Form RUC 01-B: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form RUC 01-B It is a document that for citizens who live and reside in Ecuador has great relevance due to its great utility. It is important to highlight that the considerations that must be taken to read what follows are many, you must do it carefully and in detail. When processing it, it is essential to take these into account and prior knowledge of what is going to be done.

This is an article is made with the purpose of informing you and expanding you as best as possible about everything that is related to the Form RUC 01-B. Next, we are going to present you with points such as the format of this document, we will explain how you should fill it out. Also its usefulness, the RUC registration process, we will tell you a little about the entity that processes it and much more.

Stay here and find out more about the points that we mention in the sections that follow!

Format of Form RUC 01-B

As we already mentioned in the introduction, in this section we will talk about the download format of the Form RUC 01-B. As we well know, it is relevant that you have knowledge of this information since it is something practical, simple and easy to understand and use. You just have to keep reading to find out more about this matter.

Let’s start by mentioning that this form is a document that can be obtained in a very accessible way, digitally. That is, through the SRI website you can get the download link for it or by doing click here and thus download it directly.

It is important to say that through this web portal, belonging to the Internal Revenue Service, the SRI, various documents and services are offered. This applied to all citizens and people who reside throughout the territory belonging to the South American country of Ecuador.

Once you are within the platform that we have mentioned, or have entered the link, the Form RUC 01-B. You will have this document at your free availability for any document that is convenient for you to use and have it at hand. You also have the option of being able to download it by pressing the download symbol located at the top of the pop-up window.

This paper will be downloaded in a PDF format, it is the most common and compatible with any of the devices where you want to save and store them. When this process is finished, you will go on to open it and verify that it has been downloaded correctly so that you do not have difficulties later. This way you will have a backup and a greater scope of it.

How to fill out the RUC 01-B Form?

The question of How is the procedure to be able to complete and fill out the Form RUC 01-B? It is one of the most frequent among the people who process this paper. This is a document that is not very complicated, it only consists of a page and a series of data groupings and spaces to fill with quite specific data. We will talk about it below.

As we have said, the importance of paying attention to each of the parts that we mention at the time of reading is essential and more so if it is about the Form RUC 01-B. Keep reading as we will explain the steps to follow so that you can download and correctly fill out this paper that you will undoubtedly need quite a bit of. This is not something at all complicated or very extensive.

Step by step to fill out Form RUC 01-B_

  1. First, you are going to check how well your internet connection is and make sure that your device grips it perfectly well.
  2. Then you are going to proceed to turn on the device and then access the internet search engine that is easier and more practical to handle.
  3. You will enter the website of the Internal Revenue Service, the SRI, in the search bar.
  4. Or, also, enter the link that we offered you in the previous section, the form on the screen appearing directly in it.
  5. To download it, you will click on the symbol that appears on your right at the top, it is in the form of a downward arrow. There it will begin to download.
  6. When I finish this process you will open that document in the download folder, verifying that everything is in order, and voila, you can start filling in each corresponding box.

We mention the importance of knowing each of the requested data because many are taken by surprise and they will have to read each box. Next we are going to locate you in what you have to know in relation to the data that you are going to fill in a broad and complete way. The data and sections to fill out for the Form RUC 01-B are as follows:

Completion of data from Form RUD 01-B:

  • You are going to indicate identification data such as the RUC number and the reason or company name.
  • Next comes the establishment details, here you will put the establishment number, the opening, the update and the closure.
  • You will indicate the commercial name.
  • Regarding the location data of the establishment. Indicating respectively the province, city, neighborhood, intersection, building, road. Or among other things that they will ask you to identify in detail there.
  • Then you will put the means by which you will be able to contact the establishment. Here are the phone numbers, if you have more than one, indicate them as well, and the cell phone.
  • The date on which economic activities began, ceased or restarted. Each one with its boxes respectively.
  • The economic activities in relation to the taxpayer and his documents.
  • Following all this, each of these sections is repeated. Already in the final part there is a box in which you will be instructed to put your signature as responsible and legal representative of the aforementioned establishment.

NOTE: There will also be a specification to authenticate that the declaration of the data contained in the form is valid, exact and true. By means of this, it is obliged to assume full and legal responsibility for what is derived from them.

These as established in article 97 of the Tax Code and in article 9 of the RUC Law. Also based on article 9 of the Regulations for the Application of the RUC Law.

There will also be another part in which you can authorize another person, clearly identifying their data such as their name in full and their identification number. In order for it to carry out actions on behalf of the legal representative or directly responsible for the process to be processed and executed.

Use of Form RUC 01-B

In this section we are going to tell you what is the use that this form has established to comply with according to what is established in the regulations respectively. The truth is that the Form RUC 01-B It is a document that can be used by each and every one of the companies, whether public or private. That they are participating in the economic activity of Ecuador. The following organizations may also be included here:

  • The Superintendency of Companies, Banks, the Popular Economy or also the Solidarity.
  • We also have that profit-making companies enter here together with independent patrimonies.
  • Other institutions considered with non-profit non-governmental organizations and societies.
  • What are the missions.
  • And international organizations are also included.

Although each of the branches belonging to a company has been registered, you must take into account that you will only have a unique Ruc number. This applied to all branches in general. Here it applies regardless of the number of premises owned by each company or association.

It will always be identified with the last three digits belonging to the RUC (001). This is done in order to establish a number of branches for the Single Registry of Taxpayers, the RUC, in a more precise and organized way.

How do you register and update the RUC?

This is a really simple process, when you want to register or update this RUC registration on the establishments of your company, you are only going to do the following. First of all, it will depend on what type of procedure you want to carry out.

In the case of being a registration process, the form that you will have to fill out will have to be complete, indicating everything that is requested in each of the boxes. You will leave empty only the one that corresponds to the selection of the cessation date and the restart date.

For the cases in which the process will be updated, you will only have to fill in the boxes referring to the information that needs to be modified. These must be filled out completely. This is something quite simple and it does not take so long, registering a company and its commercial premises is a matter of knowing each of the data referring to these and that’s it.

Internal Revenue Service (SRI)

This is an organism that is autonomous in the territory belonging to the State of Ecuador. The function that is established in the law for this to fulfill is to administer the taxes that are put to pay. This is based on the data of those people who have the status of taxpayers.

This entity was created on the basis of another body that existed in the past, this corresponded to the name of the General Revenue Directorate. The functions and attributions at the legal level that the SRI currently has are those that, below, we are going to present:

  • The first one is that it is responsible for the dissemination of taxpayers in relation to the obligations at the tax level.
  • He is also in charge of preparing studies on tax law reforms.
  • And, finally, it is in charge of applying those sanctions that are in relation to the Law that corresponds to it.

What is Form RUC 01-B?

The Form RUC 01-B It is simply part of the registration that is made, before the Ecuadorian authorities, of an establishment, business premises or company. This broadly for the respective business. This is a document that must be submitted along with Form 01-A for when the Unique Taxpayer Registry, RUC, is updated.

This in relation to the company, it specifies data and information such as the premises that are owned and that may be related to the original company that was registered. These two can be purchased through the Internal Revenue Service, the SRI in PDF format for download.

We hope that this article has been very useful to you. We will read to you on a next occasion!


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