Form 575 / RT: How it is, Instructions and MORE

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Are you a domestic employee and you do not know the Form that you must manage for this case? Here we leave you all the information about the Form 575 / RT, which corresponds to this case when a new worker begins to work.

Therefore, below you will find information about what the Form is like, how each item should be filled out, what it is for. Also, about the new values, where to pay and of course what is the Form 575 / RT.

What is Form 575 / RT like?

The Form 575 / RT, it is a very clear and simple format. Where you can quickly view the information you ask for. It is made up of several items, each requesting different data. Also on the left side there is information about the payment slip with the respective taxes.

It should be noted that, later on, each of the items that must be taken into account is specified, and thus collect the required data.

Instructions for Completing Form 575 / RT

Employees of private homes have the opportunity to enter each month, to consult the costs that will be enabled for benefits. Below are the instructions for completing the Form 575 / RT:

  • Unique Labor Identification Code Number (CUIL) of the employee of private houses.
  • The month and year worked, for which the payments and contributions are incorporated.
  • Item N ° 1: It is filled if the employee of private houses choose to make voluntary payments for the retirement scheme. You must mark with an X if you are going to make a credit on the difference or the interest. This in the event that there is a payment outside the conditions. It refers to an amount each month, which cannot be less than $ 33 pesos, for contributions to the National Social Security Scheme. This will adapt the Additional Benefit for Permanence of the Argentine Integrated Pension System.
  • Item No. 2: Included to fill the minimum required to enter a pension benefit later. Select with an X if you are going to make a credit on the difference or the interest. In the event that there is a payment outside the conditions. It refers to an amount each month. Which results from the difference between the addition of $ 33 pesos, and the amount of the compulsory contribution incorporated by the employer. The entries each month of the cost of the difference noted above. As a criterion of contributions destined to the Public Pension Regime of the Integrated Retirement and Pension System.
  • Item N ° 3 – Concept 895: Integrates to fill the minimum required to allow the coverage of a Social Work. Mark with an X if you are going to make a credit on the difference or interest. In the event that there is a payment outside the conditions. It refers to an amount each month. Which results from the difference between the addition of $ 419 pesos and the amount of the compulsory contribution incorporated by the employer. The monthly contribution of the amount of the difference indicated above, as a criterion of contributions destined to the National Health Regime. Adequate entry to the Compulsory Medical Program, which is in charge of the National Health Insurance System, for the titular employee.
  • Item N ° 3 – Concept 893: These fields are filled in to make contributions to the coverage of the primary family nucleus. Select with an X if contributions will be made to the coverage of the family nucleus. Also the amount if the payment is made outside the conditions.
  • Item N ° 3 – Concept 894: Integrates to attach affiliates for the coverage of the Obra Social. It refers to an extra addition of $ 419 pesos each month. By criterion of contributions to the National Health Insurance Scheme. Authorizes the coverage of the Compulsory Medical Program. The National Health Insurance System is in charge of this for each of the members of the primary family nucleus of the titular employee.
  • Number of CUIT (Unique Tax Identification Code) and CUIL (Unique Labor Identification Code) of the employer.
  • Item N ° 4 – Concept 932: This space fills up when you start an employment relationship.

What is Form 575 / RT for?

The utility of Form 575 / RT is that the employers notify the necessary contributions, included in the current norms in the Argentine territory. Likewise, it is used to produce a certification with the employer’s personal information and cancellations of contributions.

Also, for electronic steering wheel emission cancellation of these and the employee’s salary receipt. This Form is also used to make spontaneous prior payments from occupational risk insurance companies. Likewise, the contributions to the employee’s social security.

On the other hand, there are different benefits for employees enrolled through the Form 575 / RT, in the same way for the employer. Some of these benefits are:

  1. A medical coverage through associated social works.
  2. Retirement contributions.
  3. Insurance policy in an entity for occupational hazards.
  4. The aguinaldos.
  5. Special prices, like SUBE card benefit.
  6. Holiday period and special permits when required,
  7. Discount of profit tariffs, salaries and contributions for employers who comply with the payments.
  8. The unfeasibility of being considered judicial actions of any of the parties. As long as all the obligations relating to the rules are obeyed.
  9. Through this link You will find a copy of the Form 575 / RT, with the objective of making the declaration of contributions and contributions to domestic workers, of which it is in charge.

