Form DS 160 in Costa Rica: Indications, What it is for and MORE

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Form DS 160 in Costa Rica is a document widely used around the world to apply for the American visa. In this way, it is a great step to apply for the visa.

In this article, you can learn everything about all the information to carry out this type of procedure correctly and without any problem. Keep reading and you will learn a little more about this form so well known by many citizens.

Directions for Completing Form DS 160 in Costa Rica

To complete this Form, it must be completed online by entering this link

By sending this document you can do the payment of the American visa

To fill out the DS 160 form in Costa Rica and obtain the American visa, there are several steps that are important to comply with and respect, among them, are:

  • A photo is requested with a specific format, they can enter this link and see all the features If you are unable to upload the correct image when completing the online form, can have a printed image when performing the interview at the American consulate.
  • It is known that the consulate performs an interview. Since, this information It is required when filling out the form.
  • Since form ds 160 must complete online, you must have a good stable internet connection.
  • You must enter the identity data: Name and Surname, date of birth, date of issue, expiration date, passport number, etc.
  • Information about the applicant: Name of the parents of each applicant, postal address, work address, income, etc.
  • Address where you will be staying in the US
  • Name and address of your relatives in the US, if any.
  • Travel date most recent to the US, if any.

There are some technical requirements that can be taken into account:

  • You must have an updated version of IInternet Explorer or Google Chrome.
  • It is highly recommended to have a printer connected to the system to print the confirmation page.

To complete form DS 160 there are some characteristics that should be highlighted, What:

  • Correct and truthful information must be entered. Enter the requested information in the appropriate spaces in each window. Answer all the questions. The answer must be in English and use English characters, except when asking for the full name because it is native.
  • Provide the most accurate information for your case. For the fields that do not apply, select «No Apply»
  • The application can be saved temporarily on the website or permanently on the computer. It is important to keep the data in a safe place so as not to lose it and not start from scratch, in case of not complete in a single session.
  • If there is no activity during 20 minutes or more in the process of completing, the session expires and the data is lost.
  • If using the public computer, it is important to make sure to delete the file after completing the form.
  • Letters and special characters such as ñ, é, ü, ç, are not recognized by the system
  • It is important to review the information What do you enter before sending it?
  • To print the conformation page.
  • Bring the confirmation sheet in all stages of the visa application process.

What is Form DS 160 for in Costa Rica?

The application for Form DS-160 it’s a form gratuitous It is accessed via the internet and does not require any intermediary or additional payments.

It is printed on a single confirmation sheet, a barcode must not have access to the information contained in the DS-160.

This form offers vmany benefits to all who request it, such as:

  • Contains various options visa application in one. The applicant does not have to worry to know the application needs in his particular case.
  • It offers greater privacy in the document, since it is seen only by authorized persons.
  • Finally, personal data is processed before attending the interview. The application is to fill out correctly, the process may be faster for everyone. The number of citizens whose visa expires and the applications are huge must be taken into account

It is important to fill out the application completely, with accurate and honest information, this depends on the officer being able to evaluate the case.

It is important to note that the request it does not exclude the requirements in economic and social ties with Costa Rica.

Who is it presented to?

All applicants, including children, must have your own form in the DS 160 application. In this document, it must be completed and presented before an appointment with the VAC and at the Embassy.

The barcode number appears on the DS 160 confirmation page it is necessary to schedule the appointment.

The United States embassy does not accept any typewritten or handwritten requestThey are also not allowed to attend the interview without confirmation of the DS-160 form.

By electronically signing Form DS-160, all information is certified if it is correct and true. Presenting false information may result in the loss of your right to enter the United States.

It is important to check the correct answers and that each question is answered completely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form DS 160 in Costa Rica

There are several questions that are important to highlight because they can clarify any doubt when carrying out this type of procedure, and they are:

  • Are all fields on Form DS 160 required?

Most of the fields on the DS 160 form are highly required. You can leave the marked fields blank (optional)

There are some fields that can be selected as «Do not apply”. If the field does not apply to the person, you can check the box to «Do not apply»

The application does not allow you to send the form with the required fields left blank.

In this case, an error message will be displayed and you must process to complete the fields before continuing the process.

If you do not answer the questions, the application may be rejected.

  • What happens if you need to abandon processing in the middle of filling out the DS 160 form?

Form DS 160 freezes about 20 minutes after the app has been idle. This platform is designed to protect the privacy of each citizen.

If this protects the data that has been entered and has not been saved, it is lost. With the purpose of prevent this from being saved in the application at regular intervals, while the application is being filled.

To save the application, you must click on the button «Save» at the bottom center of the platform. Clicking «Save request» is temporarily saved.

If the person wants to keep it permanently, the option of «Save Application to File». And finally, it must «Keep» in the file window. Identify the place where it will be stored and that’s it.

  • The confirmation page has an (X) in the place where the photo is. What does this mean?

This means that the photo cannot be uploaded. ANDit is important to be aware of the dimensions and if a problem occurs, the printed photo can be taken along with the confirmation page.

  • Should my DS 160 form be saved before it is submitted?

Form DS160 may be saved (be it the hard disk of the computer, in an external memory or a USB device), before submitting the application.

This document is important to save for many reasons. If the application is rejected by the Embassy for being incomplete and did not answer an important question.

You can access the data saved in the application, correct incorrect or incomplete answerss and submit the correct request without having to fill in the data again.

If the visa application is frequent, you can update the data on the platform the next time you want to apply for a visa and submit the updated application.

This saves you time that you do not have to enter the application the first time.

  • I am traveling with the family or as part of the group. Can I create a family or group application?

Yes of course. On the page, there will be an option to create the family or group application.

By selecting the option, certain information from the application, like fate, it is automated imported and deployed in the application.

Bear in mind that, if the option is used, an individual request must be created for each of the traveling family members with you or by each individual in the group.

What is it?

Form DS-160 is the only electronic application valid by the United States Embassy to process the American non-immigrant visa.

This form is free of charge and must be filled out in its entirety with all the applicant’s data, it is important to fill out the form for each applicant.

Many seek download the form in PDF but it can only be filled out through the internet and if it is available only in English.

It is important to be honest with the information provided on the form because they are subject to investigation by part of the Immigration department.


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