Form 4.415 of the SII: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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The SII form 4,415 It is a document of great importance for legal or natural persons residing in Chile who in turn need to register the RUT. Through this document, you can legally declare the start of activities.

That is why, through this article, we intend to inform you about how to fill out the form, what is its use and to whom it is addressed. Read on to find out all about the SII form 4,415!

What is SII Form 4,415 like?

First, the form consists of two pages. The first constitutes the fields that must be completed with the requested information. Meanwhile, page number two consists of detailed instructions for the correct completion of SII form 4,415.

Likewise, the first page is made up of empty information boxes that are in turn divided by boxes. It is important to mention that the form must necessarily contain the date on which the process is being processed.

Filling out Form 4,415 of the SII

The form of filling out the form can be done depending on whether the taxpayer is only requesting the RUT or if they wish to carry out both procedures at the same time.

  • In the case of foreign natural persons who only request RUT: You must complete the «Type of Request» box and the «Taxpayer Identification» section.
  • Natural Person who declares Start of Activities: You must compulsorily fill in the boxes of: Unique Tax Role, type of application, identification of the taxpayer, domicile or head office ”and, finally, money orders, activities or profession to be developed.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the form should not contain erasures or corrections. In case of handwriting, it is recommended to write legibly. Likewise, knowing how the procedure for filling out the form is, will speed up and optimize the management of the process.

As an accessory, the form must be signed as appropriate:

  • In the case of natural persons, it must contain their signature. Failing that, if he is represented, he must bear the signature of his representative, who also has an authorization that allows him to carry out the procedure.
  • For legal persons the form 4,415 It must be signed by its Representative and duly accredited in the articles of incorporation or, failing that, another legitimate document before the notary, as the case may be.
  • For other entities without legal personality, the procedure must be completed by all its members. That is, each of them must sign the front and show their national identity document.
  • Likewise, it can be signed by a common agent and authorized by a notary.

In case of doubts regarding the form 4,415 of the Internal Revenue Service, you can enter the next link. There you will find all the necessary information, instructions and also the filling process in detail.

Usefulness of SII Form 4,415

In general terms, the usefulness of the form is that it is used to request the RUT or to declare the start of activities. Now, knowing what it is for is information of interest to natural and legal persons residing in the Chilean Republic.

Sure you wonder … Why?Well, for the simple reason that they can get great benefits from the registration or the declaration of commencement of activities. In an accessory way, resident foreigners can also carry out the procedure, in case they wish to develop investments or acquire properties.

In this way, they only have to enroll in the Control Registry of the Internal Revenue Service of Chile. All this, through the RUT application, and fill out the form 4,415, either in print or digital format.

Now, we have mentioned the RUT a lot but we have not yet defined its concept. In summary, the Unique Tax Paper, also known by its acronym (RUT), is known as a unique number assigned to each taxpayer residing in Chile.

Indeed, it is assigned to national, natural and foreign persons and also to legal persons. Said individuals must declare the start of activities through form 4,415 of the Chilean Internal Revenue Service.

On the contrary, the Declaration of Beginning of Activities is known as the notice executed by a taxpayer before the SII, in which it expresses its act of starting and starting its economic and commercial activities.

Clearly they can be susceptible to generate taxes. Then, from that moment on, taxpayers can mark the tax documents that are requested for the proper functioning of their business activities.

Who is it aimed at?

In effect, form 4,415 of the Internal Revenue Service is intended for those legal, natural, national and foreign persons who decide to make investments and start their economic and commercial activities.

In other words, this form is intended for all natural persons with residence, for legal persons and also for other non-legal entities. The latter must be incorporated in Chile, request RUT and declare their start of activities.

Requirements to obtain the form

Certainly, it is one of the most important points in the process of managing this procedure. However, the required documentation is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it tends to coincide with the requirements requested for other types of procedures.

Now, the requirements requested for the form are the following:

  1. First, to register for the RUT and declare the start of activities, the applicant must present their national identity document. This applies if the taxpayer is a natural person.
  2. On the other hand, legal persons, limited companies or anonymous, must consign the deed of the respective constitution. Duly reviewed and signed before a notary and also, its publication in the Official Gazette and registration in the Real Estate Registrar.
  3. In the event that the procedure is managed through a representative, he or she must present a simple power of attorney, together with the applicant’s identity card. It is important to mention that the authorization must be signed by a notary and, as a last requirement, you must present the form 4,415 filled out and signed.
  4. The other legal entities, foundations, among others, will require a social contract or, failing that, an authorization decree duly signed and reviewed by a notary public.
  5. If the property is owned by the taxpayer, he must present the original document or, failing that, a photocopy of the latest Real Estate solvency. In addition to, a purchase and sale invoice that proves that the property is the property of the applicant.
  6. In the event that the property is rented or transferred under other modalities. The taxpayer must consign the original document or a photocopy of the lease. Failing that, an assignment signed by the legitimate owners of the property will be sufficient, however, it must be signed by a notary.

Similarly, taxpayers related to top-notch taxes, they must establish their business address.

Internal Revenue Service (SII)

The Chilean Internal Revenue Service, also known by its acronym (SII), is a public and decentralized service. In turn, it has the responsibility of carrying out the inspection of all internal taxes in Chile.

Its foundation was on January 18, 1902, that is, this service has assisted Chilean citizens for more than 118 years. Clearly, it depends on the Ministry of Finance and also has different regional headquarters and in some provinces of the country.

Among other aspects, the Chilean Internal Revenue Service must comply with certain administrative and judicial powers, including:

  • Advise the Minister of Finance on tax matters.
  • Solve complaints for infractions against the tax law.
  • Interpret and set regulatory standards for the tax law.
  • Represent the treasury in the application of taxes.
  • Solve administrative complaints regarding to the application of taxes.
  • In addition, within its powers is to exercise criminal actions on tax crimes

What is SII Form 4,415?

In conclusion, the SII form 4,415 refers to the inscription to the Unique Tax Role or Affidavit of Start of Activities. Which is known as an extremely useful opportunity of the Internal Revenue Service for legal persons, natural or, failing that, other entities without legal personality constituted in Chile to request the RUT or declaration of commencement of activities.

It is important to mention that both procedures can be carried out at the same time and even in the same form if the taxpayer so wishes. Otherwise, the person can carry out the procedure separately, that is, on a separate form.

Also, the form 4,415 It is considered a requirement for a person to be able to register with the Internal Revenue Service (SII). And, in this way, obtain the Unique Tax Role (RUT) card, with which a legal or natural person becomes a taxpayer.

In short, it is known as a document that officially and legitimately records the economic and commercial activities of a Chilean citizen.

We hope we have provided you with all the necessary information about the Form 4,415. Thanks for reading!


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