Form F-14: Format, Download and MORE

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The Form F-14 It is a document in order that all citizens have the obligation to contribute with the declarations and payments of taxes.

It is important to pay close attention to this article, to know all the guidelines, requirements or any condition that must be met in the form process.

Format of Form F-14

In this Form you can find a kind of draft which can be of great help.

It is divided into several categories that must be filled in:

  • Gross Income – Payment on Account
  • Withholdings – Concept of Creditable Integer for the Withholding Subject
  • Taxed Income Not Subject to Withholding Income Not Taxed and Exempt from Withholding
  • Definitive Integer Concept for the Withholding Subject
  • Withholdings for Financial Operations
  • Withholding for Special Contribution for Citizen Security and Coexistence
  • Tax settlement.

Carrying out this procedure is important, dmust be carried out in all requirements Essential to form all this depends on the type of merchant that is requested in the management.

For sole traders:

  • It must be presented in valid way the NIT card
  • Present the NRC card duly valid
  • Attach in all of this and in good condition your DUI
  • Attach to all your email, the number and folio for the declarations of the Value Added Taxes.

For commercial companies:

  • The request is present the NIT and the NRC of the applicant company
  • Add to all this the NIT duly valid of the legal representative of the company. In addition to the current DUI of the legal representative of the company.
  • The email of the society and number folio for the declarations of all the tax


How to Download Form F-14?

If you are in obtaining the Form, it is essential that you have the account all the requirements to be able to carry out, in addition to the entire crucial process to obtain it.

The process can be done online at the following link or in person.

All the procedures carry with them the essential requirements for a form for everyone who it depends on the type of merchant requesting the management.

It should be taken into account that in this Process the requirements mentioned in the previous section. It is necessary that for all this step by step below in this guide that we have made for you is done.

There are two ways to acquire this form, either online or in person, assisting authorized banks to complete all these requests.

We will provide you with a guide that may be applicable to each one.


  • Enter the following website
  • Go to the Tax Obligations section
  • After clicking on the option Presentation and Advance payment on account of withheld taxes. Similarly, you can enter the following link
  • Follow all the system prompts and complete all the requested information


  • Go to any place in the office or banks authorized for the process
  • Request the Form at the corresponding window
  • Complete all the information requested in the Form
  • Complete the information where the form is requested. Remember to complete the entire form with all the information correctly and legibly without amendments or deletions.

Completion of Form F-14

When obtaining this Form, it is important to know what must be filled out so that the process is carried out correctly, and that there is no obstacle that prevents filing in the required processes.

It must be taken into account that the due filling is done with all the correct information. The document must be filled out using a black ink pen, with legible handwriting and that the filling does not contain erasures or amendments, this must be valid.

In order to inform you of the entire process provided by the following guide so that you can fill out the form properly, taking into account that mainly all the information and requirements mentioned in the previous sections.

  • Provide the NIT of the person who completes the form, this can be natural or legal.
  • Write down which tax period you will make the tax return
  • Explain all the taxes to be declared and paid
  • Then, by specifying the withholdings that must be applied on all the returns that you make.

What is it for?

Form F-14, as mentioned above, is issued by the nation’s tax entity, which allows all citizens of the country, taking into account mainly the type of natural or legal person who can file the tax return.

The documents can be made in all the declaration and tax payments as well as the withholdings that may be applied. With the same document you will be able to make all the modifications considered for the payment of taxes.

Monthly Tax Return

In the monthly declarations of the payment of taxes, the payment and declarations of all taxes can be made as indicated by the term.

This is done at the end of each month to give the taxpayers as citizens to all the relevant authorities of the nation.

It is a duty that must be applied by the entire citizen of the nation, all income tax returns and value added taxes must be submitted.

All this can be done in person or online under the online platform of authorized banks


What is Form F-14?

Form F-14 is the one that is placed in the tax system of the Salvadoran nation, so that all taxpayers, be they natural or legal persons, make all the pertinent declarations regarding the taxes and withholdings that they have to apply in a certain fiscal tax period.

All people can perform their duty as a citizen in the nation’s tax system. Through this, all the necessary tax returns are made so that people are not sanctioned by law.

When making this Form F14, all declarations can be made, taking into account mainly the tax period that is necessary to declare. This can be attached with all the data that is requested. Always remember the contribution in all the exact and correct information.

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