Gift Certificate: Steps, What it is and MORE

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The gift certificate It is of great interest to those who decide to make a detail of demonstration of affection to others. For example, the act of gifting counts as a display of affection. If you don’t know what to give specifically, do not worry!That’s what gift cards are for, also known as «gift cards.»

If you have no idea what a gift card is and what it is for. We invite you to read this article, then we will mention what it is, what are the steps to request the gift certificate and more, Just keep reading!

What is the Gift Certificate?

To begin with, as established by a financial administrative manager, named Gustavo Arias, ten (10) years ago, a project was started in Costa Rica called gift certificates. Which were issued in order to deliver them to people or companies that wanted to give to their customers or employees.

However, all things go through an evolutionary process and this certificate would be no exception. It is for this reason that, in 2002 the gift certificates they obtained a new denomination: «gift cards» or also known as gift cards.

As we can see, the gift certificate is no longer a title and becomes a card intended to give away or exchange a product in a store or establishment for the use of it. This is why the sales of gift cards have increased notably over time.

Surely, all of us at any time in our lives have gone through the situation of not knowing what to give to another person. Either because we do not know what their tastes are like or even if the gift we decide to make is pleasing to the other person.

This is why gift cards have solved the situation for many Costa Ricans. Starting with the reason that many times, a gift is something that we can overlook. In addition, gift cards have a great advantage. Almost all merchants affiliated with the companies mentioned above have the ability to offer gift cards.

Who issues the Gift Certificate?

With regard to gift cards, they are not issued by a specific entity. In fact, it is an aspect that can vary a lot, in the case of Puerto Rico there are some Hipermás cards that were launched on the market in 2004 and can be purchased at supermarket checkouts.

However, these cards can specifically be used only once with the advantage that they apply to any type of product. On the other hand, Credomatic introduced gift cards in 2002 and there is no doubt that it was a success. For this reason, the initiative to expand the gift card distribution network to other businesses and establishments was considered.

Apart from the cards sold in Hallmark and Automercado, Credomatic has 52 merchants that are in charge of organizing their own program. For example: Terramall, Spoon, Shell, Tiendas Aliss and Vinum la Enoteca.

According to Credomatic’s marketing manager, José Ignacio Cordero, it establishes that the businesses involved must pay a differentiated commission. This depends on the program they participate in and an annuity for their administration.

Requirements to request a Gift Certificate

While it is true, there are gift card programs that are affiliated with different businesses or commercial stores. Therefore, there is no specific entity or body that is responsible for issuing gift cards. As established above, gift card programs are specific to each business.

In other words, each company that decides to use this program must take care of the minimum production of the gift cards and the costs related to the plastic to make them. In this way, we will mention the requirements to request our own programs and obtain gift cards according to BAC Credomatic regulations.

Own program

  • Be an affiliate business.
  • Request for the service by web chat, call center, a sales executive, or, failing that, write to the email with your request for interest in the Own Gift Card Program for your affiliated business.
  • Submit logo or art for the card in JPG and Illustrator.
  • Sign a contract for the Gift Card Own Program.
  • Make payment of minimum production of Gift Cards (300 units).

On the other hand, if you only want to purchase gift cards, you can go to the business of your choice and request the gift card you want with the corresponding amount at the cashier. There, the trained staff will be in charge of providing you with all the necessary information to successfully obtain your gift card. Anyway, It is not complicated at all to do!

For more information you can enter the Credomatic website. There you will find all the relevant and detailed information about the gift card programs they offer to merchants.

Steps to request the Gift Certificate

Without wanting to obtain a gift card, you must remember that there is no specific entity that is in charge of issuing them. This is why the request is made by the person who decides to obtain it. In this case, you must first decide in which store you want to apply for the card, either at Wal-Mart, Denny’s, or another establishment that is mentioned in this article.

Once you have decided the business from which you want to obtain the card, you must go to the store or physical store of the business and request the gift card at the checkout. Otherwise, if you do not want to go directly to the physical store, you can call the business phone number and request the information necessary to obtain the gift card.

Remember that the steps to follow or the requirements to obtain a gift card may depend or vary depending on the business. Just make sure you inform yourself correctly by calling the telephone number corresponding to the business premises. In the case of Amazon, the gift card is requested online, that is, through the official Amazon website.

Disadvantages of Gift Cards

Although gift cards are an excellent option to get out of trouble, it does not mean that they do not have certain disadvantages. Among them, once a person acquires a gift card, a refund or refund of the money cannot be made after it is used.

Even if the card is lost or stolen, the money cannot be recovered. On the other hand, gift cards are often used by scammers to commit fraud and steal money. According to the Federal Trade Commission, gift cards are like cash, if you buy a gift card and someone uses it, you cannot get the money back.

In this way, the Federal Trade Commission establishes that: “gift cards are for giving gifts, not for making payments. Anyone who asks you for a gift card payment will always be a scammer. » Therefore, users must be informed about these events.

What is it for?

Customers can load the gift cards with the amount they prefer and can use them for several different purchases. That is, the card does not necessarily have to be used in a single purchase. Previously, they could only be used once and for 100% of their value.

For example, if a Costa Rican citizen purchases a gift card at a certain store, such as Wal-Mart, they can use it several times for different purchases or they can simply use it once and spend the corresponding amount. gift certificate.

On the other hand, if you want to know about the gift card security system, We invite you to continue reading!, the cards are loaded when passing them in the dataphones. In this way, they are not tied to any account and the numbering is completely unique and the transactions work with the loaded card.

Where can it be used?

Now, the field of gift cards in the Republic of Costa Rica is quite broad. In this way, gift cards are used to obtain clothing, jewelry and more. Next we will mention the companies and businesses that offer gift cards with their amounts corresponding.

  • Credomatic: This program includes 80 stores. In fact, Hallmark and Automercado sell cards from 28 stores or restaurants such as Kenneth Cole, Denny’s, Vertigo, Grao.
  • Wal-Mart: It provides Hipermás gift cards for amounts from ¢ 10,000, ¢ 20,000 to ¢ 50,000.
  • Cemaco: Gift certificates are used at Hogar Cemaco, Juguetón, Bebemundo and RadioShack. The minimum amount is ¢ 5,000. Then it rises from ¢ 10,000, ¢ 15,000, ¢ 30,000 to ¢ 35,0000.

There are also other businesses where gift cards can be used. Among them, the following:

  • Forever 21: Clothing store where you can find different styles of clothing. Its purchase range goes from ₡ 5,000 and the maximum is ₡ 100,000.
  • International Bookstore: It may not be a very common gift, but readers will certainly love the gift. The minimum purchase range is ₡ 5,000 and there is no maximum.
  • Denny’s: Food will always be a good option, even for a gift. That is why Denny’s is in charge of offering gift cards from ₡ 10,000, ₡ 15,000 or ₡ 20,000.
  • Amazon: An excellent opportunity to make a gift card. Here you will find everything, shoes, clothes, toys, accessories, wallets and more. The advantage of amazon gift cards is that with just $ 1 you can buy them and there is no maximum purchase limit.
  • BAC Credomatic: You can also give money from a gift card. The minimum to acquire it is ₡ 5,000 and you can give up to ₡ 500,000. However, the gift card issued by Credomatic can only be used in Multiplaza Escazú and Multiplaza del Este in businesses that have a Credomátic phone number.

Thanks for reading us!


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