Form 6.284 before ANSES: Format, Utility and MORE

To manage Social Security Benefits, it is essential to know the Form 6.284 before ANSES. This in order to process this procedure correctly and thus enjoy this benefit granted by social security in Argentina for workers.

Therefore, here we explain what this Form is, what it is for, how to complete it, through which entity it is managed, what are the pension benefits and much more information. We invite you to continue reading the information below.

Format of Form 6.284 before ANSES

The format of the Form 6.284 before ANSES, must be completed taking into account the elements mentioned below:

  • The terms shown in the alternatives stipulated in the Form must be used.
  • If for any reason any of these are not relevant, scratch the alternative in the Form.
  • The Affidavit must be signed.
  • It is essential that all indications found there are considered.

What do Social Security Benefits refer to?

Pension Benefits are all contributions made for social security, provided to citizens in the country. Said Benefits are issued for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. The disability benefits.
  2. Old-age benefits.
  3. The death benefits.

Throughout Argentina, Social Security Benefits are aimed at inspect pension services, which are issued to individuals either by death, by retirement, by disability or by retirement. This benefit is executed by ANSES, which is the entity that manages all social security in the country.

How to Apply for Social Security Benefits?

In the Argentine territory there are various types of support for all those citizens who need it. To manage the request for Social Security Benefits, it is required to go through a legal procedure, in which you will find Form 6.18.

This is a registration and petition tool used by the ANSES (National Administration of Social Security), and thus be able to carry out the Social Security Benefits process. This diligence can be carried out to acquire the benefits according to some reasons.

These reasons are as follows: Pension for the death of a retiree, the Disability Retirement, the Elderly Benefit, the Universal Basic Benefit, the Disability PEA, the Death Pension of an Active Member, also for some specific reason.

How to fill out Form 6.284 before ANSES?

To complete the Form 6.284 before ANSES, the following steps should be followed:

  • Starting you have to download Form 6.284 entering this link.
  • Then we proceed to complete the document starting with the first section called «Type of Service Requested». There, the appropriate alternative must be selected with an X, according to each of the alternatives shown in the Form.
  • Among the alternatives reflected are the following: The Universal Basic Benefit, the Elderly Benefit, the Pension for the Death of a retiree, the Pension for the Death of an Active Affiliate, Disability Withdrawal, PEA for Disability, Others and Recognition of Services.
  • The other step is to indicate the number of the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), in the space required by the Form.
  • Then the second section is completed, which is named «Affiliate Identification», in which the respective personal information of the affiliate must be provided.
  • Continuing, the member’s name and surname, date of birth, room address, telephone number, pertinent postal code, identity document number, nationality, etc. must be entered. If the affiliate is a foreigner, they have to provide additional information.
  • Then we proceed to fill out the third section, called «Spouse or Cohabitant Identification». In this section the pertinent personal information is indicated, name and surname, CUIT number, also the identity document, the telephone number, and other required data.
  • When filling out this section, you should immediately complete the last section, your name is «Appointment of Attorney» To: Process and / or Receive or Guardian / Curator, the correct alternative must be selected.
  • Once again the respective personal data is written.
  • Finally, sign the form and date correspondent.

Usefulness of Form 6,284 before ANSES

Some of the utilities of the Form 6.284 before ANSES, they are named below:

  1. In the case of whether or not to have a provincial pension.
  2. Whether or not you have a pension benefit.
  3. In the case of receive or not a social plan, or an ex gratia pension, or provincial or municipal non-contributory.
  4. Whether or not a military, police, or civilian withdrawal is received.

Who should process it?

The Form 6.284 before ANSESIt can be managed by any employee in a dependent or independent relationship who needs it. As long as it complies with all the requirements required to process said management.

National Social Security Administration (ANSES)

ANSES (National Administration of Social Security), is an autonomous institution to the national public administration of Argentina, this is dependent on the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. It is in charge of filling out the social security payments.

Among these payments are the following: Family allowances, unemployment benefits, the Universal Child Allowance procedure, the prevention service. Also, returns, data and records of employees (granting of the CUIL number and service certifications).

ANSES was created on December 26, 1991, through Decree No. 2,741.3. Still in January 2001, ANSES had current and capital resources, in the amount of 180,600 million pesos. The valuation of the Sustainability Guarantee Funds reached 206,377 million pesos in 2013.

Since the ANSES nationalized the former Retirement and Pension Fund Administrators (AFJP), the amount of these funds has grown by 157%. Likewise, he is in charge of registering medical, work and study procedures, among others, related to Argentine society.

The main advantage of ANSES is that authorizes the management of work certificates or formats to achieve procedures of great importance, both for a company and for a natural person.

ANSES Pension Benefits

The well-known social security savings bank offers some benefits or benefits according to its Social Security method, such as those detailed below:

Ordinary and Partial Retirement

This type of retirement is used on a voluntary basis and is determined by the associate. To be able to carry out the certificate, you must have not less than sixty-five (65) years and ten (10) years making pension contributions constantly on the date of the request for the benefit.

Disability Retirement

With this retirement it is indicated that the benefit can be granted to the employee, according to their difficulties in their professional practice. Therefore, the employee must carry and present in the box all the requirements foreseen to ratify the medical reports with experts.

In this case, the employee must be available so that the required medical exams and thus have the opportunity to prove the respective disability.

The pension

This benefit can be enjoyed by the spouses of the survivors, accompanied by descendants who have less than twenty-one (21) years that they are not married. Likewise, widowed daughters in charge of the casual the date of your death, as long as you do not have another pension for reasons of withdrawal, withdrawals, allowances, etc.

In this case, this benefit will extend up to twenty-five (25) years of age, if they are normally studying secondary or higher education.

The Annual Supplemental Benefit

With this help, one twelfth of the amount obtained in the entire year in which the withdrawal was made is taken, for any of the aforementioned reasons. The payment is made effectively, for two (2) periods one in June and the other in December every year.

The Entering and Re-entering Medical Exam

In accordance with the provisions of the Law 12724 in its Article 45, points out that in some situations it may be necessary to carry out a medical examination to certify, if prior to re-entry the member suffers from a disability, which will later manifest in the period of membership. This entire process is guaranteed by the Board of Directors, number 3119.

NOTE: It is important to highlight that all petition must be signed against the cashier’s employee and delegations from the Council and the Justices of the Peace.

What is Form 6.284 before ANSES?

The Form 6.284 before ANSES, is a tool used to register the oath that is made for applications for Pensions, Compensatory Benefit (PC), the Additional Benefit for Permanence (PAP) / Ordinary Retirement (JO), the Universal Basic Benefit (PBU) and the Transitory Retirement Disability (RTI).

You already have the information you need to fill out the Form 6.285 before ANSES. Either for a Basic Benefit, a Temporary Retirement for Disability, Temporary Benefit or any type of benefit that is required.

As with all procedures, it is important to supply all the corresponding data, to successfully process this management, which will give you a retribution at the time you need it. Keep going with the process!

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