Form DS 160: Indications, Corrections and MORE

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When a foreign citizen wishes to enter the United States, they must have an American visa. There are some exceptions, such as short trips for business or tourism. However, when it comes to a stay for a longer time, the person or group of people who intend to undertake the trip, require processing their visa application. For which the Form DS 160.

If you are curious to know more details of this process, or you are planning to travel to the United States and you do not yet have your American visa. We invite you to continue reading this article, because this time we will tell you what it is, how is the procedure to complete the form and what are the considerations for applying for a visa.

Solve your doubts here and learn much more about the Form DS 160!

Directions for Completing Form DS 160

To complete the Form DS 160, First, you must enter the web portal of the United States Consulate. Gives click here to go to that page. When you are there, you must select the option « Nonimmigrant Visa«, Where you will go to the form itself.

First, you will find an options button, where different countries will be displayed. Select your country and city of origin from where you will apply for the visa. Next, enter the security code that will appear on the screen and attach your digitized photo. You must take into account certain considerations for the image:

  • It must be in color.
  • The size should be close to 22m x 35mm.
  • Have a validity period of no more than six (6) months, to obtain the most current appearance possible.
  • You must have a neutral facial expression for the camera.
  • Use a white or light-colored background.
  • Keep both eyes open for photography.
  • The photo must be from the front and focused on the face.
  • Wear an everyday outfit.
  • Avoid wearing work or school uniforms.
  • You can wear religious clothing if it is your usual clothing.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses, hats, and facial accessories. }

When completing this step, select the «Start an Application» button, to go to the entry of personal data in the form. Here you must accept the terms and conditions that are shown to you, and establish a security question (with its corresponding answer). After that, fifteen (15) sections are shown.

What does each field refer to?

Each section has a series of mandatory fields and is associated with a type of data to be supplied to fill out the form. Such as:

  1. Start data,
  2. Personal,
  3. Trip,
  4. Companions of the trip,
  5. Previous visits to the US,
  6. Address and telephone,
  7. Passport,
  8. American contacts,
  9. Family,
  10. Work / education / occupation,
  11. Security and background,
  12. Electronic visa,
  13. Student exchange visa,
  14. Crew visa and
  15. Temporary work visa.

When you finish filling the Form DS-160 the page will create a confirmation alpha-numeric barcode. Proceed to print this sheet, as you will need it for the interview.

Send a copy of the completed Form DS-160 to your usual email address, by pressing the «Return» button. This way you can keep it in PDF format.

How to Correct Errors in Form DS 160?

It is very important that there are no errors on Form DS-160. Since some false information provided can be considered fraud to the law. Therefore, make sure that everything you write is true to reality. An error in the transcription can delay your application process or even lead to its rejection.

If the mistake is made while filling out the form:

Just place the cursor on the wrong data and press the «Edit» button to modify it. Then, click on «Save» to save the changes you made.

If the error is detected after submitting the form:

You can search your browsing history and enter the link in the form. Once inside, select «Upload a previous application »and press the« Edit »button. In this way, you can update the information entered. Remember to click «Save»To save the changes.

Now if it is not possible to reconcile the form. Proceed to complete it again, this time with much more care. Review the information you enter several times before heading to the next section.

Considerations for the Visa and Tips for Keeping It

Due to the difficulty that it has, in some cases, to be a creditor of the American visa. It is recommended that those foreigners who have planned a trip to the United States, start the application process as early as possible.

When the appointment of the interview is already scheduled, the applicant is recommended to be very punctual. Therefore, if possible, arrive twenty (20) before the check-in time. Keep in mind that the waiting time to be seen is unpredictable, since it depends on the number of people who are in the same situation and any unforeseen event that may arise.

For the visa petition, it is essential that the applicant is clear about the type of visa that meets their specific need. Since the requirements for the interview are different for each type of application.

If the Ecuadorian citizen, he obtains the approval of his American visa, but he gets some error in it. Such as: misspelled name, missing or surplus numbers, incorrect dates, among others. You need to send an email to some of these addresses.

