Form 663 to Request CDI: Format, Instructions and MORE

This article will explain everything related to how important it is to Form 663 to Request CDI for citizens. This form is important for individuals and for undivided estates that need to request an Identification Code.

These people who need this key are because they do not have the Single Tax identification (CUIT) or the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIL), to carry out required procedures. If this is your case, we recommend that you continue reading this article, so that you can take note.

Format of Form 663 to Request CDI

Form 663 to Request CDI It is an important document so that people can obtain their identification code. If you need this form to request your CDI, you must download it at the following link on thea Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

It is important to note that the Form is in the format PDF, which can directly print it in a simpler way.

Instructions to Fill Out Form 663 to Request CDI

Those that will complete the Form 663 to Request CDI, must comply with the following steps:

  • First, the citizen must have the required form, which can be obtained from the previous link.
  • When I have the Form 663 to Request CDI At your disposal, you proceed to complete each field that they ask for.
  • At the top right of Form 663, you will see a box titled «Identification Key Request». There you will have to check some of the following options to which it applies: Request or Modification of data.
  • Next, you must mark the reason for the request. There are 5 options: Current Accounts, Financial System Users, Public Deeds, Other Registrable Acts and others.

Item 1

  • When you have marked the option of the reason for your request, the first item that has as title will appear «Physical persons» and Undivided Successions. In this part you must complete with your personal information such as: name, surname, date of birth, date of death, sex, if Argentine or foreigner, country of origin, type of document with number.
  • In the event that you are a foreigner on the form, you must mark if is domiciled being a resident or not. In addition to information regarding this topic.

Item 2

When you have completed the first part of the form, you will then complete the second part. For which you must fill information regarding the street where you live, with its number, the sector, the tower, the floor, the Department.

The Province / State, Party / Department, Locality, Postal Code, Country, your Area Code and Telephone Number and finally your personal email.

Item 3

When you have finished filling out the second part of the form, the last part of the Form 663 to Request CDI, which is named «Attorney or Agent». In this you will have to put the name and surname, the type of document with its number and in addition to the CUIT / CUIL / CDI number.

Finally you must place the name description authorizing that the information provided is correct and complete. In addition, this sworn statement has been made without omitting or falsifying any information.

You will then need to place the place, date, signature and seal. It is important to note that the last part of the Form 663 You can see that it says the following:

  • Mark with an X what corresponds.
  • Cross out what does not apply.
  • Holder, Attorney, Agent or Other Responsible Party.

If the citizen performs all these steps, he will be able to successfully have his CDI. You have to be aware that when you have printed the Form, you have answered the questions correctly. If there is an error, they will be able to reverse the process.

What is Form 663 for Requesting CDI for?

It is important to emphasize that natural persons and undivided estates can obtain their CDI, in case you do not have CUIT neither CUIL.

The Form 663 to Request CDI serves for individuals and for undivided successions and they need to open a bank account, operate the financial system, or buy recordable assets. Especially if they do not have their CUIT or CUIL.

This procedure is also directed to diplomatic representations.

Who Issues It?

It is sent by the body of Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).


The AFIP It is a body that is dedicated to the execution of tax and customs policy. In addition, the security resources that the Argentine territory contains.

This entity was constituted in the year 1997 With respect to Decree 618, It is made up of the Directorate General of Customs (DGA), The Directorate General Tax (DGI) among other.


The AFIP administers the tax and customs system and the resources of social security, in a safe, simple and fair manner, promoting a culture of voluntary compliance for the progress of the economy and social incorporation.


The AFIP promotes the progress of the community that is committed to tax obligations.

Ethical values

It is important to note that this body has implemented 6 important ethical values What are they: Juridicity which means that it complies with the National Constitution, in addition to the treaties, norms, laws, etc.

The second the integrity, the AFIP is responsible for ensuring that its mission is carried out in a transparent manner. In the vocation of service, they provide the best assistance to citizens, to satisfy their needs.

The Professionalism It is the fourth value and it is that trained people work in this organization, to provide a quality service to citizens.

Proactivity It is the fifth and it is that the AFIP is committed to carrying out its obligations. That is, they take on the challenge of progressing more and more with creative ideas to reach the target audience.

And finally, the social responsability, this body wants there to be a positive impact to help citizens and the environment.

CDI request

People should keep in mind that to obtain their CDI they must have the Form 663both the original and a copy. Also marking as the reason for the processing of your request.

For diplomatic representatives, they need is the Dj420 / j form.


If the citizen already has the Form 663 to Request CDI, you must collect the following documentation:

For foreigners

  • Citizens who are residents of Argentina, must have their identification document (DNI), if you do not have it, have your identity card, certificate or proof with the file number assigned by the National direction of Migration, where you prove your residence.
  • Those who no are resident of that country, have your passport.
  • Citizens who are not residents of bordering countries, have your identity card from your country of birth.
  • People who do not live there, but who have not entered that country, but work from abroad, must attach a copy of their passport or a document from their country of origin, in which case it does not contain their passport.

Undivided Successions

In this type of case you must have the following documents:

  • Documentation showing the status of estate administrator.
  • Append a copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  • Have a copy of the title page of the probate trial, showing the file number, court and filing secretary.


First the person must present the Form 663 in the AFIP unit, which corresponds to where you are residing. To review the type of dependency you can access the following link to consult.

Next, you must attach originate and copy of documents explained above. In the event that they are natural persons, non-residents in Argentine territory and entities incorporated outside the territory, the time will be will extend to 30 administrative business days.

When you have submitted all the required documentation, you will be given a stamped copy of the form or receipt that is issued by AFIP, with the information of the Registry System with its assigned CDI.

Most of the cases the cost of the procedure is totally free.

What is Form 663 to Request CDI?

The Form 663 to Request CDI, it is a document that can be obtained on the Internet and is sent by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) to execute affidavits, to obtain the identification key (CDI).

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the CDI is aimed at all natural persons or undivided estates that do not contain the Single Tax identification (CUIT) nor the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL). Also they need to open a bank account. As well as diplomatic representatives.

Also, the Identification Key (CDI) is sent by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP).

To conclude, this form is essential for people who do not contain the CUIT nor CUILTherefore, it is recommended to process your Identification Code with time because in Argentine it is an essential requirement.

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