Form to Demand Alimony: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The form to claim alimony It is of great interest to the parents of their children. In this way, said claim can be considered a legal action that is exercised to claim the right to food for their children.

Now, if you have an interest in claiming this right, This article is for you!. Through it, we intend to inform you about what the form to claim alimony, how to fill it, what it is for and much more. Just keep reading!

How is the Form to Demand Alimony?

Clearly, it is important to know the structure of a form before starting to complete it. Surely you wonder … Why?Therefore, once we know how a form is composed, the filling process becomes easier. This is because the user becomes familiar with it and knows what data to reflect later in the document.

Now him form to claim alimony It is in a document in PDF format. Likewise, it is made up of a total of four (4) pages, which are divided into 13 parts. It is also important to mention that a form will always have divisions in order to classify the applicant’s data.

The first part corresponds to the personal data of the applicant, where it is intended to collect all the information necessary to identify the applicant. An attempt is made to collect full name, age, marital status, identity document number, among others.

Then part 2 of the form aims to collect all the information regarding the defendant. For example, first and last name, identity document number, and home address. While, the third party tries to inspect for whom the food claim is.

The fourth part refers to the reasons why the claim is being made. On the contrary, a fifth of the form to claim alimony refers to the fundamentals of law and the legal bases through which the form is regulated.

In a consecutive way, the sixth part of the document corresponds to the claim of the claim and the seventh part, mentions the amount of the form. Although it is true, the third and fourth pages correspond to the conclusive parts where the procedure, request for precautionary measures, announcements of evidence and the statement on the claim are mentioned.

If you want to know more about the format of the alimony claim form, we invite you to enter the following link. There you will be able to observe in detail how it is composed, what the divisions are and what data they intend to collect.

Filling the Form to Demand Alimony

In the above statement, we mentioned how it is composed and what is the format of the form. Now, we will help you a little on how to fill it, but you will see that it is not too difficult, Just keep reading!

To begin, the applicant must indicate their personal data and complete the empty fields found in the form. These data include: full name, identity card, marital status, contact number, among others.

Then, in the next part, the petitioner must indicate the personal data corresponding to the defendant. In effect, the full name, identity document number must be reflected and in the event that the petitioner knows the address of the defendant, he must indicate it in the most detailed way possible.

In the same way, in the fourth part of the document, the factual grounds of the petition must be indicated. Subsequently, the fifth part of the form must contain the data of the legal grounds of the petition.

With regard to the amount of the claim, the petitioner must indicate the amount he intends for the reduction of the monthly pension for his son or children. This value must be multiplied by 12, for example, if you want a pension of $ 100 dollars for your child, you must multiply this amount by 12.

Likewise, it will give you 1,200 $ dollars as a result, this result should be reflected in the «amount» space. If you have more than one child, depending on the number of children, you must add the intended monthly value for each of them and multiply that rate by 12.

Regarding the request for precautionary measures, it is an extremely important point for the claimant since it is the option they have to ask the judge if they wish to impose on the defendant the prohibition of leaving the country or the prohibition of alienating assets.

Also, in the tenth part of the form, you can attach the data of the obligated subsidiaries, who can be: grandparents, brothers or uncles. It must be completed in case of insufficient resources or disability of the legal representatives, who should be the parents.

What is the Alimony Claim Form for?

In short, the form to claim alimony is applied when one of the parents does not fulfill their parental-child responsibilities. Of course, a father must be responsible for the care, maintenance and economic support that his children entail.

This is why, if one of the parents fails to fulfill their duties towards their children, a demand for food can be filed, with the sole purpose of satisfying and compensating economic needs that ensure the correct development of the children or adolescents in question. .

Who can process it?

As expected, the only people authorized to request Alimony Claims are the legal representatives of the child. In this case, we refer to the mother or father responsible for the care or custody of the child or children.

If the children are not with either of the parents, it is established that the child or adolescent’s benefit can be requested for food in favor of the minor or the person who has legal representation. On the other hand, it is important to mention that there is a Law that establishes that:

«ANDThey will be entitled to demand the provision of the right to maintenance in favor of a boy, girl or adolescent or of people of any age who suffer from a physical or mental disability that prevents them from doing it themselves.

In this way, mention is made of the following:

  • The mother or father who are responsible for the child. In the event that they are absent, the person who exercises legal representation over the child.
  • Adolescents over fifteen (15) years of age.

It is important to mention that, to make the claim, the advice of a lawyer is not needed because the claimant will present it through a form. Which is designed for this purpose and is sent by the Council of the Judiciary.

However, if the claimant considers that he needs the advice of a lawyer, he may request it. We have already made it clear that it is not necessary for the person making the claim to hire a lawyer, since the process of processing the form is quite simple. You only need to download it, complete it and submit it to the Judicial Council. However, to proceed with the judicial process, you will need an attorney.

All this information was extracted from Article 5 of Chapter 1, Title V, of the Maintenance Law. Belonging to Organic Code for Children and Adolescents (CONA). If you want more details, you can refer to the article mentioned above.

What are the additional requirements to process it?

The necessary requirements to process the alimony claim form are:

  • First, the minor’s birth certificate.
  • The identity card of the petitioner.
  • Present the Bank Certificate. Which corresponds to additional documents to request the claim.
  • Possess the Form for Demand for Alimony.

Among other documents that may be requested are: the identification and personal data of the applicants or children. They can also request additional information such as: the specific address of residence or place where you work.

What is the Form to Demand Alimony?

In conclusion, the form to claim pension nutritionalIt is nothing more than a document that aims to collect the necessary data to execute the demand. Also, the applicant must complete it correctly and accurately.

The processing of this form allows the exercise of the right that the law provides to the children in the event of separation or divorce of the parents. This pension will allow the children or adolescents in question to receive the necessary financial resources. This will allow them the opportunity to pay for themselves: food, clothing, footwear, medicine, education, among others.

In general terms, the right to alimony is maintained for children until they reach 18 years of age. However, if they are pursuing a university degree, they could receive the pension until they are 21 years of age.

It is important to mention that it is a form awarded by the Council of the Judiciary. It is known as a government, administrative and disciplinary body belonging to the Judicial Branch. It is also recognized as an Ecuadorian judiciary.

Its functions are limited to the administration and maintenance of the other institutions or bodies belonging to the Judicial Branch. Among the services offered to Ecuadorian citizens is the Form for the demand for alimony.

Thanks for reading, we hope we have provided some useful information!


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