Gross Income Certificate: How to Get It, Steps and MORE

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The Gross Income Certificate It is an indispensable requirement to cancel all the fiscal obligations of the country. Therefore, this document guarantees the assigned institutions, the control and administration of social charges in Argentina.

For this reason, we want you to know the whole process to request the Gross Income Certificate, through the AFIP website. As well as, in this article we will clarify all the doubts and concerns that may arise during the process.

Read on and don’t forget to declare!

How to obtain the Certificate of Gross Income?

The Gross Income Certificate It is an opportunity to declare the main support of each of the Argentine households. In addition, with this document, citizens of the country will be able to make known the economic activity in which they work and how much they receive monthly for carrying it out.

Just like him Gross Income Certificate tIt also allows the control and administration of tax revenue quotas, through the deduction of the percentage of payment of taxes and / or tributes that the State receives monthly.

Likewise, this certificate reflects not only the monthly income, but also the discounts that are made after receiving the monetary remuneration corresponding to the economic activities that are carried out in the country, that is, the net income.

Currently, the Gross Income Certificate is carried out for the following individuals:

  • Natural
  • Legal.
  • Companies or Businesses of interest.

As mentioned above, this procedure must be carried out monthly, in front of the competent body to issue the Gross Income Certificate. For this reason, the Government of Argentina has issued a statement stating that this certificate is from Mandatory character and that all citizens and / or companies must comply with it.

Similarly, we recommend that you start managing this process as soon as possible. The latter, in order to demonstrate to the respective institutions that you are complying with the corresponding declaration and are willing to contribute to the country’s social charges.

Now, you can imagine where exactly the gross income of citizens comes from. Stay in this article to find out more!:

  • Natural people: Income can come from salary remuneration for rendering services in a private or public company.
  • Companies: Basically their income comes from selling or providing a service to the public.

For its part, the process to obtain the gross income from each of these situations is as follows:


Natural person

  • Work for a private or public company.
  • Subsequently, make the corresponding remunerations through the payroll.
  • In this step, the gross income is obtained.
  • However, if taxes or other taxes are deducted, it will become net income.


  • Serve the public.
  • Receive money in exchange for the sale or development of this economic activity.
  • Carry out the respective audits.
  • From here, the gross income is obtained.
  • However, to obtain the net income, the replacement of inventories, payment of services, taxes and other fixed expenses must be taken into account.


However, the institution in charge of issuing the Gross Income Certificate, It is the well-known AFIP of Argentina. Consequently, in order to authorize or enable the declaration of gross income via virtual, a series of requirements must be entered.

Next, we will mention all the mandatory collections that you should take into consideration:

  • Applicant’s National Identification (DNI).
  • Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT).
  • In addition, the address of the company for which the service is provided.
  • Employer certified employment letter (if applicable).

Presentation of documents

  • All required documents must be current as of the date.
  • Those collections that have signatures and stamps must have acceptable legibility.
  • Papers with erasures or amendments will not be allowed.

After the consignment of these documents, you must go to the main channels of AFIP to issue the Gross Income Certificate. Still don’t know what they are? Relax, in the next section we will tell you all the details!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Gross Income Certificate

AFIP is a competent institution with the capabilities to issue the Gross Income Certificate online. For this reason, in this section we want to give you all the tools to start processing this document quickly and easily.

Fortunately, all the country’s provinces have a quality system to process this process. Then follow the instructions to get your Gross Income Certificate:

First option

  • If you are a citizen residing in Buenos Aires, you can go to the tax collection offices to obtain the Gross Income Certificate.

Second option


  • Get a good internet connection.
  • Make sure to run this query in a trusted browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or other.
  • Enter the Web page of AFIP.
  • Look in the procedures menu, the option «Proof of Registration».
  • Wait for the page to load.
  • You put the requested data in the system: Unique Tax Code (CUIT).
  • Also, you must write the security code that reflects the image of the web system.
  • Click «Continue».
  • Now, locate the option «Gross Income» or «Proof of Registration of IIBB».
  • Follow the instructions given by the system.

If you want to «Print» the Gross Income Certificate, you will have to carry out the following steps:

To print

  • Verify that the Gross Income Certificate is correct and there are no errors.
  • Click on the «Print» option.
  • Choose the printing details: pages, sizes and destination.

