Form 5.3 before ANSES: Format, Utility and MORE

The Form 5.3 before ANSES It is an affidavit of the worker and his family group affiliated with the National Health Insurance System. This document has the objective of being a bridge for citizens to join a social work. That means that everything described in it must be real and verifiable.

This benefit is so important that it has come to be considered as part of the law and its failure to comply can be the cause of legal action. If you want to know more about this important document, do not worry that in this article we will help you with all the information you need.

Format of Form 5.3 before ANSES

Next we will proceed to explain to you how is the format of such an important legal document. With the intention of simplifying and facilitating the process, which used to be cumbersome for many. That is why ANSES designed a new form 5.3. The idea is that citizens understand the process more precisely and carry out the process much faster.

Additionally, it is intended to end the payment of managers to fill out and present the document due to its complexity. Among the differences, the following can be highlighted:

  • The new format has an easier and more understandable language for everyone
  • Request necessary requirements that were previously omitted
  • The form was simplified in fewer sheets
  • It has larger letters and in a different typeface from the original

In the past, it was not unusual to find situations in which the interested parties paid to fill out the form because they did not fully understand it. It is for these reasons that the decision was made that a language that was simpler had to be used, so that anyone could understand without inconvenience.

How to fill out Form 5.3 before ANSES?

In the same way, we will go to a very important point in all this process of the FForm 5.3 before ANSES and it is like filling out said legal document. Currently this is one of the shortest and least bureaucratic forms that you will find in the Argentine Republic. That means, it is very easy to fill in thanks to its update.

However, many workers have doubts as a result of the old form. It is for this reason that below we will explain in great detail how you should fill out the document so as not to make mistakes:

Owner data

  • The first segment is made up of the owner’s data
  • In the first instance, you must write the date of the delivery day and mark if it is news or a recategorization
  • Owner information: as an applicant you must write your surname, name and Cuil or Cuit number
  • Of the Social Work: Code of the same and denomination
  • From the employer: If you are a dependent worker, you must respond with the Cuit and the employer’s business name
  • If you are self-employed, you have to leave this space blank

Family group data for Obra Social

  • The information corresponding to the Cuit or Cuil
  • Names and surnames and direct or dependent relatives
  • The Identity Document of all direct or dependent relatives
  • Date of birth of all direct or dependent relatives
  • Relationship
  • If the person studies, works or not
  • Check whether or not you have a disability

Sworn declaration

  • With the idea of ​​this document being certified as a sworn statement, as the applicant holder you must complete a third part. It is not possible to omit any of the following information that we list for you:
  • Who subscribes
  • In what quality
  • Finally the number of your ID and at the back of this section, you have to sign


  • At the end of the page you will see two tables with some codes. These will serve to indicate, in the section of the family group data, what relationship they have and list it in a code
  • Once this is done, you will have already filled your Form 5.3 before ANSES successfully and you will be ready to present it to the appropriate authority

Usefulness of Form 5.3 before ANSES

  • The Form 5.3 before ANSES It will help you to have a control that refers to your direct and dependent relatives as worked in the country
  • This, in order that you can access Social Work of the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) at the time that you require it.
  • Finally, it serves so that people can register in a Social Work

Who is it aimed at?

  • The Form 5.3 before ANSES It can be interpreted as a benefit for the owner, as well as for the owner’s relatives, that is, wife, children under 21 years of age.
  • As previously mentioned, this is a document that has the objective of being a bridge for citizens to join a social work.
  • In this way, they guarantee the medical attention of each one of them.
  • On the other hand, Form 5.3 before ANSES must be delivered to the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) at any of its offices.

National Social Security Administration (ANSES)

On the other hand, we will tell you a little about the entity in charge of this procedure so that you do not have any doubts when carrying out this process. The National Social Security Administration, ANSES, is a national body in charge of Argentina’s Social Security policy.

The main functions of ANSES are to grant retirements and pensions, family allowances to active workers and retirees, family allowances, unemployment benefits, financed by the National Employment Fund, and implement various Social Security programs.

ANSES has the Pension System Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS). Its resources make it possible to guarantee the payment and maintenance of the value of retirement assets over time and contribute, through various investments, to the sustainable development of the national economy and the preservation of resources allocated to Social Security policies.

What is Form 5.3 before ANSES?

The Form 5.3 before ANSES It is an affidavit of the worker and his family group affiliated with the National Health Insurance System. This document has the objective of being a bridge for citizens to join a social work. Legally, the form is considered an affidavit. That means that everything described in it must be real and verifiable.

Likewise, the people must be a direct relative, the data and information must be correct. If the information were to be false, this would be considered a crime that can be reported to the appropriate authorities. With which, you can have an adequate control with everything related to the direct families of current workers in the country.

Main features

This, turns out to be an extremely essential document since it is what will allow you to access the ANSES social works in the event that you require it at some point. Of course, this means that each and every family member who has a direct relationship or dependence on the worker or individual contributor must be entered.

Therefore, each and every one of the people who are depending on it can have the security of medical attention they need. Also, it is essential to highlight that social works provide free medical care for each and every one of the people who are listed in them and need them in a timely manner.

Likewise, this form has the sole purpose of ensuring that there is adequate use in relation to adding or eliminating family members as appropriate. In fact, we have to emphasize that it has the character of an affidavit, which is why each and every one of the persons listed there must be direct relatives.

The reason for this is that lying in this regard is considered a crime and can be perfectly punishable by the competent authorities. In this way, it is hoped to avoid fraud with respect to participation and those who are listed as part of the family unit.

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