Form 6.258 for Summary Information

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The Form 6.258 for Summary Information it can be considered a social benefit that must be processed by the workers at the right time.

Keep reading! In this article, you will obtain the necessary information to process this document successfully.

What is Form 6.258 for Summary Information?

East Form 6.258 It is a record that is used as an essential requirement to request and later obtain retirement in Argentina.

To obtain retirement it is necessary to meet a series of requirements. Among these requirements the Form 6.258.

As all social benefits are processed by the ANSES, an entity that is in charge of safeguarding the rights of workers in the national territory.

It is used to express the summary statement. In this document the following is sworn:

  • If there is or not, a will that the deceased left.
  • Whether or not there is an heir who has rights to the deceased’s unpaid assets.

We conclude then that the Form 6.258 It is an affidavit document necessary to obtain retirement in Argentina.

What is Form 6.258 for Summary Information for?

The Form 6.258 it works to make the affidavit to obtain retirement, that is, to register the summary declaration.

This rather important documentation serves as a claim for the assets that correspond to the person requesting retirement.

This form and others must be submitted correctly filled out for the retirement process to be successful.

Completion of Form 6.258 for Summary Information

  1. You should read the document to be aware of what appears in the affidavit.
  2. Complete the requested fields, without making mistakes.
  3. Enter the place and date that correspond to the completion of the procedure.
  4. Indicate the full name of the person who carries out the process and / or retirement applicant, together with the marital status.
  5. Indicate the age of the person carrying out the process and / or the applicant for retirement
  6. Nationality and profession of the person who carries out the procedure and / or applicant for retirement
  7. Home address.
  8. DNI number, or LE, or CI, or LC and detail by whom it was issued.
  9. Full name of the deceased and his number assigned as beneficiary.
  10. Declare according to the points shown in the form.
  11. Signature and clarification of the Declarant together with the signature of the official who receives the documents.

Steps to obtain it

  • Download the form through the website of BEFORE.
  • Read the document carefully and check all the necessary data to start filling it out.
  • Begin by filling in the information requested in the form. First, with the date and place where the procedure is carried out.
  • Enter the full name and marital status (married or widowed or other) of the person making the application for retirement.
  • Next, enter the age of the applicant or the person who carries out the procedure.
  • Then, enter nationality, address of residence and the profession or occupation of the applicant.
  • Enter the National Identity Document number, either DNI, LE, CI, LC or others, and add who carried out the issuance of said document.
  • Enter the applicant’s full name and social security number as beneficiary.
  • Finally, perform the summary affidavit found on the form. Sign the document as applicant and signature of the official who receives it.
The process is considered completed, if and only if the data provided in the form and the documents delivered are correct and coincide. Subsequently, the process should proceed smoothly.

Who is it aimed at?

The Form 6.258 It is aimed at all those who are about to retire.

Facilitates the Summary Declaration process.

Recommendations for the Form 6.258 Process for Summary Information

  • Read the document before delivery.
  • Deliver true and legal information.
  • Present the document without imperfects, including errors in the annotations or stains.
  • If you have doubts, ask the people in charge and authorized to supply official information.
  • Meet all the necessary requirements to avoid delays in obtaining retirement.

Retirement Application

To obtain retirement it is necessary to go through a process and meet the requirements requested by the processing entity ANSES.

To make this request, it is necessary to access the ANSES web portal and review the provisional contributions to ensure registration in the system.

The process must be managed in ANSES by going directly to the main offices or to the box where the most contributions have been made.

Request for the assets of a Retiree

A retiree or pensioner can collect the assets, or the so-called unearned assets, which are the amounts or the appropriate amount to the holder, until his death.

It can be promotional days, proportional bonus, first payment, monthly payments that were not received or full bonus, subsidies that were not received and family allowances.

If the beneficiary has already died, the amount will be distributed to family members or, failing that, to those people who have covered the expenses of the recent illness. The established order of preference is determined as follows:

  1. Rights holders for which they are entitled to a pension.
  2. Successors.

To carry out this management of collection of salaries or assets, the person who requests it must present some requirements and they are the following 3:

  1. DNI (National Identification Document) or any other identification document of the applicant.
  2. Death certificate of the deceased.
  3. Bank details of the ANSES Form.

ANDn case of being related by consanguinity

  • Document that proves the link between the relatives.
  • Form. PS.6.253 «Request for Accrued Assets».
  • Form PS.6.258 «Summary Information S».
  • Form. . 6,259 «Summary Information T».

If it is other heirs

  • Form PS.6.254 «Affidavit of Non-Applicant Heirs»

In case of not being heirs and corresponding sickness expenses

  • Certificates from the treating physician of the deceased person.
  • . 6,256 «Jury Bond – Non-Heir Applicant.
  • The PS. 6,255 «Affidavit of Non-Heirs Applicants».

Women must be 60 years old and men 65 years old. The working years should ideally be 60 years.

However, these conditions may vary depending on the case and certain characteristics that the worker possesses.

Steps to complete the procedure

  1. Obtain the social security key that can be requested online.
  2. Within the system ANSES, verify that the data and contributions are correct.
  3. Present the requested requirements.
  4. Submit the retirement application and check the status of the process to verify its progress.

Once all the requirements and the necessary documentation have been met, you must make an appointment or a shift at the corresponding center.

Show up on the day granted with all the requirements and with the two required witnesses. As you will see, the process is easy and simple as long as you comply with what is required to the letter.


The National Social Security Administration o ANSES, is a national organization in charge of controlling social security policies in Argentina.

Its main functions are to grant retirements and / or pensions, family allowances, unemployment benefits, among others, and apply certain social security programs.

This administration is supported by the Pension System Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) that with its contribution makes possible the guarantee of payments and the recurring fulfillment of the value of retirement assets and the contribution through various investments to the sustainable development of the country’s economy and the conservation of resources that are for social security policies.

Much success!

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