FUNDEMPRESA Form 0010: Format, Instructions and MORE

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The Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA It is a simple form that is issued by the FUNDEMPRESA concessionaire to request the registration of the name of a company name. Therefore, the Bolivian Trade Registry makes this form available to users to control the homonymy or similarity of names when you need to make a company registration.

According to the above, if you need to verify a name for your company and avoid inconveniences due to possible acts of plagiarism, this is your article. In this way, you will have information about the structure of the form, how to fill it out, its relevance and some information of interest about the FUNDEMPRESA concessionaire. Therefore, we invite you to follow us, you will surely know interesting things.

Format of Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA

Next, with digital innovations in communication, FUNDEMPRESA, facilitates its interested parties access to the FUDEMPRESA Form 0010. In this sense, the Bolivian Registry has a virtual office for this type of procedure. Remember, if you need to reserve a name for your company, do it quickly. Follow the steps:

  • Search your home or office for a computer or mobile smartphone.
  • Check the Internet connection and select your trusted search engine such as Google or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Access the Digital Office of the Mercantile Registry and locate the link business registration.
  • Enter the business creation option, accept the conditions and then click accept.
  • Thus, you will enter the name reservation (remember that you can indicate up to 3 options of possible names for a commercial company or individual signature).
  • Then give it to accept.
  • Subsequently, enter the personal data and the company name and press «enter».
  • Thus, you must then validate the data with email address and telephone number.
  • Then upload in PDF on the platform, a photograph of the front and the identification card.
  • Proceed to confirm the data.
  • The virtual payment method will appear, cancel the process and generate your certificate.
  • Ready, you already have your name reservation request.
  • Possibly in 1 day, the Bolivian Registry will inform you if your name is appropriate or not.

It is important that you consider that the query or reservation of name does not imply that the Registry Office in Bolivia has already assigned that name for your company. Therefore, you should wait for FUNDEMPRESA to verify whether or not that name is a homonym for the same or different commercial activity. In this regard, the name is free but you must hurry to reserve it.

In any case, this is a consultation management. So you can reserve or set aside a business name, but you must wait. If the name is registered by another commercial fund, the registry rejects it and you must start the application again with another possible denomination. For this reason, the form asks for up to three name alternatives.

Instructions for filling out FUNDEMPRESA Form 0010

In another vein, FUNDEMPRESA has on its virtual platform a section of procedures, requirements and formats, available to the interested party. Therefore, in this section you have an instruction manual to guide you in filling out the Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA. If you are still not clear, we will tell you how to fill out this form:

  • The format has two virtual pages, the first corresponds to the form to be filled out and the second is the instruction-guide.
  • The form has in the upper left part, the FUNDEMPRESA letterhead.
  • Following the orientation of the digital form, you must complete two parts of the form, the company or individual enterprise and the part of the personal data of the interested party.

Societal, individual entrepreneurship or independent worker part

  • Indicate the denomination, name of the company that is required to verify whether or not it is registered (you have 3 possibilities to suggest names).
  • Then, the format gives you 7 types of societal organization for you to mark with an «x» or tick the one that interests you.
  • Next, you have a rectangle for you to write the commercial activity of your company or individual undertaking.
  • There is an ISIC code or registration that you should not fill in.

Data of the interested party

  • You must first write your full name and surname.
  • Then you must place or stamp your rubric.
  • Indicate your identification card number.
  • Enter the date of issuance of the return and the telephone number.
  • Remember that you have a space reserved for the receiving agent by FUNDEMPRESA that you should not fill.

Note of interest: The form you are filling out corresponds to an affidavit of the interested party, which must be verified. Likewise, the application does not guarantee the right to use a name of the business name, until the authorities of the registry determine that the space for that name is free and not set aside.

As stated above, if your proposed name is not homonymous, you must quickly manage the registration of your company or personal signature creation. In that way you will be protected by the Bolivian Commercial Code, to prevent a phantom or illegal association from using the name of your business name.

What is it for?

If you need support from the commercial registry in Bolivia to create and register your company, then you should know the usefulness of the Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA. In this regard, with this form, said registry can keep a control of repetition or homonymy in possible names that are repeated when you are going to propose the name of your company name.

According to the above, this virtual mechanism is the only way to require that your company or enterprise name be set aside with 3 possible options that you must indicate in the format. Thus, this form is your safe-conduct to be sure that the denomination you want is not owned by another goodwill. That way, you will be protecting yourself from plagiarism.

Additionally, this format can be completed for those interested in both independent ventures and in another type of commercial company (joint-stock companies, LLC, in simple limited partnership, among other forms). Therefore, this form is the initial requirement to begin the process of incorporation of a duly registered company.

Important Information at the End of Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA

In other words, the use and filling of the Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA, requires that we review with you some important tics so that you can start on the right foot the registration of your business fund or personal company. Therefore, we believe it is convenient for you to take these guidelines with you to facilitate your process:

  • This management is only to request the consultation about the possibility of using or not a business name.
  • The format is suitable for any type of business organization or independent venture.
  • If another merchant or company uses the denomination you want, the registry will reject it, for that you have two more alternatives.
  • When the registration validates the name of the company or personal venture, you should hurry with the registration of the creation of the company, since you have the protection of the name for a limited time.
  • This procedure can cost you more than 250 bolivianos.


Among other things of importance, FUNDEMPRESA is a founding institution that is managed as a legal concessionaire that manages everything related to the legal status of companies and personal or independent business firms in Bolivia. Therefore, it is the entity that operates the Commercial Registry.

According to the aforementioned, this Foundation must develop the national policy of the Ministry of Productive Development and Plural Economy in Bolivia. This is due to all activities that refer to procedures for the legal personality of goodwill, independent firms, registration and registration of companies, records of acts, assemblies, contracts, etc.
In this way, the Foundation, beyond the Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA, is the operational and technical arm of the Registry of Commerce in Bolivia. Therefore, to facilitate their procedures for users, it has a fairly complete virtual platform available to entrepreneurs and merchants, especially everything related to the registration of companies and their derivatives.
  • On the one hand, the digital link It has a virtual office for all business registration procedures.
  • Provides the online service of Electronic Gazette so that goodwill can register commercial acts.
  • It has clear and precise information on shortcuts, online inquiries, requirements, forms, etc.
  • Promote and activate digital workshops on company incorporation.
  • Indicates a link to social networks for questions, queries and suggestions from users (Facebook, Twitter).
  • The official website of the Foundation also offers user service numbers such as 67000096 and 67000075.

What is FUNDEMPRESA Form 0010?

If you have read this article carefully, it is likely that you already have more knowledge about it. Form 0010 of FUNDEMPRESA. Therefore, you will be more oriented on the need to use this form to avoid name similarities when registering or creating a company or individual signature.

In any case, the Bolivian commercial registry through FUNDEMPRESA, has a complete, fast and convenient electronic system so that the interested party can access a range of procedures, services and forms, related to legal status and registration of trade acts and commercial contracts. That is why form 0010 is not far behind.

Finally, we hope that the article has been useful to know the access to form 0010, its filling form, the recommendations of the procedure and a little more information about the commercial registry concessionaire. So, if you need to create your company, hurry up, Look for the link of FUNDEMPRESA and activate with the reservation of the name.

Reserve your company name, tomorrow may be late!


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