Form 4550: Steps, How It Is and MORE

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Manage the Form 4550 It is essential, since the importation of merchandise through foreign suppliers is one of the most important operations and also generates excellent profits in Argentina.

In this article we expose the steps to follow to process it, what the Form is like, how it should be completed, what it is for, what is the body that issues it and much more information of interest.

Steps to File Form 4550

Those individuals who in a particular way wish to manage the Form 4550, they must take into consideration some steps to follow to obtain it. In such a way that, the guidelines are detailed so that Argentines generally comply with them. All according to the Affidavit implemented by the General Resolution 3579:

  • The first thing is that people have the Identification Code (CDI), the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL), and the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) and the Tax Code, so that they have a minimum degree of security.
  • Then enter the main AFIP web portal. While there, they must enter one of the tax codes, and then go directly to the option Login with Tax Code.
  • The user must go to the «My Web Applications» section, where they have to place and choose the Form 4550, which refers to Purchases by Suppliers Abroad.
  • Fill in each of the specifications stipulated in the Form 4550. Likewise, recognize each of the digits awarded by the person in charge of the income medium. Which can be: By tracking, by air waybill, among others.
  • It is essential that when individuals have produced the record of explanation, users have to print it in voucher format, which is provided by the system itself.
  • It should be noted that, while the Form is available, users must consign it in order to comply satisfactorily with each scheduled procedure. Additionally, the alternative of downloading it is granted, through the option Form 4550 Manual, found on the website.
  • At the time each tariff is due, you have to pay 50% on purchase amounts that are taking place. According to each regime, the user must come with an official email address for personal use.
  • On the contrary, Customs is responsible for each of the Sworn Declarations, which have to be precisely consigned.
  • Present the receipt of payment that the individual has made instantly. This step has to be done electronically, through the Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP).

Additional Information

  1. When the various releases of merchandise correspond, the customs service has to require that each Affidavit, is corrected and adjusted to each of the control amounts. In addition, the extra payment is made even when what is stipulated in each previous point is different.
  2. Individuals who for some reason do not have the extension of the VEP but wish to produce it, have to access the website and check what the instructions are with each step required for the process. GENERATION VEP for Internet Purchases. There is no minimum cost, from which the consignment has to be made.
  3. Finally, it is essential that each step is obeyed in an organized manner. This in order to have any doubts, users can go to one of the branches of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). If you want to download the Form 4550, can be entered through this link.

What is Form 4550 like?

Over time a large number of Forms have been implemented. Which allow users to do different errands. Regarding this, the Argentine government, through the AFIP, decided to include another type of Form. This goes directly linked to the purchase of suppliers.

Said agency decided to notify this by means of a publication of General Resolution 3570 in AFIP. Let it be known that a novel information regime was going to be produced. All users who wish to make minority purchases from different foreign suppliers must obey this regime.

Likewise, the consignment of the Affidavit, as long as it is of a nature prior to withdrawal. upon receipt of the merchandise that has been purchased. Therefore, each of these characteristics is required to be able to formalize the purchase.

In addition, it can be said that each purchase is made through the procedures that have become widespread today. These made up another escape route for the few currencies (dollars) that exist in Argentina. However, this Form is relevant with respect to the economic provisions.

This is an event that is taking place progressively, in view of the shortage of foreign exchange that is caused by the flight of the Argentine peso. This happens due to the increase in inflation, which extinguishes its value. In other words, any user who falls within these conditions can manage this Form.

The reasons why the AFIP has determined to implement the Form 4550It is because it has conditions that are related to the tax administration. What is the responsibility of each of the consignment processes in the Affidavit, with the intention of improving the different transactions carried out.

Completion of Form 4550

In some circumstances some difficulties have been observed, referring to the current conditions with customs. Likewise with the mail and also with online sellers. This happens because fast and efficient procedures correspond to each one.

Usually, in most cases, the difficulties are caused by AFIP. This is because they change the email address and required rules without prior notice. However, this has been progressively solved, for the benefit of users.

So that users have access to know the status of their process, and about the progress, they can enter an online shopping guide. Which, while modifications are generated, it is constantly updated.

However, this time users have the possibility to know how to install the module. Similarly, they can use it to manage the Form 4550. It should be noted that, until recently, this procedure was carried out in person, and now it is done online.

Steps to be Followed by the User

  • As a first step, users should have on hand the Fiscal Code, the CDI, the CUIL and the CUIT. In order to have a minimum degree of security.
  • Then you have to enter one of the main AFIP websites. Being there, you must place one of the Tax Keys and with this access directly to the alternative Login with Tax Code.
  • The next step is to use the option called «Administrative Services», which is collapsed.
  • On the screen that appears later, a legend appears with the user’s information and extensive content, where you only have to select «Add Service», and thus get a new pop-up window.
  • At that time, the user has to wait for the information to load (which may take time), and various buttons will be observed, from different private and public bodies. You must first select the AFIP option, and it will show two (2) alternatives from which you have to choose the «Interactive Services».
  • Next, a screen will appear with the user’s information asking if they are sure, answering YES only ends by selecting «Confirm».

In short, these are all the steps to follow that users require in order to confirm the Form. In addition. in case of doubts, users can go to one of the main offices by the competent officials.

For what It serves?

East Form 4550It is one of the most fundamental steps that Argentines carry out. In order to have legal documentation, with which they can go at the time that purchases are made with some foreign suppliers.

Also, it is one of the very important supports that must be within reach, since at the least expected moment, a misunderstanding could arise with both customs and customers. It should be noted that this management is available to any citizen, when it is required for commercial purposes.

Who Issues It?

This Form is issued by the AFIP.

What is Form 4550?

This Form is the one that allows Argentine citizens to purchase merchandise from foreign suppliers. They must enter the country through the official mail, including the door-to-door service by accessing the AFIP web portal. «My Web Applications».

Then choose the Form 4550, the option «Purchases from foreign suppliers» and fill it in with the specifications of the procurement carried out. The consignment of the Affidavit is made prior to the withdrawal or receipt of the merchandise by the person who acquires it.

If you have reached this point, you already have all the necessary information to fill out the Form 4550. It is easy to fill out, just by following the steps described above it can be achieved.

Gather all the required information and start this procedure as soon as possible. We hope we have helped you to successfully complete this process.

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