FOTE Form: How to Fill It Out, Utility and MORE

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The FOTE form it is the most important document for anyone who has completed their studies. This document serves to be able to collect the ANSES social plan for all those who belong to «We make the Future».

The presentation of this form is mandatory. To be able to opt for this benefit, you must complete a university degree or enter the training courses that ANSES has. In this article we will teach you everything you need to download and complete this form correctly.

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How to fill out the FOTE Form?

The FOTE form o Educational completion form, it can be filled out in a very simple way, this document was obtained through the website of the National Social Security Administration. To search and download the form, do the following:

  1. Enter the ANSES website
  2. Go to the page’s search engine and write «Educational Completion Form».
  3. This will take you to the form, which you can download from the button on the back right.
  4. It can be saved to any folder on your computer in PDF format.

It should be noted that this form must be printed and filled out clearly with all the information of your family group and the data of the owner. There cannot be any erasures or erasures in the entire document and everything should also be written with a black ink pen.

This document has two parts that must be filled in with specific data, among them are academic data and personal data of the applicant. In the first section of the form, which is the active study certificate, the following must be completed:

  • Reason for the Form.
  • Name and surname of the student.
  • DNI and CUIT number.
  • The course you study.
  • Name of the institution where the form is made.
  • Specify if you study primary or higher.
  • The primary school for adults must indicate their CUIT Number
  • Type of school where you are.

In the second section you should place:

  • Student’s enrollment date.
  • Full names and surnames of the applicant.
  • Place and date where the form is made.
  • Stamp and signature of the institution’s board of directors.
  • Student ID.
  • The student’s signature, at the end of the document.

Usefulness of the Form

This form is very useful for the entire educational system of the country and also provides an importance for all adults who are studying primary or secondary school. With this document, any Argentine can verify that they are at the culmination of their studies.

This form has two types of proof, one in which it is verified that the person is studying, and in the other where it is issued that he is not in the course of studies. The FOTE form contains a large list of functions, among them are:

  • The one to generate all the academic data to an organization or entity.
  • This form provides the information necessary to register someone with the Ministry of Education.
  • The lapses of the course of study can be confirmed at the institution or college.
  • Grant a procedure that has a very valuable importance for all the people who are completing their primary and secondary studies.
  • To be able to register in the ANSES all the academic records of the person.
  • It is a primary requirement when completing primary or secondary studies for an adult.
  • To be able to verify whether each applicant is currently studying or not currently pursuing their studies.

This form is very important due to all its functions, it can also be downloaded online and continue with the collection until the maximum time. This document also has several benefits, of which are:

  • College can be completed in high school.
  • It allows you to enter courses in a public entity or private organization.
  • Notify the Ministry of Education that the person is studying.
  • It also grants that the person can finish their studies in primary and secondary school.
  • It gives a complement for the person to enter the labor market in the private sector or public sector.

When and where should I show the FOTE Form?

When you have the termination form in your hands, it must be taken and presented to the institute where you are studying. This so that the document is signed by a competent authority.

To submit the Educational Completion Form, you must carefully review all the data to avoid any inconvenience to the National Social Security Administration. Because it is necessary that at the time it is presented, the document is signed and sealed by the corresponding educational entity.

At the time of completion of the process, it must be presented to the nearest office of the National Social Security Administration. The ANSES main office address to present the FOTE form, it is:

City of Buenos Aires – Avenida Paseo Colon Number 239

Among other provinces in which there are ANSES offices, are the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Catamarca, Charco, Santa Fe and among others. They all have customer service hours from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm in the same way they have a customer service number, which is: 130.

To request a turn for the delivery of the Educational Completion Form, you can call 130 or you can go to any office that is close to your home. In any branch, you must request an appointment to be able to deliver the form in a correct way.

When a shift is delivered, the time at which you can go to the office of the National Social Security Administration will be specified. If you cannot attend the appointment time, you must call 130 so that another appointment can be granted.


We Make Future is a program created and jointly by the National Social Security Administration, its main objective is to provide help to all those people who are adults who could not finish their studies and now wish to do so.

The great purpose of the Make Future Program is to seek and provide different tools so that all adults who could not complete their studies, can finish them. In addition, it seeks to train each one in trade and to open up more opportunities in the current labor market.

Today, this program is integrated into the ANSES plan, called «Enhance Work» which is promoted by the Argentine Ministry of Social Development. This plan also includes that the Complementary Social Salary be assigned, to be completed as a single initiative.

All the new proposals will also be aimed at all adults who were already in the Hacemos Futuro and Proyecto Productivos Comunitarios programs. Both are developed by the National Administration of Social Security or ANSES.

In conclusion, this program only seeks to promote the entire education of more than a million people, giving them the opportunity to finish their primary and secondary studies each year. To enter the Make Future program, these requirements are necessary:

  • The identity document or DNI.
  • The last proof of studies in a school or educational institution, if you have never studied, you must report that case to any office of the National Social Security Administration.
  • And as a last requirement it is necessary to carry out a Labor Orientation Workshop or TOL to enter.
  • An essential requirement to complete the program is to undergo a complete health check to obtain the certificate.

What is the FOTE Form?

The FOTE form means Educational Completion Form, it is a document that serves as an essential requirement to be able to have access to all the benefits granted by the Make Future program of ANSES.

This program is carried out thanks to the fact that studying is the most important and fundamental complement for the knowledge and improvement of the Human Being. These studies have the purpose that the person can finish their studies primary and secondary schools can enter the labor market in the best way.

This form is one of the most important in the educational system of Argentina, because it grants studies to any adult regardless of any condition, only a few small requirements such as ID or an educational certificate are necessary.

The National Administration of Social Security or ANSES is the institution in charge of the entire administration of the Social Security of Argentina. This institution handles everything in terms of social benefits and social service throughout the national territory, ANSES was created in 1991.

The ANSES’s functions are to grant to everyone who meets the requirements, retirements and pensions, among other functions it has, are that of family allowances to all workers in Argentina.

Despite not being the main functions, it also fulfills the task of granting certain subsidies to needy families in the country and of granting unemployment benefits. All benefits and aid granted by the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina are financed by the National Employment Fund.

Finally, we can say the Educational Completion Form, it is of great importance to educate and create future workers so that they can overcome any difficulty in terms of education.

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