Form to Request Suspension of Collection: Format, Filling and MORE

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Did you know that Peru is a country that establishes laws and regulations so that each citizen complies with the payment of taxes without delay? The Form to Request Suspension of Collection It is one of the procedures that you must carry out to be up to date as a taxpayer.

At present, every citizen must pay in a timely manner and avoid tax debts. In the following article, we will explain what is the easiest and simplest way to carry out the process. It is important to be careful how you must fill out the Form in order to avoid delays when submitting the document to the competent entity.

Keep reading about the Form to Request Suspension of Collection!

Format of Form 2135 SUNAT

The Form to Request Suspension of Collection It is an important collection that every taxpayer must fill out to be up to date with their obligations, currently there are two ways to do it, we will detail it below:

  • In the first place, entering through the «Sol Key».
  • And in the second instance by the «Form 2135».

All citizens who need to carry out the process for the first option, that is, through the «Sol Key» must do the following:

  • Press the option «My RUC and Other records«, Then you should go to the»RUC file ”.
  • Finally, at the bottom of the screen you will see the tributes to which the company is affected.

However, you must take into account the date on which you must complete the process. The person must consign the messages the first five (5) business days in which the withdrawal date is to be entered. That is, ending the previous year and at the beginning of the following year.

In the event that for sudden reasons or beyond their ability to control, the citizen has not had the option to withdraw the charges, they can use “Form 2135”, for which they must do the following:

  1. Initially, enter the RUC number, first the last names and then the name or the name of the organization.
  2. For further advance, in Item V «Low taxes“, The code of law and its restricted name will be mentioned there.
  3. Then, select the option that says «Affectation» and then select the date of withdrawal of the tax.
  4. In case the Legal Agent is responsible for taking the structure, he must mark the alternative NO in the attached query: «Regardless of whether or not he approves another person to present this process.»
  5. Enter the Representative’s last and full name and signature.
  6. In the event that the legitimate delegate cannot participate, mark YES in the query “If approve someone else to present the form”. and then fill in the details of the person who will present it.

The person who will carry out the procedure must consign a letter explaining that he is working with the «Clave Sol», showing his identification number (DNI). Subsequently, you must select the following:

  • Place the alternative «Single Registry of Taxpayers ”.
  • Also click on the option «Change of information in the RUC (excluded from RS. 284-2011)».
  • Then click continue.
  • By the time you have finished this, you will see an affirmation box.
  • Press a click where it says “To accept”And then print the form that you will see in the system.

Finally, when you have finished each of these media, go to the Meeting Work area of ​​any SUNAT organization with the “Form 2135«, And the» Approval of procedures to third parties «in addition to the duplicate and the first ID.

As you may have understood, the cycle to complete this system is short and basic. We trust that the data explained has been clear and that you are prepared to do so. Continue with the process and if there is still any doubt, go to the entity closest to your home!

Completion of Form 2135 SUNAT

The citizens who will carry out the process must fill out the Form to Request Suspension of Collection, for this you must bear in mind the following:

Item I: General Data.

    • The individual must indicate what type of request they will initiate, it tends to be a request cancellation of registration or the communication of the cancellation of a tribute.
    • The main priority should be that before submitting the request to cancel, you must cancel to the series of payment vouchers that were free.
    • Regarding the notice of withdrawal of duties, before its introduction, the files (credit vouchers) related to the duty for which the withdrawal is counted must be withdrawn.
    • Cancellation of registration: this registration will be sent for the reasons established in Item II.

It is significant that every candidate knows that the presentation of the application does not imply that it will be recognized by SUNAT and it does not exclude itself from consenting to the spending obligations that occur during the time it remained dynamic.

Therefore, tolerating the withdrawal demand does not imply that the commitments not repaired at the indicated time are terminated. Items I and II will be completed regardless of whether the explanation behind enlistment is elimination. If so, you must complete Items III and IV.

Discharge of taxes: It is given when detailing the loss of allocation to one or more taxes. In the event that the withdrawal of exceptions is incorporated, at that time you must finalize Items I and V. Enter the following:

  • RUC number: Enter the number corresponding to the citizen who mentions the registration scraping or duties.
  • Names and surnames or of the organization: If you are a characteristic individual, the main activity is to enter the maternal and paternal last names and then the names are added.
  • In the event that it is identified with a unified progression, before the surname and first name of the deceased, you must put «Succession».

Item II: Purpose behind the cancellation of registration

  • The citizen must demonstrate the explanation because he requests the cancellation of registration among the alternatives that we have:
    • Insolvency / Excuse, Commercial movement, Conclusion or end, Death, End of undivided succession, End of the understanding of the coordinated business effort, among others.

Item III: Purpose behind Extinction

  • This must be completed simply by the people who showed as an explanation behind the drop in enrollment: eradication.
  • You must show if the ending was due to: Merger, either by absorption or constitution, by Liquidation or by Spin-off.

Item IV: Organizations Associated with the Merger or Spin-off

  • The individuals who are related to this are the individuals who gave as their motive the end by consolidation, blackout or constitution.
  • You must enter the RUC number in addition, the name of the absorbing organization, the consolidated organization and the spun-off organizations.
  • In case the division incorporates different organizations, use additional structures.

Item V: Cancellation of Taxes

  • This piece of the structure must be completed by citizens who report decreased expenses or decreased exclusions.
  • You must give the code of the tribute by which the withdrawal is counted.
  • In addition, demonstrate if the case is for withdrawal of affectation or acquittal and the date from which it has been withdrawn for said charge.
  • This structure is not used to inform the waiver regarding the VAT exclusion.

Item VI: Registration date of withdrawal

  • In the event that it is one of the citizens who showed the purpose behind the withdrawal due to “Closure or Termination «or» Death «, you must use this item.
  • You must enter the date the foundation or administration was closed or ended or, if applicable, the date the citizen passed away.

Usefulness of Form 2135 SUNAT

Peruvians should bear in mind that the Form to request Suspension of Collection It is a significant and important structure for each of the citizens who need to abandon the RUC registration or leave their duties.

You must perform the detailed and clear explanation of why this decision is being made. Among the most common causes we have: liquidations, closings, cancellations, absence of a legacy of budgetary benefits, among others.

Lima Tax Administration Service (SAT)

The Lima Tax Administration Service (SAT) is a decentralized public body of the Lima Metropolitan Region with regulatory, monetary, budgetary and financial autonomy.

Which are related and whose reason for existing is that of increase collection effectiveness, as well as to achieve an increase in the compliance of residents with the administrations given by the SAT.

In this way, the resident will be encouraged to satisfy their commitments, with simplicity and great management practices and with a deeply dedicated human group, in light of the Trust, Value and Responsibility standards.

What is Form 2135 SUNAT?

The Form to request Suspension of Collection It is a structure that must be used by all those citizens who, at any time, choose to abandon the registration in the RUC or withdraw the charges. Among the most common reasons we have:

  • The business is not productive from a monetary point of view.
  • It has been decided to transfer the business to different owners.
  • The exchange is going to close or has stopped working.
  • The owner or main accomplice has died.

Thanks for reading the article, knowledge is a great help!


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