Form 50 of the SII: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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The SII Form 50It is a procedure that must be carried out to make payments and declare taxes with all the terms of the law.

There are several processes that must be respected to carry out this type of procedure, made for all citizens of Chile. In this article you will be able to know some important points that must be highlighted in order to have a correct form.

What is the SII Form 50 like?

We are talking about Form No. 50 of the «Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes», in it you can declare and pay the different taxes in different legal deadlines.

Some that are important can be highlighted, such as: Withholdings for Additional Tax on different services and / or, Remunerations received by people without residence or domicile in Chile, Remittances and Withdrawals of people in the same condition.

ENAP Exploitation Rights Tax, Specific Tax on diesel oil, Gasolines from the automotive fleet, compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, and many more.

This document is very important and in order to view it in the best way and that all users understand, you can do it through this click

Filling out Form 50 of the SII

There are two ways to fill out and carry out this process successfully, either in writing or in writing.

Declaration and payment via Internet:

Enter the data to Form 50:

  • Igo to the official website from IBS to
  • Monthly taxes, Monthly Declaration (Form 50), Declare and Pay (f50), Authenticate with the Taxpayer’s RUT and Secret Code, Select Period and year to declare and pay, option to enter new data.

Send Declaration

  • When entering the Form 50 data, must be sent to the base, where you must have the following payment options:
  • Online Electronic Payment (PEL): You must choose the financial institution through which you will pay taxes online
  • Send Payment Coupon: You must have the option to send or print the Payment Coupon. If you opt for the last option, you must print 2 copies and go to a financial institution authorized for the cancellation of the tax.
  • Leave form 50 in saved state: To rescue it at a later time.

Print the voucher

  • Cancel the tax online, the voucher is displayed and you are will assign a folio to form 50, with which the Declaration is understood to have been made and received by our Service.
  • It is canceled by Payment Coupon, in the copy it will be returned with the stamp of the cashier the one that is proof.

Declaration and payment via paper

  • Complete Form 50 with personal data and taxes to be canceled. The form can be obtained at any office throughout the country.
  • To make the payment, when completing the form, according to the indications on the back and with the regulations, you must go to the financial institution enabled to receive this Tax. The cashier will give you the Copy of Form 50, with the corresponding bell.

What is the SII Form 50 for?

To understand in a certain way, the monthly tax return is one of the most important tax obligations that the company has and is articulated in several documents, in this case we are talking about the F50.

There are certain practices that are essential in any management to avoid errors in these statements, to achieve this you have to focus on certain parameters and they are:

  • The movements must be registered and centralized.

As you can see, in the monthly tax returns, multiple concepts of financial transactions and movements must be covered, so it is only possible to do it accurately if you record each of these.

To centralize all the information and be faster at the same time filling out the form, there must be a record of movements and transactions.

  • Leave accounting in the hands of experts

It is important to focus on being imprecise in aSome data are small errors That can be very expensive, as they result in fines or penalties.

For this reason, it is essential that the registry is kept with experts who handle the information in an optimal way and that the standards and parameters known by the authorities are carried out, complying with everything to the letter.

  • Automatic collection of information from the SII

Thanks to cloud software platforms, providers validate by the national authorities, you can have the proof of purchases and sales directly from the Internal Revenue Services database with just a few clicks.

You are guaranteed to work with accurate information, preventing mistakes and errors when filling out the returns.

  • Permanent visibility of information of interest.

By using a quality accounting solution, up-to-date financial statements and the dynamics of business transactions can be viewed at all times.

In short, they have the ability to monitor data and values ​​that are then due in real time. enter in the F50 to make the declarations monthly taxes

Who should process it and where can it be done?

Taxpayers, natural and legal personss, which are activities that generate the obligation to declare in some of the taxes that define the form. More information can be accessed through the circular N ° 37 of 2004

This process is carried out depending on the tax that is declared and paid, there are different deadlines. In the form, it is Declared and Simultaneous Monthly Payment of Taxes, so it CANNOT be declared without payment or movements.

In order for this process to be carried out successfully, it can be done in two ways:

Through Internet:

The filing of Form 50 can be done online, by entering the website of SII, Monthly Tax menu, Monthly Declaration sub menu, click on «Declare and Pay» (F50)

After that, you must authenticate the RUT and the Secret Code, displaying a screen that allows you to choose the Tax period in the declaration and payment.

When entering the information to Form 50, it must be sent to the base to cancel the tax through the different options:

  • PEL: Online Payment
  • PEC: Payment in Agreement
  • Payment Coupon: Print (2 copies), It must be addressed in some financial institutions in agreement to cancel.

On paper

Taxpayers must contact the Financial Institution Skill to receive the type of taxes with the completed form, according to the tax that they wish to cancel. The form can be obtained at any of the SII offices in the country.

Also, you have the option to fill out the online form through our website, then choose the option of Payment Coupon, having to print in 2 copies and contact a collecting body to cancel.

The deadline is declared Form 50 per paper, It must be presented directly at the collection institutions, previously consigned the corresponding charges in codes 92 and 93 whose calculation can be made by the taxpayer, or request it from the SII.

What is IBS?

It is one of the supervisory institutions of the State. The function is to apply and supervise all the current internal taxes established or that are established, fiscal or of another nature of interest in the Treasury.

Also, they have control in case it is not entrusted by the law. The Internal Revenue Service is to reduce evasion and provide taxpayers with excellent services, to maximize and facilitate voluntary tax compliance.

What is the SII Form 50?

It is known as «Form for Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes» this him It allows you to declare the payment in a single procedure, various taxes with different legal expiration periods, such as:

  • Withholding for Additional Taxes on different Services and / or remunerations received by people without residence or domicile in Chile.
  • Remittances and Withdrawals of People in the same condition as the previous point.
  • By ENAP Exploitation Rights
  • Specific Taxes on Diesel oil, on gasoline in the car park, on compressed natural gas or on liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Those Taxes that are on games of chance, for entrance to the casino, for horse racing bets.
  • Taxes for withdrawals of freely available surpluses from pension funds
  • For sporadic first category rents.
  • Voluntary PPM
  • Taxes on manufactured tobacco
  • Refund and return of Rent
  • Ad Valorem Free Zone
  • Single Tax on Workers found out by themselves.

Beyond knowing how Form 50 is, you have to take into account that the payment terms depend on each tax, checking in this link.

So, for good tax management and with the advice of an expert in the area, it is crucial to determine that the Form 50 tax business must be declared and paid based on specific activities.

The tax issue, errors or failure to have repercussions for any company that is found to be considerable.

It is important to have good fiscal management, this allows non-compliance that lead to business penalties.

When quoting with the information of the Form 50, It is important to plan your tax returns and payments very well to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Technology is a good tool that should be used in this type of process, especially in software counting in the cloud.


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