How to Find My CNT Number: Steps to Follow, Refills and MORE

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At some point in our lives, it is very likely that we have questioned: How to know my CNT number, and it’s okay, it’s something that has happened to all of us.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to know the CNT number in a didactic way and with quite simplified steps to follow, come on, we can all understand it. Let’s start!

How do I know my CNT number?

New phone lines can be a headache for many, especially when we get a new phone. It is because of that We bring you a guide to know your number with the CNT telephone company.

The truth is, it is a simple process, and CNT should be given credit for being one of the few companies that provides its users with the possibility of obtaining this information without the very tedious traditional procedure. Thanks to the CNT system regarding USSD codes, you can make inquiries about the balance of your CNT account.

But what is the most important thing about this? That you can also make inquiries about your phone number at any time. Undoubtedly, something quite innovative because it is quite common that when starting with a new telephone company or having a new cell phone, we forget the telephone number.

A brief tip not to forget it is to write it down in a notebook, it may be something old-fashioned, but without a doubt it is better than not remembering it. However, if you are a person who is reluctant to the old, you can always go for the digital version, that is, write it down directly as another contact on your phone.

How to find out my CNT number: steps to follow

We begin with the steps to follow so that you, from the comfort of your home, can know your new phone number. Pay attention to the next section.

Consultation of CNT Telephone Number without balance

CNT cares about its users, that is why it has enabled the option to check your phone number even if you don’t have available balance Pretty cool right? This is usually a reliable and fast solution, not to mention that it can get you out of trouble more than once. The steps are the following:

  1. On your cell phone, enter the keyboard option, like when you want to make a call.
  2. Enter the following USSD code: * 22 #.
  3. Hit the big green call button.
  4. Later, your phone number will be reflected on your phone screen CNT. It’s that simple and effective.

As you can see, it is an extremely quick and easy process. We bet you will not take more than five (5) minutes doing it. The best of all is that you can do it as many times as you want because it is completely free and there is no limitation.

How to know my CNT number being Prepaid and Postpaid?

In case you are a CNT Prepaid or Postpaid customer, there are other ways that will probably interest you. The difference with the previous process is that in some inquiries a small percentage of your active balance may be charged. These are the steps you must follow if you want to do it without major problem:

  • Perform the same step as the previous section, that is, write the following USSD code: 22 #.
  • Another option is to make a call to a family member or close friend, who, of course, can tell you your phone number.
  • Also, you can send a text message to a family member or close friend, who of course, They can tell you your phone number.
  • The last option is to save the purchase invoice when you buy the phone since usually there you will find the number that corresponds to you.

These methods may seem silly or obvious, but the truth is that they are worth knowing. In addition, they are an excellent option if what you want is to know your CNT number in Ecuador.

How to know my CNT Number: Refills

The CNT company offers its loyal consumers an incredible variety of options when recharging. In this way, he ensures that no one is cut off at the worst of times. Here we collect the most common ways to do it. Write down those that seem most useful to you:

Automatic refills

  • With automatic refills you can top up from $ 1 to $ 30.
  • You can recharge from multiple strategic points nationwide.
  • You can recharge without the need to enter a code.
  • The only thing you need is to confirm the operation via SMS or Text Message.

Electronic pins

  • You can recharge at multiple strategic points nationwide.
  • You can access secret codes in printed or sales note format.
  • Refills can be $ 3, $ 6, $ 10 and $ 15.
  • To activate a code from your mobile you can dial * 111, option 2 and enter your secret code.

Physically recharge

  • You can recharge in person with physical cards of $ 3, $ 6, $ 10 and $ 15.
  • It is extremely easy to activate this option from your cell phone. You should only dial * 111, select option 2, follow the instructions and enter its secret code.

As you can see, to recharge from your mobile with the CNT telephone line is simple. However, there are additional options that can be very useful for your day to day. Check out these steps:

  • If you call * 611 choosing option 3 you can activate all the additional voice packages (offered by the plan you have).
  • By calling * 777 you will have the possibility of recharging your balance just using your debit card. Payment will not be a problem as the amount will be reflected in the final invoice.

The final and perhaps the most notable option is to download the CNT mobile app, which is available on all platforms. That is, Android and IOS. There you can enjoy all its benefits, such as making inquiries, recharging and many more options.

How to find out my CNT Number: Company Services

The purpose of the company is to guarantee and offer quality fixed and mobile telephony services at good prices. It also has satellite TV and internet. Despite being a state operator, its products are quite varied and adapt to all tastes. Thus, you have variety to choose a service plan.

Telephone lines, therefore, are only part of the services it offers. One of them are long distance plans at a local and international level. As well as a virtual cloud with large storage capacity that allows you to have applications, content, among other things.

We could then summarize the offers that this state operator has as follows. Don’t miss any details:

  • Fixed telephony.
  • Replaced line connection.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Mobile Wifi, or what is known as Wimax.
  • Broadband.
  • Fixed internet.

General doubts

Doubts are very common. Some are more frequent than others, so here we will answer the most common ones that are made when talking about How to Know my CNT Number, or about CNT in general.

How do I check my CNT phone bill?

  • Enter the web.
  • Choose the province where you live.
  • Enter the telephone number to consult.
  • Click on the consult tab.

What is the CNT service number?

In the traditional way, it would be through the query number: 1800 100100, the number 100, * 611 # or also through your cell phone, if you dial 611 you can get all the information.

However, due to an update process, you can also communicate through the company’s official social networks: on Facebook and Twitter as: CNT.

Video about: How do I check the balance to pay in CNT?

Videos are the best way to learn something new. Take your time and observe in a didactic way how you can check the balance to be paid with the CNT telephone line.

What is CNT?

In a long way, we can say that CNT is the National telecommunications corporation. It is a large company managed by the State that is responsible for bringing a telephone line to thousands of Ecuadorians throughout the national territory. The idea is that the prices are affordable for the majority of the population.

It is known as the industry telecommunications A leader within the nation, it is not unreasonable to admit that the quality of the service is on par with the magnitude of the company. Best of all, they plan to expand for years to come.


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