Form GP / 02 for Auto Parts Engraving: Presentation, What it is and MORE

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Do you want to circulate with your vehicle without fear of being stopped by some authority? With the Form GP / 02 for Auto Parts Engraving You will be able to carry out the ideal procedure to do so, because with this procedure your car will have the mandatory auto parts engraving.

If you live in the Federal Capital, or in the provinces of the city of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mendoza, you will know that it is a mandatory condition to circulate properly.

In this article we will guide you so that you can obtain it and perform the complete procedure, until your vehicle is up to date with this procedure.

How to Obtain Form GP / 02 for Auto Parts Engraving?

You can purchase the form GP-02 for auto parts engraving directly at the official engraving plants.

If newly you bought your car in an agency, that is, it is a zero kilometer; or if you bought it used but still in a dealership, it is important that you know that the store must give you the form so you can take your vehicle to the place where the engraving will be done.

These are the steps you must carry out for this procedure:

  1. Ask for your turn.
  2. Go to the selected plant with the documentation that you previously organized (identification card or license for authorized to drive), where the wafer will be printed on the windshield and you will be awarded the certificate of authenticity.

Once you are located in an authorized plant, it is your turn to activate the corresponding steps.

Submission of Form GP / 02 for the Engraving of Auto Parts

The procedure you must follow to submit this form is easy. Take the form 08 issued directly by the entity in charge of the process and concentrate on recording the required information in each and every one of the requested fields. After you finish, give it back to the staff in charge.

What is it for?

With Form GP / 02 you have a recording instrument. If you do not have direct issuance from the dealership, you will not be able to engrave auto parts.

This form is a legal and mandatory document. The data that you must fill out in this format are the ones you need so that you can deliver them to the agency in charge. At the same time, the form helps you pay for the procedure.

Remember that the engraving of auto parts is a mandatory process for you to circulate legally. Therefore, you must ensure that the identification is adequate and super legible. Make sure that the engraving is indelible on the different parts of your car, such as doors, hood and trunk.

Rest easy, because once your vehicle is recorded you should not do anything else, as it is a process that you do only once.

Try not to damage any of the parts or be careful not to get injured, because if any of the already recorded parts suffers any accidental damage or alteration, then you will have to re-engrave.

But do not worry, because in this case, the procedure has no cost for the owner of the vehicle.

Car Parts That Can Be Recorded

You may wonder, what parts of my vehicle can be engraved? In this video you can advance some idea:

Watch that when you are recording your car, the impression remains in these sites:

  • Bonnet: on the inside.
  • Trunk and door: inside.
  • Doors: in vehicles with four doors, it will be engraved inside each one of them. In the case of cars with two doors, in addition to the doors, it must also be done on the two posts.

If you have a motorcycle, be alert so that:

  • The engraving remains on the pieces that you cannot change.

When the engraving process of your vehicle is finished, verify that the stickers transparent security, in order to prevent possible manipulation or adulteration of the numbers.

Important Aspects about the GP / 02 Form for Auto Parts Engraving

It seems important to us to emphasize that the entire procedure that you must perform from the moment you obtain the form GP / 02 until you get your vehicle fully engraved, it is absolutely mandatory. Since 2016, it was by law that established cars must have auto parts engraving.

Keep in mind that in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of Law 14,497, the engraving of auto parts is a requirement that you cannot ignore when you want to do all kinds of automotive marketing between individuals and / or companies.

In the same way, it is a necessary procedure so that you can carry out the verification in front of any authority.

One piece of information that you should be clear about is its value. The cost of the procedure for you to make the engraving is approximately $ 1800.

It is also important that you know that in the case of vehicles specially adapted for the use of people with disabilities, the engraving of auto parts is free.

Of course, if this is your case, you must request an available shift, following the following schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Once the plant has been selected, you must choose the option: «pay locally».

Once you arrive at the premises and present your documentation (in original and copy -for the plant- Certificate of disability and Certificate of use of the symbol for a single unit), the payment of the procedure will be exempted.

On the other hand, you need to know the payment methods. You have these options:

  • Frequent: You can pay the procedure in cash, with a credit or debit card in the workshop where you will make the engraving.
  • E-payment system: You can make the payment by credit card or print the coupon to pay in Rapipago or Easy Payment.
  • Card or cash: You can pay by card (debit or credit), Easy Payment, Rapipago and others. If you chose to pay for the procedure through Easy Payment, Rapipago, Remember to do it 72 hours before the date of the shift, so that the payment is credited.
An important note is that the payment of this procedure will be valid for 90 consecutive days until you make the engraving of your vehicle.

You should also be alert about the sanctions or the penalty. The amount of the fine for non-compliance with said obligation is set forth in Article 18 subsection d), item 3) of Annex V of Decree No. 532/09. (Article 8, Decree 280/14).

Comply with each of the steps that we have indicated throughout this article, have the documents that you must attach in each part of the procedure in order; Make sure your car is clean so that the engraving, which is indelible, is as optimal and adequate as possible.

What is Form GP / 02 for Auto Parts Engraving?

So far we have been very emphatic about everything related to the Form GP / 02 for Auto Parts Engraving. We know that you are already convinced that this is a very important requirement. Undoubtedly, it is an essential procedure for the Argentine nation.

It seems important to us that you know that Law 3,708, in addition to stipulating the mandatory nature of the engraving of auto parts for the entire automotive fleet, has established, within the scope of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Auto Parts Verification Registry (RVA), dependent of the Ministry of Justice and Security of the City.


You are already aware that there are cases in which the procedure can be carried out directly at the dealership where you made the purchase of the vehicle.

Once you present the form, previously requested in the office, you must fill it out and deliver it directly to the personnel in charge of the entity in which you obtained it.

If your vehicle is a 0 km, you have 30 days from its patenting to go to record it and not be seen as an offender of the law.

Keep in mind that the Autopart Verification Registry (RVA) is the law enforcement authority, so it is not only the body that will control the mandatory nature of the Engraving, but it is also in charge of controlling the businesses dedicated to the sale of auto parts, registering and auditing them.

So you must be confident that it is an effective process for the prevention of the crime of theft and sale of illegal auto parts.

Closing now This article, which we consider very necessary if you want to acquire or market a vehicle, is key that you know that the purpose of Law 3,708, and all the regulations, institutions, authorities and bodies arranged for its operationalization, is protect each other.

With this, we will provide greater security and prevent the theft of vehicles, as well as any criminal act that endangers our physical integrity and the scrapping of auto parts, which is one of the main causes of death and insecurity.

In short, if we comply with the law and with each and every one of its regulatory procedures, as well as with its terms and payments, related to circulation and motor vehicle traffic, we will be taking care of each other and avoid paying fines, penalties and all the Sanctions provided for non-compliance with the engraving.

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