Form 5.5 before ANSES: Steps, What it is for and MORE

This article will explain everything related to Form 5.5 before ANSES. Workers in Argentina can opt for a social work, it is something for sure.

This social work it works to protect workers so they can enjoy services and benefits. But there is the possibility that the person can change to another social work, if this is your case, we recommend that you continue reading so that you can take note.

Steps to fill out Form 5.5 before ANSES

They must take into account that it is a right for all pensioners, retirees, people who have made the change of social work, usually one year.

To carry out the transfer, the citizen must do some that is in the list of the social works, provided by the portal of ANSES. If you are going to make your transfer, you must comply with the following steps:

  • The first step is to make sure that your personal and family data is complete and updated on the web portal of ANSES. The way to review it is by accessing the following link or by contacting 130. When you enter you will notice that you must put your number CUIL and the social security code.
  • If the citizen does not have an account, on the portal there is an option to create an account.
  • In which case the information is not false or is out of date. The citizen must travel with the required documentation to make a presentation to the ANSES representatives to make corrections in the institution’s system.
  • Next, the citizen must download the Form 5.5 before ANSES. You will have to print it on both sides.
  • You must collect with all the requirements that are required of you.
  • If the beneficiary cannot attend the on-site appointment, he should not worry because a third person, on behalf of the owner. You just have to keep in mind that the person must have permission authorized by the entities with your ID.
  • In the portal of ANSES You can schedule your appointment, then it must be digested at nearest offices.
  • When your appointment is scheduled, you must attend the place and present the documents required by the institution.
  • Once this is done, in the ANSES You will receive a receipt or proof that certifies the change in social work.

How to Change Social Work in ANSES?

The citizens retirees and pensioners have the opportunity to change social work, delivering the Form 5.5 before ANSES. Therefore, you must take into account that social work falls to the institutions that determine social security.

It should generate the question of Who finances these works? The answer is simple, and it is the entrepreneurs who are the ones who stand up for the companies. Through their collaborations, workers can have a better service with their benefits when they need it.


It is worth emphasizing that not only the worker benefits from these social works, but also his close people who make up his family nucleus, in this case they are included:

  • Minor children. That is, citizens who are under 18 years of age.
  • Children of the beneficiary, of legal age up to 21 years, but they must be single.
  • Children who are of legal age up to 25 years, but who have a disability or are undergoing tests.
  • The spouse who is going to benefit from the social work.

These people must be added in the social work services, to which the worker is registered. The worker has the power to choose the social work he wants.

The worker who works in a way autonomous or dependentYou can register with social services through this institution, but you are also allowed to aspire to change your social work.

To carry out the transfer of a social work, you must complete the Form 5.5 before ANSES for workers who make the decision to make the change and not continue where they are currently.


To obtain the services of a social work, regardless of whether you want to be in one or change to another, the people who have these social services are the following:

  • Pensioners, retirees and those who are retired of Argentine nationality or, if applicable, foreigners living in the territory.
  • Dependent workers or employees.
  • Citizens who receive benefits such as non-tax benefits.
  • Family members who benefit from social work.
  • Citizens who have coexistence with the beneficiary and are added in the family project of the paid worker.

The person must collect with the following documentation:

  • You must first get your hands on, the Form 5.5 before ANSES. With that you must carry out the transfer, you must have the original and copy.
  • His last social security payment order (OPP) or social security payment voucherIn case of not having it, a labor certificate must be used. Any of the three must have their copy and original.
  • The DNI, LE or LC, photocopy and originate it.
  • Depending on the situation and the social work to which it is registered, you may be asked for form 5.11 where you accept the social work for the beneficiaries in the family nucleus.


It is worth emphasizing that the transfer from one social work to another does not apply to the following:

  • Students doing job internships.
  • Workers who have already completed their labor relations with the corporation where they carry out their labor duties. They can only enjoy the benefits of social work 3 months after the end of the contract.

What is it for?

Workers should take into account that the Form 5.5 before ANSES it works to carry out a transfer to another social work. This form must be downloaded by individuals and is in PDF format. You have to fill it out and attend the facilities of one of the delegations of ANSES

What is ANSES?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) It is a decentralized entity that is in charge of administering the benefits and services that make up social security for Argentine citizens. It is worth emphasizing that it was established in 1991.


  • At ANSES they are concerned with correctly carrying out policies in the field of social security. In addition, the Argentine citizens benefited must obtain the benefits and services that the law dictates.
  • They are responsible for managing with efficiency and social commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form 5.5 before ANSES

It is normal that citizens generate concerns and doubts about the Form 5.5 before ANSES. This is why we will solve your doubts below:

Ask 1: if I need to change social work as a dependent worker, can I do it?

Yes, as we have commented in the article, working citizens benefit from social works being self-employed as a dependent. You just have to keep in mind that to make your change you must fill out the Form 5.5 before ANSES.

Question 2: If I continue to receive non-tax benefits, can the change of social work still be made?

Yes, you can.

Question3: How many times can the person of social work change?

The worker is allowed to do it at least once a year.

Question 4: Are the relatives who are affiliated with the person in the social work, also transferred when making the change?

Yes, the family nucleus is also transferred to the social work where it has been changed.

Question 5: Does the process for the change of social work have any cost?

You should note that the procedure for the change, it is totally free.

What is Form 5.5 before ANSES?

The Form 5.5 before ANSES, it is a document that you can search and download on the page of the decentralized entity ANSES. With this document the workers take it to the facilities because they want to change to another social work.

If you do not have this form, you will not be able to make the change, therefore it is of great importance for Argentine workers.

How to Complete Form 5.5

To correctly perform the Form 5.5 you should consider the following:

  • You must place on the form the personal information of the beneficiary worker such as: your name, surname, CUIT / CUIL, DNI, family group members, etc.
  • In the upper right part the type of procedure will appear, in that case you must select the handover option.
  • You must put the name and the code provided by the ANSES, to the social work that belongs.
  • You have to place the code of the social institution which is going to be changed.
  • To conclude with the form, you must enter the information on the permanent rental service and the subsidy obtained by SIPA.

When you have recorded all the information, you should sign the form. If you have any doubts about completing each information, on the second page of the form you have instructions on how to fill out the document.

Finally, if you want to benefit from the services and benefits, but want to change to another social work, it is essential to fill out and have the Form 5.5 ANSES. Do not leave the procedure to the last minute.

We hope that the information provided regarding the Form 5.5 before ANSE. We hope you have the greatest of success in completing your process.

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