Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA: Format, Filling and MORE

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Are you interested in applying for a loan through the National Savings Fund and don’t know how to do it? In this article we detail the documents that you must present, accompanied by the Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA.

It also mentions how to fill out the Form, what it is for, what the National Savings Fund is, and the closest citizen service points according to the city and department where you are. Therefore, you should continue reading the following information.

Format of the Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA

The format of the Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA, is used to request a specific loan and can be processed by the official representing the institution. In addition, this Form must have some documents attached, which are detailed later.

How to Fill Out the Credit Assignment Form in the FNA?

Fill the Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA It is very simple, you just have to have on hand and complete the information that is requested there and that’s it:

  1. Enter the date on which the request is being made.
  2. Complete the details of the entity you are requesting.
    1. The social reason.
    2. The number of NIT (Tax Identification Number).
    3. Address where the requesting institution is located.
    4. The city.
    5. The Department.
    6. Telephone numbers: Landline, cell phone, and email address.
  3. Data of the affiliate of the National Savings Fund.
    1. The Document Type: The citizenship card (CC), immigration card (CE).
    2. Selected Document number.
    3. Telephone numbers: Landline, cell phone, and email address.
    4. The credit number.
  4. Then there is a space that is for the exclusive use of the National Savings Fund. The following is placed there:
    1. The point of care.
    2. Name of the consultant or advisor.
    3. The attached folio numbers.
    4. the date of delivery to the document manager.

What is the Use of the Credit Assignment Form in the FNA for?

The Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA, is used to obtain the basic information of the credit applicant. Said information is subject to verification by the institution, therefore, it must be truthful and correct.

Additional Documents for the Procedure

The Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA it must be accompanied by a series of documents. These are mentioned below:

  • The mandatory offer on letterhead or with the stamp of the institution.
  • A letter of approval for assignment of credit, certified and signed by the applicant.
  • The copy of the applicant’s identification document.
  • The credit admission letter from the proposing financial institution.
  • Certification of the legal representative of the proposing institution, issued by the corresponding regulatory body.
  • The certification of tradition and freedom of good as an endorsement element.

National Savings Fund (FNA)

Through Law 432 of 1998 the FNA (National Savings Fund), it became an industrial and commercial company belonging to the Colombian State. It is of a financial nature and is located at the national level, this allowed to expand the market in the private field. Its purpose is to end with that of the State, mainly that all Colombian citizens have the same right to obtain decent housing.

The National Savings Fund (FNA) is a Colombian banking institution, created through of extraordinary Decree 3118 of 1968. Their primary objective is to organize the inactivity of both public and official workers.

Attention Channels of the FNA (National Savings Fund)

  1. User Service Points: These allow you to locate the closest point of care, in such a way that you can attend personally. These can be verified by this link.
  2. Email: Through this channel the required message can be delivered.
  3. By chat: Through the medium, the applicant can communicate with an advisor.
  4. Relay Center: Provides the opportunity to serve hearing-impaired individuals.
  5. Via telephone
    1. Through the free line 01 8000 52 7070.
    2. Office in Bogotá (+571) 307 7070.
    3. Whatsapp housing credit +57 3208877054.
    4. Via whatsapp savings +57 3102051492.
    5. Whatsapp layoffs +57 3102060863 and +57 3204446682.
    6. Via whatsapp for Colombian citizens abroad +57 3212910392.

The main customer service office of the National Savings Fund is established at Calle 12 # 65 – 11, Puente Aranda, Bogotá – Colombia. The opening hours of this is from from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

What is the Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA?

The Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA, is the one that gathers the general data of the applicant for a loan in the National Savings Fund. This information is very important, as it provides the location of the applicant at the time of being contacted by the institution.

Additionally, with this Form and the attached documents, the applicant’s credit file is opened.

Some Interesting Information

  • Upon having the credit approved, the next thing is to upload the requested documentation in the web portal of the National Savings Fund, selecting the option background online. In that space the username and password are created, then the following documents are entered:
    • The purchase and sale proposal.
    • The certificate of tradition and individual freedom.
    • After proceeding to upload the aforementioned documentation, the respective documents are requested to carry out the payment and legitimation procedure indicated in the credit proposal.
  • The National Savings Fund grants an extension in the event that the applicant has an approved loan but has not found a home. The proposal letter has a validity period of 6 months, from the date of admission of this. While this time elapses, all the documentation indicated in the credit proposal must be consigned. At the end of the 6 months, a new credit proposal must be submitted.
  • The legalization of housing credit takes about 65 days, from the date of admission of the credit proposal and until its payment. This is outside the ratification period of the property to be obtained, the registration and the notary’s office that is used (as an affiliate) to supply the documents requested in each of the phases.
  • Regarding the amount of credit admitted, this will depend on the capacity that the applicant has to pay it. In other words, it depends on the amount available that results from the difference in income that is received from month to month checked. Less family and financial expenses, which are recognized in the credit study procedures. It also influences the condition of the term, and method of payment.
  • In the case of having signed the deed and it is desired to desist from the credit, and the National Savings Fund has not proceeded to pay, for any legal reason, due to weakness in the sufficiency of the applicant’s payment or due to the exclusive request of those who signed; You have to carry out the management of termination and cancellation of the credit respectively. In such a way that, a statement signed by the buyer and the seller must be submitted to the Vice Presidency of Severance and Credit, requesting the cancellation of the sale and termination of the mortgage on benefits from the National Savings Fund.

Here you have everything related to Form for Assignment of Credit in the FNA. This is the main instrument to link your data as an applicant with the institution.

We hope we have helped you with what is necessary, so that you can proceed to start this process complying with the requirements as stated above, and obtain the credit that you want so much. We wish you luck!


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