How to Find My Zip Code: Online, Phone and MORE

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How do I know my Zip Code? you are new to this topic and you want to know your zip code, so do not be left with doubts, keep reading this article and fill up on information.

Since 2009, the territory of Colombia has been divided into multiple postal districts, each with a postal code. Postal codes in Colombia have 6 digits, the first two digits refer to the department, the second digit is the regional area and the last two digits are each municipal area.

How to know my Postal Code in Colombia?

Of course, at some point in your life you must enter the Postal Code of the area where you live, and you don’t know what to do or what to do. However, knowing your zip code is a fairly simple process and does not require many processes.

The government has done its best to simplify and facilitate. If you don’t know what ZIP codes mean, the new ZIP code division can be a bit tricky.

In addition, Colombia currently has a large number of postal areas departmental. Other important data, such as the number of national departments and the number of postal districts in each city, are not considered.

Still, don’t worry, because there are currently two ways to find zip codes. The first is over the phone and the other over the Internet.

In the first case, all you have to do is mark the number indicated and request the data corresponding to the postal code of the area that interests us.

If you want to carry out this process online, you must indicate a series of data that the page itself will request, and then continue searching for the location you specify.

But to make your life easier, here we will provide you with a guide on how and what Steps you should take to choose either method. More information in this page.

How to Find My Zip Code Online

Some users may already be thinking about a complicated procedure, and they will only have to take a few steps to know the postal code.

It is certainly a very simple investigation, since performing the search by Internet it is also very easy and fast.

Therefore, if you want to know How to know my postal code? In this section, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to obtain the postal code.

  • The first thing you should do, of course, is enter the page postal code authorized by the government of the Republic of Colombia.
  • Later, you will have access to the main menu, where you must select the option «Service«.
  • In the third step, you must indicate in the system that you are a natural person, and you must select by clicking on the corresponding button «natural person».
  • Once this is done, the next fourth step will be to place the option «Find zip here»Immediately after opening the new tab, and this tab will appear after the third step. If it doesn’t appear, refresh the page and replace the appropriate option.
  • After exiting this page, in the fifth step, a new tab will be displayed with a Map from Colombia. In this map you will find the option «Natural Person», look for it in the lower left part, and then you must select it again by clicking.
  • After that, two more options will be displayed, where you can choose one of «Enter your address«.
  • In the seventh step, you must enter the address you want to consult and leave a space. Also, select cities and town centers for a closer reference.
  • Finally, you just need to click «Look for»And after a while you will see how to get the required address and zip code.

Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to understand zip codes, but some users complain about the slowness of the system when it comes to processing operations.

However, everything is left to the comfort of the user.

How to Find My Zip Code by Phone

If for some reason you don’t want to use or can’t use the inline method, you can always call by telephone to find your zip code.

In fact, this is the first choice for many people because they can perform the operation in just a few minutes.

This is because the entire process is carried out following a series of instructions brief, all of which are conducted over the phone.

In fact, if you choose this method, you just have to dial the phone number 01 8000 111210, which can tell you the postal code of any area in Colombia.

If you live in Bogotá, you can dial 4720000, a specific number for everyone who lives in or around the city.

It must be said that all these calls are completely free.

Postal Numbers in Colombia and what are their uses

Many of your readers are probably already starting to search for zip codes, because it is easy to do.

Also, as many people may already imagine, all ZIP codes are different and one of their biggest differences is their starting number.

You may also ask yourself, but what are these numbers? and How important are they?

In fact, the first two digits are very important because they are the numbers that identify the department of the code. Currently, there are 57 of these codes, which can be quickly obtained by searching the Internet.

However, in order to make life easier for readers, in this section, we will show them those that correspond to some departments of the Colombian territory.

  • Bogota: 11
  • Amazon: 91
  • Antioquia: 05
  • Arauca: 81
  • Atlantic: 08
  • Bolivar: 13
  • Boyacá: 15
  • Caldas: 17
  • Caquetá: 18
  • Casanare: 85
  • Cauca: 19
  • Cesar: 20
  • Chocó: 27
  • Cordoba: 23
  • Cundinamarca: 25
  • Guainia: 94
  • Guaviare: 95
  • Huila: 41
  • La Guajira: 44
  • Magdalena: 47
  • Goal: 50
  • Narino: 52
  • North of Santander: 54
  • Putumayo: 86
  • Quindío: 63
  • Risaralda: 66
  • San Andrés and Providencia: 88
  • Santander: 68
  • Sucre: 70
  • Tolima: 73
  • Cauca Valley: 76
  • Vaupes: 97
  • Vichada: 99

There are many, but they are all used, so if you have any questions about the accuracy of the codes obtained, or if you do not want them to be confused with codes from other cities, you can check their codes. Thus checking its effectiveness.

It is also important that the postal code of Colombia is 579986, which is the postal code that must be entered for any type of transport from abroad to Colombian soil.

There are no random numbers in this code because they all have their reasons for existence. The number of departments in 57 countriesBecause there are 99 departmental postal areas, there are 99. The last one is 86, which is the number of postal districts in each city.

What is the Postal Code?

We’ve talked about a lot of zip codes and how to find my zip code, but we haven’t said what the zip code itself is.

It is a code of 6 digits that complements your physical address and represents an area on the map of our country. This code determines your location and eliminates confusion with other neighborhoods or municipalities that have the same name. You can also check the page.

This is a very simple thing: it is a combination of numbers assigned to a specific group of people and different areas in it.

This is done to facilitate sorting and delivery of mail and packages. A very simple explanation of something that is actually very complicated.

Postal Code Uses

When it comes to zip codes, another common question is your use.

The truth is that it has a very broad meaning, because it is the code that makes all kinds of Mail and messages reach the right people at the right time.

It is through him that some people can find laws Y government procedures.

Among the things that happen every day, if the zip code does not exist, many of these things will not happen. In many ways, this is a long delay.

So the next time you place an order or place an order with home delivery … you no longer have to to worry for knowing my zip code. According to our guide, this is very simple!

What do the 6 serial numbers of the postal code mean in Colombia?

As mentioned above, the postal code in Colombia consists of 6 digits: the first two digits correspond to the department code in the department code of the DANE.

The third and fourth digits define the postal area linked by the department chain, ranging from 00 to 89 representing the capital of the department. The last two digits represent postal districts divided by municipalities or regions.

For example, the postal code of Bogotá: The postal code of Usaquén will be defined by 1101XX. Suitable for the town of Suba in 1111XX, Chapinero 1102XX, etc.

The zip codes for addresses in:

  • Medellín will be of the form 0500XX
  • Cali will have the 7600XX structure
  • Barranquilla will start by 0800XX

Where XX will correspond to the number of the assigned postal district.

Why is it important to know what my zip code is?

The online shopping they are becoming more and more popular and more and more people choose to buy products in virtual stores.

Usually when making payment or entering the delivery address of the purchased product, you must also enter the postal code, which helps large courier companies (especially international courier companies) find the delivery address more easily .


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