Although, it was highlighted that this procedure is carried out by a virtual process. However, situations often occur that prevent it from being obtained online. For this reason, we want to give you prevention options and thus, you can satisfactorily obtain your Gross Income Certificate.


  • Locate the offices of AFIP or another government institution that issues this document.
  • You request «Customer Service» and expect to be served by an operator.
  • Provides all the requirements to obtain the Gross Income Certificate.
  • Check that the document is in good condition and there are no errors.
  • Enjoy your Gross Income Certificate!

Via telephone

  • Contact «Citizen Service» at 0810-999-2347.
  • Mark on your mobile the option «Declaration of Income» or «Certificate of Gross Income».
  • Follow the operator’s instructions over the phone.

What is it for?

The main function of this document is to declare all the gross income of citizens and companies that collaborate or contribute to the Argentine economy, exercising an economic activity.

Similarly, the Gross Income Certificate it reflects all the income obtained from the sale or provision of a service to the public (in the case of a company). As well as, thanks to the issuance of this document, the AFIP can distribute the social burden equitably depending on the remuneration of each of the citizens.

Next, we will tell you the importance and functionality of obtaining the Salary certificate Gross. Keep reading!:

  • It allows the deduction of duties, taxes and other taxes, depending on the gross income of all filers.
  • Also, it controls and manages the country’s tax revenues.
  • It reflects the economic activity carried out by the applicant citizen or companies.
  • Collaborates with the administration of labor assets and liabilities.
  • Thanks to the issuance of this certificate, all citizens are required to declare their gross income every month.

Gross Income Enrollment

On the other hand, one of the most important points that must be taken into consideration to issue this document is the registration to obtain said certificate. The latter will guarantee that there are no errors on the platform, will prevent fraud and will also check all the information of the applicants.

Said registration is done through AFIP, virtually or in person. In other words, the «Gross Income Registration» mentioned in this section is the subscription to the AFIP.

Next, we will tell you all the data that will reflect or allow you to see said registration:

  • Tax identity of the applicant.
  • It will show if the citizen is a taxpayer.
  • Obligations and responsibilities of the same.
  • Rights of the citizen who wishes to register in AFIP.

How to sign up?

Why does AFIP request an enrollment to obtain the Gross Income Certificate? Simple! This institution controls all income systems and tax liabilities at the federal level, so it is extremely important to have information about the gross income received by citizens from month to month.

Likewise, part of the country’s citizens and companies are registered in the AFIP system. However, if you want to get the Gross Income Certificate and you are not yet subscribed to this institution, keep reading:

  • Access the Web page of AFIP.
  • Click on the option «Register» or «Taxpayer».
  • Subsequently, it writes all the requested data in the system.
  • As well as, follow the indications reflected on your computer, mobile or tablet.
  • If you are one of those who prefers to carry out this procedure in person:
    • Locate the main offices of AFIP.
    • Ask for «Customer Service» and tell the shift operator that you want to register in this community.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Gross Income

For years it has been proven that if a person carries out a procedure or procedure to declare and obtain a document, many questions often arise. during the process Undoubtedly, the Gross Income Certificate is no exception.

For this reason, in this section we will comment on the most frequent doubts made by citizens who wish to obtain this document. Clarify and get answers here!:

What is the Certificate of Gross Income?

The Gross Income Certificate It is a statement made by citizens or companies of the country, to inform about their monthly salaries that they receive for exercising an economic activity within Argentine territory.

This certificate is issued by the main fiscal institutions in the country, especially AFIP. This body is in charge of controlling and managing all tax burdens depending on the Gross Income of all applicants.

Likewise, it is a document that reflects all monthly income without deductions. In addition, it is a direct record that the applicant obtains to verify that he is canceling all assigned tax obligations.

As mentioned above, it is a completely virtual procedure, which is carried out through the AFIP home page. However, there are other alternatives to obtain it, in the event that you do not have a good internet connection.

Last but not least, the Gross Income Certificate has the following sections:

  • Personal documentation.
  • Tax documentation.
  • Gross Income Statement.
  • Economic activity.
  • Certificate Date.
  • Other relevant.

Don’t wait any longer, declare and comply with the Argentine tax process!

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