Form 616 for Freelancers: Form, Fill Out and MORE

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The Form 616 for Independent Workers, It is a statement that allows independent workers to receive their respective payment to carry out the cancellation of income tax.

For this reason, in this article we develop: how to file form 616, its function, the meaning of PDT 616, when it is declared and what is the amount of the 4th category, and we finish with the concept of this form.

How to File Form 616 for Self Employed Workers?

It is generally known that, for any type of form, an established type of format is presented or found. Therefore, below, we will explain the information that all interested parties must provide when completing the same.

At first, we must mention that this type of form corresponds to each of the payment declarations received as independent workers in the national territory. Although, all government employees and executive pay invoices are also included.

However, in order to submit this form, the applicant or petitioner must carry out a series of special and mandatory steps. Pay attention to each of the procedures that all those who are in the fourth category:

  • First of all, the interested party must enter the official website of the SUNAT from the browser of your choice.
  • Once in the web portal, you must enter your username and the respective SOL password.
  • Now, you need to select the button: Declaration of Independent Worker.
  • And, subsequently, you must complete each space with all the data and information that the system requests. As, for example: account statement, amount of the work performed, among others.

On the other hand, it is important that the self-employed worker knows the two ways in which he can carry out the respective payment. And those are, online and in person. Attentive to the following information:

  • Initially, the interested party to complete the established structure.
  • Also, you must enter the web portal.
  • Subsequently, you must enter your username and SOL password.
  • Then, it is up to you to select the option of: PDT Presentation or Independent Structure.
  • Complete the spaces with the information and data required, and when finished choose the option: Include Tray.
  • Now, you must make the payment.
  • First, you must select the option of: Delivery.
  • Next, you must place the saved money with which the worker has an alliance for the administration of quotas.
  • Then you must select the VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club International card.
  • It should be noted that, if the card is VISA, the worker must be associated with Verified by VISA.
  • After this, you must go to a financial office. Although, you also have the option of carrying out the delivery in the respective BCP Agents and Multired Agents of Banco de la Nación.
  • Finally, the consistency and approval of the form delivery will be generated.
  • First, the self-employed person must go to the bank or authorized operator. This, in case of making the statement recently.
  • Likewise, you must present the following documents: unique taxpayer registration number, service period, expense code 3041, amount to be canceled and, you can use Form Number 1662 – Payment receipt.
  • Finally, the respective bank will provide you with proof of payment with the established information and data.

What is Form 616 for Self Employed for?

With all this, it is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate. Because on many occasions it is not given the importance it deserves. For this reason, we will explain to you what this type of form is for.

  • In the first instance, it is an easy, fast and practical tool for all freelancers.
  • In turn, this system, created by SUNAT, allows them to execute their work declarations.
  • In addition, this tool is considered one of the most important and outstanding of SUNAT.
  • This system allows the registration and declaration of each operation carried out. This, based on the fourth category of the tax system.
  • It should be noted that, to make the income declaration of the 4th category, the Supreme Decree Number 179-2004 must be used. And, also, SUNAT Resolution 002-2015.

On the other hand, we should mention and emphasize an important aspect when starting this type of form in particular. And it is that, every individual worker must have certain articles mandatory. Attentive!

  • The applicant must have the respective SOL password to be able to enter the platform and execute the procedure.
  • Also, you must know the salary of the month obtained for the administration agreement.
  • The independent worker must have knowledge about their status in the system.
  • And finally, the measure of the withholdings carried out during the month.

What is PDT 616?

At this point, we will explain the meaning of PDT 616. Well, it is nothing more than a tool originated by SUNAT with the objective that each of the independent workers can carry out their respective work declarations and thus conform each regulation of the country’s tax system.

Now, if the applicant is a self-employed worker, what he must do is use this form to inform the Tax Administration about the salary he receives for each of the administrations it grants. That is, for labor, exchange, among others.

It should be noted that the self-employed person is entitled to decide the amount to pay each month based on this idea. Now, if the amount obtained is within the limits established by SUNAT, the worker is not in the obligation to proclaim.

In addition to this, at this point in the article it is convenient to mention a relevant aspect. And it is that, if the case is presented where the Telematic Declaration Program number 616 is shown without the amount to be canceled, the worker must present it online and with the respective SOL code.

When is the 4th Category Declared and What is the Amount?

In another vein, at this point in the article we focus on offering information regarding the fourth category declaration and the cost to cancel. Now, this second aspect is one of the ones that generates more doubts and uncertainty.

This is because it is common for the costs to start some procedures to be high. However, this type of form in particular has certain aspects to consider. Attentive to the following information.

Generally, all those declarations made in this tax system that correspond to certain categories require the formulation of the different norms established and executed by SUNAT.

Likewise, the applicant or self-employed worker must remember that to declare income in the 4th category, they must use Supreme Decree Number 179-2004. And, in turn, Resolution 002-2015 of the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration.

This decree says that all taxpayers who exceed the salary estimated by SUNAT, must declare it. In short, if the worker has a salary that does not exceed 2000 soles, he is not obliged to make the declaration.

Amount to Cancel for 4th Category Suspension

On the other hand, all self-employed workers must bear in mind that the amounts corresponding to the suspension of the fourth category are for those who manage an income greater than 2000 or 3000 soles per month.

Now, all this will depend on the categories presented and established by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration -SUNAT- in which the worker is cataloged.

If the case is presented where the self-employed worker is in the fourth category, the corresponding amount is 8%. This, in relation to the withholdings that it has.

What is Form 616 for Self Employed?

We conclude this article by offering a brief definition. Well, it’s a questionnaire aimed at independent workers. This, so that they can carry out their work declarations in order to conform to each regulation established in the country’s tax system.

It is for this reason that the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration created a specific system for these cases. Therefore, one of our main recommendations is to go to the official website of this entity.

On the other hand, it is convenient to highlight an important point about the receipts obtained for the monthly work of a self-employed or independent worker. And it is in terms of the amount that the SUNAT allows and admits on a monthly basis.

We must mention that, if the self-employed worker reaches a sum or an amount higher than that admitted by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration -SUNAT-, he should not file a declaration before it.

However, in cases where the self-employed or independent worker does reach sums or amounts greater than those established in the SUNAT system, it will correspond to 8% above the national minimum wage or salary.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!


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