  • For the city of Quito:
  • For the city of Guayaquil:
The request for corrections of errors in the American visa can be made by a representative of the holder. As long as it is authorized for this management, with a power of attorney signed by the owner.

For the cases in which theft or loss of the visa is reported, it is necessary that the holder (or his authorized representative) report what happened. To do this, go to the United States Embassy or Consulate that has more at your fingertips.

And present the police report to the theft, the affidavit, a duplicate of your national identity document and a contact telephone number. You can also notify the event to the following email addresses: (for Guayaquil) and (for Quito).

When reporting this loss, the visa will be automatically canceled, electronically. Therefore, the owner will not be able to recover it.

What to do if my visa is denied?

It can happen that the dream of traveling to the United States collapses if, after an application process, it is denied. In immigration it is quite common that visa applications are not approved. However, for this there are a series of requirements that if the applicant does not have them, undoubtedly the approval will not be granted.

Although this scenario does not sound at all encouraging, not all the news is negative. If you are a foreign citizen to the United States and on some occasion you have already applied for the American visa, obtaining as a result a denial. Quiet! Do not be alarmed or discouraged, you can request it again. And maybe, on the second try, you will finally succeed.

When the visa has been denied, the officer in charge of handling the application will provide you with a letter detailing the reasons for the rejection. Therefore, to reapply, the foreign citizen must start the process again. That is, schedule the appointment for the interview, make the corresponding payment and record the requirements.

All documentation to be delivered to immigration must be original and reliable. Since if false data or documents are presented when making the application, this will automatically generate the denial of the visa.

When you go to renew your visa application, we recommend that it be with a prudent time of separation between one and the other. Approximately two (2) months after obtaining the denial. And as long as you have in your possession the documents and requirements that you lacked in the previous attempt.

Why am I being denied a visa?

When a person has already done all the relevant paperwork to apply for the visa, and this requirement was denied, it can occur for several reasons. At the conclusion of the interview, the officer in charge of evaluating the applicant may announce the denial based on section 214 (b) or section 221G of the immigration law.

Denied by section 214 (b) of the Immigration Act

The first section, 214 (b), refers to the lack of ties between the applicant citizen and his country of origin. This occurs when the intention of the applicant to return to their country of origin is not observed at the end of the period of stay in the North American country.

Another reason may be that it is found that the person who wishes to travel does not have the necessary financial resources to cover the expenses involved in the trip. Likewise, the visa can be denied under section 214 (b) if the applicant does not have a clear purpose, which fits the type of visa that is intended to be obtained.

Denied by section 221G of the Immigration Act

On the other hand, when the visa is denied in consideration of section 221G, it is assumed that the application will become part of an administrative process. Generally, this denial occurs because the applicant has not provided all of the primary documents.

Which can generate difficulty for the evaluator when deciding whether or not the applicant is fit to visit the United States. In this particular case, the applicant is given the opportunity to deliver the rest of the pending documents and the response to the request can be delayed for up to 90 days.

Denial by section 221G also occurs in cases where the applicant has a close relationship with countries that do not maintain good diplomatic relations with the United States. Therefore, this citizen can be considered an unwanted immigrant in North American territory.

And of course, when there are doubts about the applicant’s criminal record, visa approval becomes less likely. Therefore, it is vitally important that you prove your record, in order to avoid bad news from this argument.

What is Form DS 160?

The Form DS-160, It is a document developed by the United States to collect the necessary data from foreign citizens who wish to obtain an American visa. In this way, the process is streamlined, since the applicant can complete it electronically and receive the pertinent indications by this means.

Also, thanks to this form, the face-to-face management that is carried out is only the interview at the corresponding Consulate or Embassy, ​​making the visa application process easier. It is then a primary requirement aimed at foreign citizens of the United States, who must meet a series of qualities to obtain a visa.

If you want to enter the North American country legally. What are you waiting to apply for your American Visa now, by filling out the Form DS-160?


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