Form to Request Third Party Property: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Third Party Property Request Form It is a form issued by the Tax Administration Service in Lima (SAT) in Peru. Therefore, by means of this instrument, a person outside a dispute can avoid a garnishment.

In this sense, if you are interested in knowing the filling process of this type of format, then keep reading. Thus, you will find out how to fill out the form, its usefulness and the functions of the SAT in Lima-Peru Stay with us!

Format of the Form to Request Third Party Property

Then the Third Party Property Request Form it will allow informing the tax authorities that there is a demand from a third party. In this way, the outsider intervenes to interrupt a property auction or a judicial seizure.

In this sense, like any judicial process, there are several steps to carry out the third party. Therefore, in principle, a form issued by the SAT must be filled out. If you don’t know how to do it, do not worry, We already explained it to you:

  • First, from your PC locate a good Internet connection.
  • Access the browser of your preference Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Enter the official link SAT and look for the «paperwork» section.
  • Then select the code 861 on «Third Party Property».
  • There the Third Party Request Form for Tax or Non-Tax Debt will be displayed.

How to Fill Out the Form to Request Third Party Property?

Now, to fill out this virtual instrument, it is important to carefully review the form issued by the Lima SAT. In any case, to guide you better, we are going to indicate the 5 sections that must be completed and what data to include:

Personal information:

  • Identification Card.
  • Name and surname of the administrator, the legal representative and the third party.
  • Address of the procedural fact within the Lima jurisdiction.
  • Email address of the administrator for process notifications.

Debt class:

  • If it is a tax liability, fill in the coercive file code and the injunction number.
  • When it is a non-tax debt, the type of debt must be indicated.
  • For each type of debt, a separate form must be completed.

Details of the asset affected:

  • If it is a movable property, fill in the data of the plate and other particularities of the property.
  • In the case of real estate, the location, the property’s registration data and other characteristics must be completed.

Justification of fact and law:

  • Explain precisely the reasons for the third party request to intervene in the judicial process of seizure, execution or auction of the property.
  • Mark the attached documents related to the movable or immovable property associated with the judicial process.

Form subscription:

  • Subscribe or place the fingerprint in the format by the administrator or, failing that, the legal representative.
  • Signature by the receiving official.

What is it for?

According to the above, always remember that the third-party process is a legal figure that becomes a lawsuit. Therefore, it seeks to intercede so that a defendant or debtor does not have their assets seized and auctioned.

In this regard, when the judicial representative goes to the domicile to inventory the goods subject to auction, a third party introduces the third-party demand. Thus, the third party can show that the assets subject to the judicial process are his property and not that of the debtor.

In any case, that is why it is so necessary to do the digital process before the SAT in Lima and fill out the Form for Request Third Party Property. In this way, the tax authorities are alerted and notified that there is an ongoing lawsuit to interrupt the seizure process.

For this reason, the figure of Form to request the Third Party Property It serves to defend or oppose the process of seizure of assets and judicial auction. With said instrument signed and received by the SAT Office, a process of claim against seizure can be initiated.

Additionally, since there is a Third Party in progress, it is necessary to wait for the seizure inventory to be made, but not the auction of goods. In any case, the sequence of action for the Third Party figure to appear and the form to be filled is indicated below:

  • There is a debt resulting from a commercial transaction.
  • The commitment expires and is in default.
  • The creditor sues the debtor for non-payment.
  • A seizure officer goes to the debtor’s home and conducts an inventory of assets subject to auction.
  • A third party opposes a lawsuit or Third Party to interrupt the seizure and prevent the auction of goods.
  • If the assets subject to seizure are at the debtor’s domicile, they are not necessarily owned by him, but by someone else.
  • The above sequence is the basic principle to apply the figure of the Third Party.

Lima Tax Administration Service (SAT)

In another vein, we inform you that the SAT is a decentralized public entity, with its own assets and legal personality, attached to the Municipality of the jurisdiction of Lima. In addition, its competence has to do with taxation and not capital taxation.

According to the foregoing, its functions are focused on the activities of management, inspection and collection of resources generated by tax events or not in the Peruvian capital. For this reason, the services offered by this agency are now more dynamic with digital technology.

In any case, beyond indicating the route to locate and fill out your Third Party Property Request Form, the SAT offers you other important services. For that, it has a virtual office friendly, which puts the following at your command:

Information section on taxation:

  • The taxes in the matter of right of front (property) and excise.
  • Taxation at the alcabalas level.
  • Traffic fines and land transport.
  • Vehicle tax.
  • Among other topics of tax information.

Procedures tab:

  • Various administrative procedures beyond the Form to Request Third Party Property.
  • Information on traffic summaries.
  • Use of the TUPA to guide the administrative procedures associated with the SAT.
  • List of ordinances and regulations for better user guidance.
  • Compensation and returns section to see the status of the procedures.

Virtual services:

  • Interactive SAT digital agency from your PC or mobile device with App.
  • Whistle of informative guidelines to keep you up to date with news regarding taxes.
  • Voided speeding ballot database.
  • SARA service of assisted remote attention, with 3 computers located with a screen in different parts of Lima.
  • Among other services.

Institutional Programs:

  • Tributito Orientations for taxpayers and the general public.
  • Infomóvil SAT for preventive programs regarding obligations.
  • Notes on Social Responsibility and other types of programs.

Contact and user service section:

  • Hello SAT, putting the central number 315-2400 at your disposal for inquiries.
  • Chat SAT, interactive digital application for your questions or queries in tax or non-tax cases.
  • SAT mail, so that you can send your questions and suggestions through the email address.
  • Use of the institution’s WhatSAT for your online and interactive inquiries, in order to receive quick and concrete answers.
  • In addition to other social media applications to connect with the SAT.

On the other hand, if you do not have a PC at hand or a smart mobile, you can also go to the main office of the SAT in Lima. Therefore, you can go to Jr. Camaná 370. Cercado de Lima, during office hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. You also have Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

What is the Third Party Property Request Form?

In general, the Form for Request Third Party Property, It is a digital spreadsheet compulsorily posted on the official link of the SAT. Therefore, in accordance with Executive Decree No. 018-208-JUS, this instrument is the first step to file a defense claim in case of seizure of assets.

Remember that by filling in the form, and attaching the supports of ownership of movable property or real estate in inventory of possible auction, you are creating a lawsuit to interrupt the judicial process of seizure. Therefore, this figure is very important to attend litigation for pending debts.

In this regard, at present many debtors hire law firms that specialize in handling the figure of Third Party to avoid foreclosures and, consequently, auction of assets. For this reason, the ownership of the property is put before it on behalf of someone other than the debtor.

Finally, if you need to find out about the Third Party demand and how to find the digital format in the SAT, then you have reached the correct article. Here you have been offered specific information about the filling out of the form, its use, legal importance and the services of the entity responsible for the format, the SAT.

Therefore, with all this information, Peruvians in the capital or any interested party can search the Internet for the SAT digital platform or approach its office in Lima. There you will have officials trained to advise you on the matter of Third Party Property.

Contact the SAT and look for a solution in case of judicial embargo!


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