Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA: Format, What it is and MORE

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Do you want to change the date of payment to the National Savings Fund? In this article we provide you with information about the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA.

You will know the necessary requirements to make the change, how to fill out the Form, the documentation that must be attached in the event that a proxy carries out the process. In addition, what is the Form for, what is the FNA, and some suggestions that you should consider to do the process in the best way.

Format of the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA

To consign the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA, the following aspects or requirements must be taken into consideration:

  1. The application cannot be used for short-term educational credits.
  2. Nor can it be used for the first installment of any type of credit.

Filling the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA

Fill the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA It is very simple. Only the information requested there should be provided. The spaces to complete are detailed below:

Applicant details

  • Set the date in which this procedure is being requested.
  • Select the option of the type of applicant, if it is an affiliate or attorney-in-fact.
    • Write the first name, the middle name, the first last name and the second last name.
  • Choose the type of document: Citizenship card (CC) or Aliens card (CE).
  • Then put the document number.
  • Provide the address of residence, city and department.
  • Telephone numbers, both landline and cellular.
  • Email address.

Proxy Data

  • Enter the first name, middle name, first last name and second last name.
  • Type of document: Citizenship Certificate (CC) or Immigration Certificate (CE).

The Requested Payment Date

In this section, you will find a note that says: You are reminded that the following installment, after the cut modification, will be modified as follows: If you select the fifth (5) of each month, in the next installment forty (40) days will be settled of causal of interest and insurance.

If you choose the fifteen (15) option of each month, it proceeds to settle fifty (50) days of causal of interest and insurance. The settlement will be displayed only once, and then the quota will be regularized. Next, the 2 options mentioned above appear as the maximum payment date.

Then, the applicant must stamp his signature and the identification document number. The last thing that appears in the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNAIt is a space for only used by the National Savings Fund: The point of service, name of the advisor, folio numbers and the date of delivery to the advisor.

Additional Documents and Requirements for the Procedure

The documentation and extra requirements required to be attached to the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA, they are named below:

If the request is made by an attorney-in-fact, a copy of the identification documents enlarged to 150% (member and attorney-in-fact) must be attached. Likewise, you have to add broad power in which the affiliate authorizes the attorney-in-fact to make the request on his part.

Basic Suggestions to Consider

  • Do not use managers.
  • Assistance for financial users it’s totally free.
  • Make payments on time, prevents difficulties.
  • Verify the web portal before going to any point of attention.
  • Update the information (address, email, telephone number, both landline and cell phone). Keep in mind that the institution sends product data, which could reach unauthorized receivers, if the data is out of date.
  • Review the care guidelines through this link.

Advice on Security at Points of Attention

  1. Make the pertinent inquiries only in the information units of the FNA service points. There the employees are totally identified with a card, articles of the institution and / or the uniform.
  2. Do not accept strangers approaching the waiting room, much less allow help from them.
  3. For added security, management form should not be provided, or applications with fingerprint and blank signature or blank spaces.

Some Safety Recommendations regarding Non-Presence Media

  • Online Consulting: Do not provide data to third parties, you can only communicate with the online advisor through these numbers: Whatsapp (Severance +57 3102060863 and +57 3204446682, Housing +57 3208877054, Savings +57 3102051492 and Colombians Abroad +57 3212910392). It should be noted that financial data will never be requested.
  • The Individual Service Code: Change password frequently. To carry out this procedure, you can ask the counselor for support over the phone. However, the key is not provided by any call advisor, only the requestor can carry out the management.
  • Use of the Password: Do not forget that the key is individual and cannot be transferred. No person should own it.
  • The Online Fund: It is suggested to end the consultation safely, pressing the option «Exit» instantly after having made the transactions, or if you should stop using the PC. Don’t forget to unplug the autocomplete alternative (username and passwords). These in order to prevent possible scams.
  • The Call Center: Make sure you only call the citizen hotlines. The number in Bogotá is +571 307 7070, there is also a free line to communicate nationwide 01 8000 52 7070. Jamá will ask the applicant for financial information.

What is the Use of the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA?

The Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA, it is used to modify the date of cancellation of quotas. Depending on the option selected (5 of each month or 15 of each month), the change will be reflected only once and then it will be displayed on a regular basis.

National Savings Fund (FNA)

The FNA (National Savings Fund) is a banking entity in Colombia, founded by means of Extraordinary Decree 3118 of 1968. Its main function is to manage the inactivity of official employees and public employees.

Through Law 432 of 1998, it became a commercial and industrial company of the State. It has a national financial nature, which authorized the expansion of the market in the private sphere. Its objective is related to the end of the State, especially the rights of Colombians to have a decent home.

Means of Attention of the National Savings Fund

  • Via chat: This channel allows you to speak with a consultant.
  • E-mail: Through this means you can leave the message you need.
  • Points of Attention: Previously, a link was left where you can locate the nearest point of care, which you can go to in person.
  • The Relay Center: Serves people with hearing disabilities.
  • Telephone numbers
    • In Bogotá (+571) 307 7070.
    • Free line 01 8000 52 7070.
    • Savings +57 3102051492 (WhatsApp).
    • Severance +57 3102060863 and +57 3204446682 (Whatsapp).
    • Housing +57 3208877054 (Whatsapp).
    • Colombians Abroad +57 3212910392 (Whatsapp).

The main point of attention is located in the Calle 12 # 65 – 11, Puente Aranda, Bogotá – Colombia. Its hours of attention to members are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What is the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA?

This is a Form that allows modification of the payment date to the National Savings Fund (FNA), with respect to the one established in the initial affiliation. In the same way, it contributes to updating the personal data of the affiliates. On the other hand, when choosing one of the 2 options offered, the settlement will be done according to this date.

It is important to correctly complete the Form to Change the Payment Date to the FNA, this in order that there are no errors at the time of making the respective modification.

We hope we have helped you in the best way with the information provided through this article, and you can carry out this diligence successfully. Remember that you have different ways of communicating with the FNA, if at any time you have questions. Good luck with your procedure!


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