New Values

Throughout all the years, the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues). It is in charge of issue the amount of payments for domestic workers and of people who work in private homes. The validity of these begins while the stipulated time elapses.

This can easily change, especially largely due to the increase in salaries promulgated by the President. Employers must pay the contributions with an increase of 10% to the amount of the occupational risk insurers of domestic services.

Which has been established through the Normative Work Resolutions for Private Houses (CNTCP) N ° 2 and N ° 3. This increase is accompanied by another that will take place in the month of August. In addition, the final that will be made in the month of October, the 2 of 10% each.

In such a way that, it has been established that the proportional quota will be according to the hours per week that the worker works. These have been determined as mentioned below:

  • To employees who have up to twelve (12) hours per week, they get a part of the adjustment of 40.50%. As a whole, a proportional fee equivalent to 1.19% must be used.
  • For workers who have between twelve (12) and sixteen (16) hours per week, their part of the adjustment is 64.80%. Additionally, a proportional fee equivalent to 1.90%.
  • To domestic workers who have more than sixteen (16) hours per week, they get a part of the 100% adjustment. A proportional fee equivalent to 2.93% must also be attached.

The new values ​​are in force to apply the electronic payment flyers on the AFIP website. For this, the criteria and values ​​previously detailed in the Form 575 / RT. Carrying out the calculation between the hours worked each week and the contributions that must be paid as a result.

Where you pay?

Payments for domestic service workers, they are usually paid when the month is due. It means that they are made after taking the service. However, the time to do so is only extended until the 10th of each month. Then, the employer has the obligation to pay fees and interest for the delay.

The AFIP has determined 3 ways for the interested parties to be in charge of the payment of their contributions. For the steering wheel to be purchased electronic payment or bank receipt. Below it is detailed in a simple way how to use each one:

  1. In person: It can be done through Rapipago, Easy Payment or any bank allowed to collect fees or contributions from the AFIP. In this situation, it is required to print the Forms of each institution, fill them out and consign them at the time of granting the payment for the month.
  2. By Homebanking: It is done through the bank, but online. When entering the web portal of your favorite banking institution, you will find the alternative «Active Domestic AFIP». Select the number of hours of work and make the payment that is indicated.
  3. AFIP Website: Issuing an electronic payment flyer by entering the web. Likewise, cancel the respective contributions in I pay My Accounts, Homebanking or LinkPagos. There you must indicate the respective date of payment and the account from where it will be made.

The banking institutions in Argentina, which are in charge of making the payments related to the contributions and ART, through the Form 575 / RT are named below:

  • The National bank, In Buenos Aires city.
  • In Credicoop.
  • Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • In Galicia and Buenos Aires.
  • In Itau Argentina.
  • The Industrial.
  • In Meridian.
  • The July.
  • More sales.
  • The Tucuman.
  • Bica.
  • Patagonia.
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).
  • The Municipal of Rosario.
  • Coinag.

NOTE: Employers have the obligation to be up-to-date with the payment of the contributions of the employees of private homes. In this way, workers’ social security can be guaranteed from the beginning of each employment relationship.

What is Form 575 / RT?

The Form 575 / RT it is a special instrument for making the spontaneous payment of contributions. The insurance companies are subject to occupational risks of domestic workers or employees of private homes, hired by citizens in Argentina.

This Form is used in the following cases:

  1. When the domestic worker wishes to use the advantages of being assisted through social work. Plus, you make contributions to it for less than the full amount. The amount is $ 536.35 pesos. In this situation the Form 575 / RT. This to make the payment of the difference between what the worker contributes to the social work and the total amount ($ 536.35 pesos). The idea is that workers freely pay the total amount of hours per week that are reflected in the system.
  2. When registering contributions. Which is executed at the time the first part of the contributions is paid to the occupational risk insurance company. With the objective of, cover insurance for work, in the first month in which the service begins.

Because there is the Form 575 / RT, you have the opportunity to declare the social security contributions of each domestic employee, who is carrying out their work.

It is important to have all the required information at your fingertips, in order to successfully complete this process of interest. We hope we have helped you!

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