Form 572: Submit, Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form 572 is used to make tax deductions with respect to the Income Tax, in the form of an affidavit. It is a very important tool that you should take into account if you are a dependent worker. That is, you must know everything about this document.

Today we will be talking about how you can access it, fill it out correctly and present it. Likewise, we will explain to you when it is necessary to process the form, what it is for and who issues it. So stay with us! You will find in one place everything you need to know about Form 572.

How to Obtain Form 572 WEB?

Let’s start by talking about the Steps to Follow to Obtain Form 572. First, what you should know is that this is done entirely online. Before 2012, all employers were in charge of getting the document to their workers. However, now they can do it when it is their turn.

Where? On the web portal of the General Administration of Public Income (AFIP), specifically in the System for Registration and Updating of Income Tax Deductions (SIRADIG- Worker).

Of course, make sure you have a good internet connection and follow the steps that we will indicate below!

  • To begin, you must enter the official page of the AFIP.
  • Once there, click GET INTO, in the section that indicates Access with Tax Code. If you do not have it, then you must process it. You can learn more about it by clicking on the option Request Password.
  • You will be redirected to an access page, where you must enter your CUIL, CUIT and Fiscal key to enter the system.
  • Once inside, you will be able to see all authorizations in terms of services. Choose SIRADIG – Worker.
  • If this option does not appear on the screen, then you should go to My services > Relationship Manager. There you will find the SIRADIG service so that you can enable it yourself. Keep in mind that you will have to log out and then re-enter the system for it to appear.
    • You can also do it in Add services.
  • Once in SIRADIG, select your name and surname. Then proceed to click Create Draft. There you can start filling out Form 572, something that we will guide you in the next section.

As you can see, accessing it is extremely simple. With the implementation of this system, filers can now file their deductions from the comfort of their home, office or from wherever they are. Everything within the reach of a click!

Keep in mind that if you do not have the Tax Code, you must obtain it or you will not be able to carry out the process. However, don’t worry! You can get it online or in person. To know more about it, you can enter this link de the AFIP.

Now that you know how to access the form, let’s go on to explain how you should fill it out or what data it includes.


To enable SIRADIG, you need to have a registered Electronic Tax Address. In addition, the Tax Code must have or be higher than security level 2. You can find a Enabling Instructions for SIRADIG by clicking on the link.

Fill out Form 572

Let’s talk about the Information Included in Form 572 and How to Fill It Out. This section is extremely important. You must know how to fill out the document correctly and what information you will be offering to avoid setbacks in management.

With that said, let’s see what you’ll find.

  • Once you are in the Draft, the first thing you will find is a group of options. The first corresponds to Personal information. You must enter your full name, address information and click on Finally, go back to Main menu.
  • Next, it is your responsibility to enter the Employer Data. You must select the Employer and specify the data of the employment relationship that is saved with him.
    • If you only have a job, you must fill in the fields corresponding to the CUIT, the start date of the relationship and select YES on Are you a withholding agent?
    • Yes there are more than one employer, then you will have to charge them. You should start with who your withholding agent is (the one who gives you the highest gross pay) and then move on to the rest. Keep in mind that you must report the monthly amounts.
  • When you finish the previous section, click again Keep. A summary of the data you entered about the employer and the option of Add Employer. If you have more than one, repeat the process again. Of course, you will no longer select the YES for the Agent, and now you must add the Registration of Amounts: contributions and amounts.
    • IMPORTANT: Choose Registration of Amounts to continue adding information in this field.
  • If you only have one employer, go back to Main menu.
  • Next, you will enter Form Loading. There you will find the following options, which once you fill it you must go giving Keep:
    • Settings: You can adjust by Reciprocal Guarantee Companies or by Retroactive Amounts.
    • Profits. Access if you work or live in the Patagonian area, or if you are retired, retired or retired. If you meet the requirements, you can receive personal deductions for more than 22% of those you already received. For more information, check the Law 27,346.
    • Allowances and deductions. You will have to load the corresponding ones. Report the amount, date and save the vouchers.
    • Family loads. You must add those who are in your charge, indicating their basic data and the relationship they have with you
    • Amount of earnings liquidated in the course of the fiscal period by other employers or entities.
    • Other withholdings, payments to accounts and earnings: You can enter the payment on account, taxes on debits and credits, customs withholdings.
  • Once you have loaded all the pertinent data to the previous sections, you must click on Preview. Check that all the information that appears is correct and that there is no missing information.
  • And that’s it! You will have completed the Form 572. Now you only have to present it, for which: you must click on Send to Employer or Print.

Likewise, the AFIP has had a Instructions for Formulatingio 572. If you want a closer look, you can see it.

What is it for?

The Form 572 serves so that the ISSN can make the withholdings that correspond to the declarant. The dependent, pensioned, retired and / or retired worker needs to make the tax return of deductions, in order to reduce the calculation base of the Income Tax.

As a result of this, what is sought is to receive fewer withholdings on this tax. For this, family charges, employer or employer data, additional income, deductions, withholdings and deductions are recorded.

Declare that there are deductions is a right that every citizen has. Of course, keep in mind that being a Sworn declaration, no data can be falsified or omitted.


Does not require physical presentation, electronic submission is sufficient

Remember to keep the corresponding vouchers that allow you to support what you put in the Form

When is the procedure done?

The Form 572 it has to be presented at certain times. It is strictly done annually, to make deductions for the taxed tax year. The deadline is March 31 of the current year, given that with the deductions a settlement will be made with the salary corresponding to April.

However, there are also other times when you will need to fill it out. To start, you have to fill it when you start a working relationship. Also when the address data, employer data or family responsibilities change.

You have to do it Monthly when there is moonlighting. In these cases, the gross income that is received from the employers month by month must be registered, without being these withholding agents. Also when the retiree returns to work.

Keep in mind that you can create the draft and fill it out for when it is your responsibility to present it. This will be kept on the web page so that you can modify it whenever you want. Then you can proceed to send it to your employer or print it when the time is right.

What is Form 572?

The Form 572 It is used so that the ISSN can make the withholdings that correspond to the declarant. The dependent, pensioned, retired and / or retired worker has to make the affidavit of deductions, in order to reduce the calculation base of the Income Tax.

This can enjoy even greater benefits if it is within these last three categories or if it is located in the Patagonian area, with an increase of up to 22% on deductions.

This form is completed online, from the System for Registration and Updating of Income Tax Deductions (SIRADIG- Worker), on the institutional page of the General Administration of Public Income (AFIP).

It is presented annually, with a deadline of until March 31 of the current year. However, there are specific monthly entries when an employment relationship begins or when there are changes in the employer data, family responsibilities or income received.

It is not necessary to present this document in physical form to the ISSN. Sending it from SIRADIG is enough to make the sworn statement.

Today we have explained everything you needed to know and we have provided you with the tools so that you can fill out the Form 572.

Until next time!

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