Form 4949 SUNAT: Format, Fill it out and MORE

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The Form 4949 SUNAT It is a digital template that every citizen in Peru must fill out to claim the rest paid at the National Tax level. In this sense, it is very normal for SUNAT taxpayers to make excess payments for taxes, since there are various tax codes and various tax services.

Based on the foregoing, a user of this type of tax and customs services may incur additional payments. For this reason, the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) designed this type of instrument for refunds of taxes paid in excess. Follow us and you will learn more about this format.

Form 4949 SUNAT Format

On the other hand, today, SUNAT makes available to its taxpayers the Form 4949 SUNAT. In this sense, with this format the interested party manages the amounts for taxation that the State has unduly collected. That is to say, in the cases of national taxes or collection of fines and fees that do not correspond to it.

Additionally, to use said form, a natural person or legal representative of a legal person can rely on the benefits of digital technology. In this way, you can access the unique virtual platform of SUNAT and complete the respective steps and that’s it. This way you will be able to visualize the instrument that you can then fill out. Here we guide you to get to that format:

  • With your PC or smart phone, look for a good internet connection.
  • In your trust finder place the digital link of SUNAT.
  • There you will access the Unique Platform of the Peruvian State.
  • In the search space of the platform you put «Form 4949».
  • You click on the magnifying glass and a list of different types of returns will be displayed.
  • Follow the procedure and accept the link in the form.
  • Then the digital spreadsheet appears, you print it and fill it out.
  • Then you introduce it to SUNAT according to the type of return you need to make.

How to fill out Form 4949 SUNAT?

On the other hand, if you have already managed to access the Form 4949 SUNAT with what we explain above, filling the instrument is very easy. That is why we reiterate that this procedure offered by the SUNAT platform is very comfortable and fast. If you have great doubts about how to fill in this form You are in the correct article ! We already explained it to you:

  • Verify that the digital format comprises a single page and has the SUNAT name at the top.
  • This form is entitled «Request for Refund.»
  • The first thing that must be filled in are the identification data of the natural or legal person.
  • Then you must write the phone number.

Items in the form

Item I, Data of the return request.

  • In the type of request, you must complete the concept, the number or code and the amount requested in return.
  • Then you must fill in the form number, the order and the tax period.
  • Then you must enter the data on the type of tax that originates the need for refund.

Item II, Document that guarantees the amount to be returned.

  • Indicate the type of document, if it is a bond or surety policy.
  • Then complete the number of said registration, the issuer’s name and its respective code.
  • Write the date of elaboration and the expiration date of the document.

Item III, On the credit notes that are requested.

  • Remember that this section is filled out only if the information on the Surety Policy has been previously completed.
  • Then select the negotiable credit notes.

Item IV, referring to the detail for the type of request.

  • You must write down the information about the check with which the tribute was canceled.
  • You must also indicate the amount of said financial instrument.
  • Finally you put your name and surname.
  • Then you stamp your signature on the form to validate it.
  • Thus, you must enter it in the SUNAT so that they can stamp it and place the date of receipt.

Also, if you want more ease in this section of the article, you can directly consult the route of the Unique Platform of the Peruvian State and you will be able to easily access the form. Don’t wait any longer and connect with SUNAT technology, Fill out your form 4949 and hurry so that you can claim your undue tax collection as soon as possible.

Usefulness of Form 4949 SUNAT

In another vein, we inform you that many people in Peru who pay taxes still do not know what the tax is for. Form 4949 SUNAT. In this regard, it is important that SUNAT activates its promotion plan to disseminate this type of benefits to the taxpayer. Thus, this form is designed to favor the user.

Therefore, this form 4949 is a digital instrument provided by SUNAT to request the refund of tax payments made in excess to the treasury. The user can also go to this format to request the retribution of an improperly canceled fine. For this, the Peruvian tax office uses the digital tool and facilitates return management.

In addition, this form can be consulted and completed by any natural or legal person, in accordance with the Peruvian tax regulatory system. Remember that form 4949 is only used for procedures related to the return of excess tax payments. Therefore, it is not appropriate for other requirements in SUNAT.

Processing Deadlines

On the other hand, we recommend that you be very vigilant when paying other taxes or when they charge you an excess in fines or fees. That is, when detecting the error in the tax payment, you must quickly activate the use of the 4949 format. In this regard, we advise you that you have a period of no more than 15 days to process the refund.

According to the foregoing, SUNAT has up to a month and a half to respond to the taxpayer whether or not the request for the refund of the excess tax payment is appropriate. In this sense, after that period without any response, the interested party can start a claim management. Thus, SUNAT has its Virtual Office to carry out this procedure.

In any case, SUNAT has established virtual mechanisms so that the taxpayer has the opportunity to make a claim. Which is a great advantage, because in other countries, refunds for erroneous payments of taxes to the treasury, require more cumbersome procedures. In addition, in many cases, there is no refund but compensation or tax reduction.

National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT)

On the other hand, beyond facilitating the Form 4949 SUNAT For the refund to the taxpayer of taxes and tributes paid in excess or due to improper charges, the SUNAT is much more. Therefore, this superintendency is the public institution that is in charge of collecting and managing taxes from all of Peru at the national level.

SUNAT is a body attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru and its work focuses on the management of national taxes and the support of virtual technology for its processes and for culture at the tax level. Therefore, it is a technical executive body at the tax and customs level that has tax officials experienced in tax matters.

Likewise, SUNAT relies on its unique virtual platform to offer users a series of procedures and services available to everyone. For that you only have to have an information technology tool such as a PC or mobile phone and an internet connection. Therefore, we invite you to know some of these digital procedures:

  • Issuance of receipts for fees, in the case of independent workers.
  • Process suspension of withholdings in category 4 with the 1609 format.
  • Consult the Sole Taxpayer Registry.
  • Review the tax regimes to register with SUNAT.
  • Verify pending payment reports.
  • Submit the Tax Declaration.
  • Create the Treble clef for various taxpayer procedures.
  • File complaints about tax or customs violations.
  • Among other services.

Additionally, SUNAT offers in its digital link, a tab of contacts and social networks for greater rapprochement with its users. In this sense, this executive unit has on its virtual platform social networks such as twitter, You Tube, Facebook, among others to strengthen tax orientation and awareness.

Also, if you decide to go to the SUNAT Office in Lima, you can go to Av. Circunvalación 1801. CC: Open Plaza Atocongo in San Juan de Miraflores. Lima city. Remember the hours are from 10 am to 5 pm, but you must check the travel restrictions due to the health emergency.

What is Form 4949 SUNAT?

In general, Peruvian tax and customs laws contemplate the use of simplified paperwork procedures to facilitate taxpayer service. For this reason, the tax administration office has the Form 4949 SUNAT for the interested party to request the refund of taxes paid in excess or for taxes collected incorrectly.

It should be remembered that this form is available to everyone on the SUNAT virtual platform. However, it only applies to procedures associated with replenishment of funds for undue tax payments. Therefore, for other customs and tax services, SUNAT has other formats, as the case may be.

Finally, if you are a taxpayer in this situation and you need your money back, then you chose the appropriate item. Thus, you have been able to find out how to get to the virtual format 4949, how to fill it out, the importance of this instrument and what SUNAT means as a tax and customs service in Peru.

Use your form 4949 and demand your replacement of undue charges, the Peruvian State supports you!


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