How to Find My Military Book Number: Steps, Requirements and MORE

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If you want to clarify the doubt about How to know your Military Book number in BoliviaWe invite you to stay in this article, since we have compiled all the information you will need to become an expert on the subject.

In several countries, the fulfillment of military service is mandatory and, on some occasions, a requirement requested for other procedures, so it is very important that you know what your number is so that you can guarantee that you have fulfilled your duty.

How do I know my Military Registry Number in Bolivia?

Finding out your military passport number is something very simple and quick to do, so you won’t be spending a lot of time on it.

To identify the digits of your military book, you just have to check the top of the booklet (where to appear your photo). There, you will find the numbers you need for identification.

In the event that you cannot count on the booklet (for any reason), you have the option of go to the entity of the National Registry of Identity and Civil Status or, you can also go to Military Regiment to whom you served your time of fulfillment.

Anyway, you will see that knowing those digits is very simple, you have several alternatives to know them. But, if you still have some doubts about which method works best for you or it is not very clear what you should do, then we will share the steps you should follow.

How to Find My Military Book Number: Steps

This procedure is very easy to do, so there is not a long list of steps that you will have to follow; but rather, a few simple three instructions:

  1. List all the requirements requested to start the process.
  2. Once you’ve gathered them all, you just need to go to the Military Regiment respective and make your request.
  3. Finally, you just have to wait for the answer and, later delivery of your notebook, to know the number of the same.

Now, there is one aspect that we do not want to miss. While there are not so many steps to highlight, there are some documents and data that you will need to provide for this instance.

Therefore, so that you can take all the time you need and calmly meet these requirements, we will share those with you. documents and data that you must provide:

  • The Birth Certificate of the person who will make the request.
  • The National Identity Card of the applicant (Submit the original and the copy).
  • You must add three (3) passport-size photos.
  • Present your residence address (with precision) and include a copy of any invoice for payment of public services.
  • Provide a contact phone number; as well as the number of a relative or acquaintance who has access to you (for emergencies).

As you will see, both the process and the requested requirements are simple; so, you will not have many inconveniences to carry out this procedure. Do it when you can and do not forget everything you need.

Procedure for Military Registration

Now that you know how to consult your military registration book and the steps for this process, we can talk a little about how to register in the Military Registry Give help to your country!

For many it is a pride to serve, in one way or another, their country. So, if that is your case, below we will share the steps you must follow to register for the Military Service and participate in the security and protection of Bolivia.

  • You must be present in the military district, since the quotas that are distributed are limited.
  • The amount that you must pay for the procedure must be made in cash and in person, to cover the costs of lamination.
  • Make sure you have a pencil or pen to fill out the form they will give you.
  • Likewise, make sure you bring all the complete documents for the management of the process.
  • In the case of minors, they have a limited period of time to carry out the process on the book.
  • You must present the birth certificate (the original and the copy).
  • Present the original and copy of the Identity Card (must be enlarged by 150%). In the case of minor citizens, citizenship cards can be used.
  • Present some passport-type photos with a blue background, and the measurements: 2.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

Attention! Some military entities serve citizens per day with the corresponding identity card digit.

How to know my Military Registry Number: Requirements

We have talked a lot about the processes and steps to follow for each Military Registry procedure, but we have not mentioned the requirements you will need.

Every procedure has a series of requirements that you must record, in order to be able to choose to manage and process what you need. Now, knowing these requirements beforehand, you can take the time to gather them calmly and avoid inconveniences in the future.

Therefore, so that you can gather them in time, we will present you the Requirements to get the Military Notebook:

  • You must fill out and submit the forms: No. 001 and No. 003-C.
  • Present the Birth Certificate (original) that delivers the Civil Registry of the Plurinational Electoral Body (must wear dry and stickers), in addition, you must attach a simple photocopy.
  • Consign the Identity Card (simple photocopy), signed by the applicant.
  • Present the Driver’s License (simple photocopy), if you have one, signed by the applicant.
  • Consign documents that endorse academic or work training (simple photocopy), if you have.
  • Specify the applicant’s blood group. It must be processed by a biotechnologist and sealed by the respective Health institution.
  • Submit: 3 (three) 4 × 4 cm color photographs, front, red background, matte material, haircut type
    Cadet, without glasses, sideburns, beard, in a dark suit and tie, white shirt, with the Number of

Once you have met all of these requirements, you can approach a Military Regiment and submit your request to register for the service. Then, you just have to wait for a response from the institution.

Now, to give your application more weight, make sure you comply with each of the requirements, tips and processes that you can find out.

How to find out my military passport number: get it back

In case of loss, deterioration, theft or update of data of a military notebook, you can have several processes to recover itregardless of the cause. Of course, you will not have an original, but a faithful duplicate of the first one you had.

Now, there are several cases to consider to recover the notebook, since, depending on the situation, the processes and requirements may change.

Therefore, pay close attention to each case and apply the recommendations that fit your situation:

Case 1

This case applies to people who want process the format that is delivered free of charge in the different military lines.

To do this, they must state the following requirements:

  • Present the Identification Card (Original and Copy).
  • Present a certificate that supports the changes to the data to be updated.
  • Enter the file title of the Defense Ministry (For First Order Citizens Who Are Not Registered).
  • The receipt of payment for the management of the procedure.
  • Present
  • Present 2 (two) photographs of 2.5 cm by 4.5 cm frontally with a blue background.

Second Case

This case applies to people interested in getting a duplication of their notebook second level.

To do this, they must state the following requirements:

  • Attach two (2) standard photos ID of more than 3 x 3.4 cms. The background should be blue and indicate your name on the back of the image.

Third case

This case apply for people who have completed their military service in 1993, and is not registered in the Web System of the Government of Bolivia.

To do this, they must state the following requirements:

  • Present proof of the year in which they served, issued by the General Archive of the Ministry of Defense.
  • In case of rendering service after 1994, you must request the justification in the Customer Service area of ​​the Military Command where you served.

Fourth case

This case apply for those people who want to make a modification for professional studies.

To do this, they must state the following requirements:

  • Present a copy of the title authenticated by the respective study house.
  • Add the data from the previous military notebook.

Fifth Case

This case applies to those people outside of Bolivia and they have to request their military notebook.

To do this, they must state the following requirements:

  • You must have participation and employment contract with a public body.
  • You must provide the administrative title.
  • You must have positions with public performance for the Government of Bolivia.
  • Acquire the levels of study where higher education is justified.

Now, if what you want is to get a duplication of your notebook while abroad, you must specify the following requirements:

  • Present the Letter of Exit issued by the National Army Command.
  • Present the Identity Card (copy), amplified to 150%.

Options to Obtain the Military Notebook

  • The delivery of the military notebook is enabled for all citizens who are between eighteen (18) and twenty-three (23) years old; they only have to comply with twelve (12) months of Mandatory Military Service
  • Citizens who have applied, but have been rejected for failing medical check-ups, will receive a Type A notebook.
  • In the case of citizens who have a permanent health conditionThese will be left to the judgment of the medical officials to receive a Type A or B booklet.
  • Those people who are within the admission process, but suffer some subsequent medical condition, a Type C booklet will correspond to them.
  • Citizens with mental, visual or respiratory disabilities, will receive a Type D booklet.


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