  • Then you must cancel debts and all the legal requirements of the responsible person.
  • The final account of all assets will be specified.
  • Finally, you must present the declaration to the person who is going to inherit or those who are going to benefit in that case.

Estate Costs

It is very complicated to give an exact cost in the first instance, but the procedures that the interested party must carry out with the possible expenses and fees will be detailed below.

Among the expenses that the person must take into account and the one that predominates the most are the taxes. Regarding professional fees, that will be paid to the lawyer or persons in charge in the legal field from the beginning to the final stage of the process.

Next, the initial expenses will be explained until the sentence of the declaration of the heirs or beneficiaries:

  • Bonus of right on the Form 3003 for Probate, through the Universal Trial Registry.
  • Dissemination of the decree in an official statement.
  • Legal document through Registry of Private Instruments of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital (CPACF).
  • Official letter through the Registry of Acts of the Final Will of the Institute of Judges located in CABA.


It is important to highlight, if those who will inherit or the beneficiaries wish to execute the registration of the assets that they will have at their disposal within the registry, they must pay the expenses for registering them and they are the following:

  • Provision of justice, it belongs to 1.5% of the value of the goods. In the case that they are real estate, you must contribute 5% of the value of the contribution by concept.
  • Report of inhibitions, personal notice and assignments of the Real Property Registry (RPI) has a value of 440 Argentine pesos per deceased.
  • Document that observes the domain of the Real Property Registry (RPI)For each asset that the person inherits, it has a cost of 440 pesos for each one.
  • There are taxes to enroll in the registry. The fees is determined according to the legislation of Fees as determined in article 35. However, the regulations require that the lawyer can collect for his work between 6 and 17% of the value of the assets.

What is Form 3003 for Probate?

The Form 3003 for Probate It is a document whose purpose is to demonstrate that there is no prior judgment on the good which has a universal character.

If the citizen must carry out the succession process, it is essential that he / she submit said form.

To conclude, the citizen must bear in mind that the inheritance procedure can be a long process, therefore it is recommended to do it with time.

We hope that the information provided regarding the Form 3003 for probate. We hope you have the greatest of success in your process.

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