Gun License Requirements: Types, Importance and MORE

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If you are in need of a gun permit or license, review this information from the Requirements for the Weapons License. You will surely clear up concerns and know with greater certainty what it takes to obtain it.

This is a procedure to which many generate questions, in addition, there is the belief that it is very thorny. However, there are those who need it for sports or self-defense.

The important thing now is that you are going to know the details of the requirements for obtaining a weapons license and the importance of having it in certain and certain cases.

What are the Requirements for the Weapons License in Peru?

According to the Arms Regulations in Peru the Firearm License Requirements, essential are those mentioned below:

  • Deliver the Valid Psychosomatic Health Certificate and present the proof of payment for the processing fee. The centers authorized by the Ministry of Health and that are registered in the National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use (SUCAMEC).
  • If the License to request is for several modalities, you must make a payment for each modality to be renewed. Likewise, the payment varies according to the modality to be renewed.
  • Payments must be made at the Banco de la Nación, indicating the ID and the payment number, or through the online payment portal of the Banco de la Nación. Creating a user and using the debit or credit card.
  • Present the proof of verification of firearms. This certificate is delivered by Sucamec, after the operational verification of the weapon whose license is to be renewed.
  • The day and time to carry out the operational verification of the weapon is obtained by requesting the appointment through the Sucamec online portal. You must have a username and request the appointment online. The validity of this document is 90 continuous days.
  • Record the Legible DNI.
  • Present the Unique Processing Form (FUT) and Annex No. 1 Affidavit It can be requested for free at Sucamed headquarters throughout the country, or downloaded here.

Important: Certificates of criminal, judicial and police records are not physically required, due to the simplification of administrative procedures. Background inquiries are made by Sucamec through its online system with other public entities.

Requirements that must be added according to each type of license:

Types of Licenses

According to the Firearm License Requirements, the types of Arms Licenses in Peru are the following:

At present there is the Multimodal License that facilitates the authorization of up to four types of firearms licensing modalities in a single document:

In this case, the Private Security modality is excluded.

Importance of having a Weapons License

Continuing with the Requirements for the Weapons License, The importance lies in that it allows the competent authorities in the matter, have greater control by granting and denying licenses and permitss for carrying weapons.

Currently, the regulations allow the control of weapons used by the Armed Forces and the National Police. It also prevents people who do not meet the minimum and essential requirements from carrying firearms.

People with a history of violence, or with complaints of some type of crime cannot under any circumstances have authorization to carry weapons.

With current regulations there is greater clarity at the time of granting the license, as in the case of its suspension. The procedures to obtain the license are faster and easier and are led by Sucamec.

Likewise, the law places a validity of the weapons license not exceeding three years, which makes it possible to exercise better control in the dispatch of licenses.

I cannot ignore the situation in which the carrying of weapons is justified in the face of a possible risk. The important thing here is that those who apply for a gun license can justify their request and also demonstrate their ability to use in a proper and responsible manner.

You must have a society with fewer weapons and the authorized ones are in suitable hands for the use of them.

Penalties for not having a Weapons License

According to the Firearm License Requirements, Under the new legal framework, Sucamec can deny and revoke licenses to people who do not make appropriate use of the weapons in their possession.

In case of robbery, theft or loss of firearm, the notification must be made immediately in Sucamec. The complaint must be made by the owner of the license. Failure to report this will result in a fine as established in the regulations.

If the authorities receive the report of the loss of the weapon, through a third party and not from the owner, this can trigger the gun license to be canceled. If it is evidenced Negligence on the part of the licensee may be unable to obtain a new one.

Currently, the law promotes voluntary and anonymous surrender of weapons that are not authorized, that is, they do not have a license to carry them. Too, economic rewards are awarded that operate as an incentive for people with weapons to hand them over to the authorities without committing themselves.

Sucamec has the power to cancel the authorizations granted to companies engaged in the arms trade, explosives and fireworks that do not meet the corresponding standards.


The National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use, is known by the acronym SUCAMEC. It is a technical entity of a public nature, attached to the Ministry of the Interior and which has administrative and economic autonomy.

Sucamec is one of the most important public entities in Peru. This entity has as function mainly to regulate, sanction, and supervise all types of weapons, ammunition and the like. As well as pyrotechnic and explosive products for civil use, preventing accidents that put the population at risk.

Services offered by Sucamec

Likewise, it is an institution that is responsible for authorizing, controlling, managing, supervising, training, supervising, regulating and sanctioning all activities carried out in the country and related to trade, manufacturing. and use of weapons.

What is the Gun License?

The Weapons License in Peru It is the permission or authorization granted by Sucamec, for the legal possession and use of weapons, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The license to carry weapons has a valid for three years, and property cards for each weapon owned by an individual up to a maximum of three years. This as indicated by the Firearms Law of Peru.

The scope of the law covers the control of weapons for private use by the Armed Forces and the National Police. All information corresponding to weapons must be in the National Registry of Information Management (Renagi) attached to Sunamec.

Those people who have a criminal record, family violence or have crimes against property and people cannot get licenses to use weapons. In addition, they will be registered in a registry of disabled people to carry weapons.


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