Form 420 R for Customs: Download, Fill and MORE

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The Form 420 R corresponds to the Customs Declaration that the interested party must make in registering in the Special Customs Records established by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). For this reason, knowing where to get it and how to fill it out correctly is so important. And we will tell you today!

Also, we will be talking more about what this form is for, about who issues it and everything else you need to know about it. So do not go away! Stay to know everything about him Customs Declaration Form.

Access Form 420 R for Customs

Let’s start talking about How to Access Form 420 R for Customs and, what steps you must follow to register in the registry. We will explain everything to you at once so that you have no doubts about the process and because this form is the protagonist in such management.

Consequently, it will appear many times throughout the process. To avoid confusion, we will explain How to register in the Special Customs Registries and then how to specifically fill out this document. Let’s see!

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).
  • Once there, you must access the system with the Fiscal key. If you don’t have it yet, you need to process it. Right there on the AFIP page you can find the option corresponding to Request Password, so you know how to acquire it. It has to be level 3 security.
  • After you have clicked Get into and having entered your CUIT / CUIL, you will be within the Comprehensive System.
  • You have to locate the section of Special Records and choose the appropriate option. You can find it as F 420 / D or Customs Registration> F 420 / R. If you see both, select the first one.
  • Next, you need to click Create New Address. You must enter the data referring to your usual location and save the information.
  • If everything is in order, you will get the Form 420 / D as proof of online registration. You will even see a message indicating that the declaration was made on-line.

This is the first part of the process. With this you will be taking the introductory step to go fully with the registration. If you get an error when entering the address, you must address the problem. If not, you can continue without problems.

  • Again, access the Registry System > Special Records > Form 420 R.
  • Fill out the form. We will explain how in the next section.
  • Two aspects to take into account. You have to meet the requirements and submit the necessary documentation. First the requirements. The background must be presented at a Customs office.
    • IMPORTANT: the presentation must be given within the first 30 days after completing the form.
  • With the face-to-face part done, you just have to enter Special Registries again.
  • Once there, it is only necessary to choose the option of Operators Registry with respect to the international trade of the form. Choose high and see the result that is thrown:
    • Enrollment processed.
    • How to proceed since the process was not accepted.

This way you will be able to register in the customs registers. If you follow these steps, the process should be very easy to complete. The positive part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are.


To know the documents and requirements, you must enter this link. Locate point 10 and the requirements D.

Completion of Form 420 R for Customs

Fill out Form 420 R it is a short and simple process. It will only take a moment, especially if you already know the fields to fill out. This will allow you to be prepared and we will also provide you with an Instructions issued by the AFIP so that you know what type of operator it is.

Now let’s see what you have to do.

  • First of all, you need to select the Operator type.
  • Also, you must choose the Customs. This corresponds to the one you will use to operate. If it doesn’t appear, then you should click Associate to add it.
  • Then proceed to locate the option Related addresses. There you must press on Associate, so that the address you declared at the beginning can appear. Then you just have to choose it and click on To accept.
  • They could also request the type of operation, CUIT and / or procedure to be carried out. Not likely with the latest system update, but we’ll point it out just in case.
  • By giving Accept, you will have filed Form 420 R. As you can see, it is a task that will only take a few minutes.

The most important step is knowing how to choose the Operator Type, as they can ask you for a code. Enter the link to know them, although the options with their code should already appear on the screen.

Finally, we would like to make it easy for you Informative guide provided by AFIP. There you will find specific things related to the Customs Registry. You will find technical specifications, how to cancel registration, register biometric data, about financial solvency and guarantees and modify data.

What is it for?

The Form 420 R It is used to make the Customs Declaration. This is an important step to register in the Special Customs Registries. These are provided by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), as a service designed to contain importers and exporters, as well as anyone who works with the customs service.

In this sense, you will find washers, repair technicians, customs service assistants, trade assistants, general and dependent attorneys, suppliers, and so on. These are within the Foreign Trade Operators, as indicated by the AFIP.

This form is the protagonist in this process, so it is used for it. More than a form, it is an application.

The registration process is intended for all persons, whether natural or legal, who are subject to tax, tax obligations (or rights) with respect to the customs area and / or social security resources.

In addition to the form, it is necessary to have the DNI and Fiscal key. Additionally, there are other requirements and documents that must be met in order to register, which you will find established in the Annex I of RG 2570.

In conclusion, the Form 420 R It is used to register in the Special Customs Registries. Its importance in this process is paramount and it is completed online, as you have seen.

Who Issues It?

The General Administration of Public Taxes (AFIP) It is a state entity that is responsible for many forms, including the Customs Declaration, also known as Form 420 R. It is a public entity whose work is focused on collecting taxes.

Specifically, it is responsible for the collection, application and inspection of taxes and income at the national level. These can be given through the General Customs Directorate, when it is an external means, or by other means referring to social security and the tax department.

Keep in mind that paying taxes is mandatory. There are many of these, intended for specific people, who meet certain requirements, but there are others such as VAT that is paid by anyone who is in the country.

This body was founded recently, in 1996. It depends on the Ministry of Economy, and it is of the type federal administrative.

With the topic discussed today, the Customs Directorate it is probably the most important part of this entity. Basically it is in charge of taxing the import and export of all operations and merchandise under customs laws.

It also controls the international traffic of goods and the establishment of certain tariffs. It also evaluates the goods that arrive in the country and that leave, in order to verify that they meet all the requirements.

Without a doubt, this administration is of great importance. Furthermore, from his web portal You will be able to find easier management of procedures, news, news and institutional information. Access this and get everything you are looking for.

What is Form 420 R for Customs?

The Form 420 R It is an interactive form issued by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). This is used to make the Customs Declaration, which is very necessary to process the registration in the Special Customs Records.

The record is intended to all persons, whether natural or legal, who are subject to tax, tributary obligations (or rights) with respect to the customs area and / or social security resources.

Enrollment is done in a semi-face-to-face, while the completion of the form is done completely online. It is a very simple process to carry out, if all the aspects involved in the process are taken into account.

It has no cost or defined term. You access it through the AFIP web portal. You only need your Tax Code, which you must process if you do not have it yet. It is a vital document to complete the registration, which you must complete by presenting yourself at the nearest customs office.

The AFIP has arranged this procedure in the most comfortable way possible for the applicant. Take into account everything we have told you and you should not have any problems.

Until next time!

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