Form RUC 01-A: Format, Filling and MORE

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Ecuador is a country that offers citizens countless benefits to make life in this country. For this reason, it is vitally important to register and obtain the RUC in this way you can keep track of taxpayers. The Form RUC 01-A It is an instrument where you can capture the taxes to be paid and fulfill your duties as a citizen.

In the article that we present below, you will get guidance on how to fill out the Form RUC 01-A. Take into consideration the steps outlined here to comply with the process and avoid returns of the certificate.

Don’t miss any details, keep reading!

Format of Form RUC 01-A

The Form RUC 01-A is essential for people to fill the Unique RUC Taxpayer Registry, which must be filled out by people who are obliged to pay taxes, particularly in the case that they are carrying out an activity.

Know that everyone must make this registration in case they are making a monetary movement in Ecuador, it does not matter if they are a foreign person or nationalized in this nation. The RUC is an identification tool for individuals and affiliations.

What contains the Form RUC 01-A These are the data of the organization or of the legitimate delegate and of each of the people who are associated with the financial action. Likewise, the monetary activities carried out by the citizen must be determined.

These are the information in the structure:

  • Identification of the organization or individual that has a company.
  • Information where the organization or person carrying out the financial action is located.
  • Origin of society.
  • Information with which the organization was formed.
  • Legitimate Agent Information.
  • Investor recognizable proof.
  • Representation of the primary financial action.
  • Data on different types of financial actions carried out in the organization.
  • Extra information about the organization.

It is convenient to have all the reports with which the organization or affiliation was formed, for any data that is required when rounding the structure. Company Documents must be in good condition to avoid delays when completing the process.

Filling of the RUC 01-A Form

Users who need to fill out the Form RUC 01-A They should take into account that all boxes must be completed legibly, without amendments or erasures. We will explain it in detail below:

Stage A: Identification of the Company

  • 01 RUC, the number of the Single Taxpayer Registry generated by the Internal Revenue Service will be noted for cases of updating the general information of the taxpayer, in the case of registration the field should not be filled out.
  • 02 Name or company name, insert the name or company name of the company as it appears in the constitution document (deed, law, ordinance, creation agreement, statutory reform).
  • 03 Fantasy or commercial name, write the commercial name only in the case of private companies. This field is mandatory in case the taxpayer has it.

Stage B: Company Name

  • Commercial Name, this field will be selected in the event that this information is modified as described in numbers 02 and 03.

Stage C: Company Constitution Data

  • 04 Activity Start Date, provide the actual start date of the company’s economic activities.

Stage D: Origin of the Society

  • 05 Merger / 06 Spin-off, choose a field and mark with an X the origin of the company.

Stage E: Counter Data

  • 07 RUC Accountant and 08 Name of the Accountant, enter the RUC number of the accountant as well as their surnames and full names.

Stage F: Identification and location of the address of the Legal Representative

  • 09 Surnames and names or Company Name, write down the surnames and full names or name of the legal representative or head of mission of the company.
  • 10 Nationality, enter the nationality of the legal representative or head of mission of the company.
  • 11 CI, RUC or passport, record the number of the identity card, RUC or passport of the legal representative or head of mission of the company.
  • 12 Type of visa (only foreign legal representative), enter the current type of visa of the legal representative or head of mission only if he or she is a foreigner.
  • 13 to 21 Location of legal representative domicile, the fields of location of the domicile of the legal representative or head of mission, must be filled in so that the information specifies in detail the domicile address.

Stage G: Location of the Parent Company

  • 22 to 39 Location of the parent establishment company, the parent company location fields must be filled in so that the information specifies the address in detail.

Stage H: Means of contact of the Parent Company

  • 40 to 47 Means of contact of the parent establishment company, the fields of means of contact will be filled in with the information that the taxpayer has.

Stage I: Shareholders, Partners, Participants or Beneficiaries

  • 48 Cédula / RUC / Passport – Type of visa – Surname and names – Reason or Company Name – Nationality – Tax Address (Country or City) -% of Participation, you must put the identification number, type of current visa.
  • Tax Domicile (the Tax Domicile includes the country or city where the shareholder, partner, participant or beneficiary carries out their economic activity, inside or outside the Ecuadorian territory) and the percentage (%) of participation.
  • The city of the Tax Domicile must be compulsorily registered if the country or domicile is Ecuador.
  • If the number of shareholders to be registered exceeds 5, the taxpayer must present the share information on magnetic media according to the specifications of the technical sheet on the list of shareholders.

Stage J: Main economic activity

  • This section will be marked to indicate the main economic activity according to the creation documents, this will correspond to the one that generates the greatest amount of income to the company.
  • The main economic activity can be registered in any of the taxpayer’s open establishments.
  • In the event that you have a single establishment (parent company), you must only submit Form RUC 01-A.
  • The Unique International Industrial Classifier (ISIC) is available on the website of the Internal Revenue Service.

Stage K: Additional Economic Activities Matrix

  • This section will be marked when requesting the registration of additional economic activities of the taxpayer of its parent establishment.

Each of these stages must be carried out properly. Which means that the data supplied must be correct. In the event that doubts arise, they can be taken to the Ministry without any problem.

What is Form RUC 01-A for?

The Form RUC 01-A It is a form that is used for the registration and updating of the general data of the organization; in addition to the data related to Tax Address or of the parent establishment owned by a taxpayer.

In addition, it should be mentioned that this structure must be used by all public or private organizations that are under the supervision of the Superintendency of Organizations, Banks, Economy.

Registration and Updating of the RUC

Users who wish to register and update the RUC, must do the following:

  • Internet access.
  • You must enter the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) portal.
  • Then the Form RUC 01-A, at that time you must update the new information of the organization.

  • Present duplicates of reports that help to support the modifications that will be made to the Single Taxpayers Registry, so as not to have problems with the update.
  • After having rounded up the structure of RUC 01-A and having duplicates of the data that were adjusted, you should go to any office of Internal Revenue Service (SRI) for the update to be approved.

What is the SRI?

The Internal Revenue Service (SRI) is an autonomous body of the Territory of Ecuador, whose fundamental capacity is the collection of taxes, from a taxpayer database. It was carried out on the basis of the previous General Directorate of Income.

The SRI It is the establishment responsible for supervising the billing strategy, guaranteeing the collection for social welfare. Lately there has been a considerable increase in tax collection.

The figure reached by the SRI is not due to tax reforms but to the efficiency in the management of the institution, and the improvements and implementation of high technology systems, development of innovative products such as Electronic Invoicing, mobile SRI, and online services .

What is Form RUC 01-A?

The Form RUC 01-A It is a document that allows the user to provide information on their movements as a taxpayer. It is important that it be completed in original, by typewriter or computer, or legible (ink) manuscript in a printed letter.

Likewise, they must not contain stains, blots, overlaps or amendments. The RUC 01-A form is used to register and update the general information of the company, as well as the data related to the taxpayer’s Tax Address.

Thanks for reading, we hope the information has been relevant!


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