Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle: Format, What it is and MORE

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The Vehicle Circulation Form It is a format issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru. Likewise, this serves, mainly, to grant the respective citizens a permit regarding what it means to circulate in national traffic. That is why it is necessary to have it.

Similarly, this has been established with greater emphasis during the current year (2020). With which, this occurs in order to maintain a control of vehicular circulation in the country in the face of the new Covid 19 global pandemic. Next, we will indicate everything you must do to fill out this form and much more.

Format of the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle

First of all, it is essential that we tell you what the format of the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle. So, while you take the following into account, you can complete this worksheet in the most appropriate way. Immediately, we indicate each of the data that you must demonstrate under the respective legal regulations:

Transport Company Data

  • Name of the Institution
  • Legal representative of the entity
  • Address in which it is located
  • Registry of the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Unique Taxpayer Registration Number
  • Contact telephone number associated with the company
  • Signature of the corresponding Carrier

Itinerary Declared by the Carrier

  • Origin from which the journey will begin
  • Destination to which the course is planned
  • Departure date
  • Estimated arrival date
  • Specify 4 available routes to carry out the planned trip

Vehicle Features

  • Make, model and license plate of the vehicle with which the carrier works
  • Length, width and height in meters of the respective motor car
  • Number of axles and tires it has
  • Dry weight indicated in Kilograms
  • Much more detailed vehicle features, as an added bonus
  • Detail the aspects of the merchandise to be transported
  • Overall dimensions of the motor vehicle and merchandise

Filling in the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle

  • First, to fill the Form for Circulation of a Special Vehicle you must have internet services
  • In the same way, it is essential that you have an electronic device such as a cell phone, laptop, tablet or computer
  • Next, you need to access the following link
  • Once inside it, you must proceed to download the file in the database of the electronic device with which you are carrying out the process
  • In turn, this will be downloading under a PDF type format

  • After the download process has been completed, you can proceed to print it
  • Thus, you will possess the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle in a physical format
  • With which, it will be necessary that you start the filling process with a writing instrument of your preference with black ink.
  • You must be very careful when doing this so that you can do it properly
  • Also, you must be aware that each of these data must be true
NOTE: filling is required using an “X” in the appropriate descriptions, depending on the suggested section

What is the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle?

Likewise, with regard to the usefulness of the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle We can point out some of the most outstanding ones. With which, these are based on the certain tasks that you perform. Therefore, this authorization form will be allowed in the cases that we will detail below:

Labor Circulation Pass

  • This pass is directed in case you dedicate yourself to economic activities
  • You must also have managed your personal work passes to be able to travel by car
  • You can also manage work passes in the following link and enter your ID
  • However, this pass must be renewed every four days
  • Likewise, in the event that you carry out authorized economic activities and travel by vehicle, you must carry your personal identification documents
  • As well as, the photographic inspection of the company (if applicable) in addition to the personal work pass and the work vehicle pass

District Circulation Pass

  • Private cars are authorized to provide food, medicine and financial services
  • However, they are only provided in the residential area, and each car can only be used by one person
  • With which, in case you want to drive, you can manage the «Regional Vehicle Pass» through the official website of the government of Peru.

Who Issues the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle?

The Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru is the body in charge of issuing the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle. With which, it is necessary that you go to the information channels of the same in case you need this transit authorization.

Likewise, this institution is in charge of connecting and integrating the nation through the development of transportation systems and communications and telecommunications infrastructure. In the same way, through affiliated control agencies, it supervises the correct operation of the land routes and corresponding routes.

Likewise, it is in charge of promoting socioeconomic development, national, regional and international integration. As well as trade facilitation, poverty reduction and, most importantly, the well-being of citizens. In this way, it responsibly coincides with the regional and local governments of Peru.

Finally, this institution works tirelessly to provide the country with efficient land, rail, air and maritime transportation systems. It has also formulated a regional project that will connect to the National Fiber Optic Backbone Network (RDNFO) to bring the Internet to more locations in the nation.

Documents granted by MTC

  • Traffic Rules Exam to Obtain a Driver’s License
  • Check your Driver Record
  • Medical Check to Obtain a Driver’s License
  • Types of Driver’s License
  • Revalidation of Driver’s License
  • Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle
  • Duplicate Driver’s License

Who should fill out the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle?

On the other hand, with regard to who should fill out this Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle, some important arguments need to be mentioned to you. With which, initially, you must be citizens residing in Peru. Also, you must take into account the following details that apply:

  • Those people who perform essential tasks such as economics, politics, food and health
  • Likewise, it is necessary to carry out this procedure as far in advance as possible.
  • In turn, it is necessary for these citizens to have their respective identification documents

What is the Special Vehicle Circulation Form?

The Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle It is a format aimed at citizens who work within essential work environments in Peru. It is issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of the Nation. Thus, it presents the purpose of authorizing transit on national roads.

In the same way, this worksheet presents utility functions for a period of 4 days. With which, it is necessary that when completing this step, you proceed to renew it. However, this will be essential in terms of compliance, in case you really require it. Therefore, we suggest you take into account our instructions in this article.

Also, it is essential that you know that, for road safety, all merchandise that exceeds the dimensions of the vehicle must be transported preferably in low bed type platforms. That is why these additional details must be reflected within the Form for the Circulation of a Special Vehicle.


  • You must present, at each Station and / or Weighing Unit, the authorization
  • Therefore, you must enter the Weighing Unit control to verify the weight per axle, gross weight and dimensions.
  • The characteristics and dimensions indicated will be the same as those consigned in the document presented to the Weighing Area
  • For the transport of the load, the vehicle must necessarily have flags in the four corners of 0.5 x 0.7 meters. Red color
  • The transport schedule is between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

  • When it exceeds the gross weight of 60 Tn. the Maintenance Management of the National Road Network of PROVIAS NACIONAL, will issue the corresponding report to grant the respective Authorization
  • In the event that the loads exceed 4.01 meters and / or the gross weight of 60 Tns., Police support and two (2) vans (minimum) will be necessary throughout the transportation journey.
  • The travel distance of the trucks will be 100 meters. before and after the equipment to be transported, in order to facilitate visibility and safety on the route
  • Finally, during the passage through populated centers, special precautions and measures must be taken, preventing the crossing of pedestrians, cars and other vehicles

Important aspects

  • Exceptionally, the transport of up to two (02) indivisible goods will be authorized.
  • This will occur as long as you do not exceed the total length of the platform, nor the total gross weight for the vehicle configuration.
  • In addition, for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight greater than 48 tons, it is mandatory to attach a Weight Distribution Diagram per Axle
  • Therefore, you must detail the distances between the wheel centers and the tractor and platform load centroids, as indicated in the attached graph.

Complete the procedure and obtain your authorization to circulate!


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