How to find out my ETB Number: Steps to Follow, Services and MORE

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How do I know my ETB number? You have this big question in your head and you have no answers, you are welcome to fill yourself with information about it.

ETB de Colombia is owned mainly by the government of Bogotá, therefore it promotes communication and entertainment in Bogotá in a way as the national operator of the telecommunications operator, and the various technical solutions it provides to its clients.

How do I know my ETB Number?

Short codes are an easy and direct way to request information or obtain products and services (such as police and emergency reports, etc.) provided by mobile phone operators. On the other hand, if you always want to know your phone number Through your mobile phone, we will provide you with the code and the operation steps.

How to Find My ETB Number: Steps to Follow

How to easily know the ETB number, there are two ways to find it, here we provide the steps to follow:

  1. Calling the number * # 62 #.
  2. Sending an SMS text message to serial 85532.

In both cases, you have to wait a few seconds, and then you will see the requested information on the screen.

How to know my ETB Number Dialing * 701

Additional consumption for navigation, long distance calls, text messages and minutes to reach all destinations throughout the country, customers can dial * 701, to recharge and buy more packages, and it will be displayed your ETB number.

How to find out my ETB Number: Benefits and Costs of this Service

You enjoy the best telephony services with ETB de Colombia. With ETB, the Bogotá telecommunications company, you can develop different types of plans that adapt to your needs. Some of the Benefits to sign with this operator are:

  • Provides you prices per second and it is the only operator that does. In this way, you can take advantage of the time you spend on the mobile line. You will see the savings.
  • ETB de Colombia has the best call quality Because its voice clarity is higher, the transmission is free of interference, and the stability is higher.
  • With ETB’s broadband, the capacity and speed Internet services are the highest in the industry, and you also have online security and the ability to access your urgently needed emails.
  • With ETB de Colombia you will have an exclusive channel. Transmission speed of faster signal, TV management technology and high definition channels you want to watch, and premieres of your favorite movies, series and documentaries.
  • ETB de Colombia offers you the possibility of check your balance, and this does not mean that the plan data is consumed.

More benefits

  • May pay for the service and even recharge other ETB lines online.
  • If you need it, you can ask the ETB agent to call you or use the chat to resolve any questions that may arise.
  • Through the ETB 4g application, you can find out the details of the plans contracted, acquire other services, transfer balances between ETB lines and consult the nearest ETB service point.
  • Using the Telephone service, you can connect the indivisible plan with your 2 numbers of registered friends in unlimited minutes. If you wish, the ETB landline can be unlimited or you can make calls abroad to a special rate.
  • From the ETB website or app from Colombia, you can identify ETB’s WiFi zone, so you can stay connected as needed, save data on your plan, and use the highest browsing speed for content downloads.

With ETB from Colombia, you can keep in touch at any time and place, because all of Colombia will always be covered by the 4g network. In this company, it is very easy to stay in touch with your most important people and talk to them on the phone or consume data at a higher transmission speed.

Cost of service

The service to know your ETB numberIt is offered to all clients who successfully apply in the ETB registration and validation process and has no cost.

Services offered by ETB

4g mobile telephony

It is one of the services provided by ETB de Colombia nationwide through the mobile phonel ETB 4g. With this network, because ETB has an alliance to use data, users can access WhatsApp and Facebook without paying.

Digital interactive television

The product of ETB de Colombia, which offers you 130 channels and has a very modern and fast platform that improves the experience of its users by interacting with the excellent services provided.

Customers can record up to 5 channels at the same time, schedule up to 1 hour on any live channel they want and even experience channel changes in a few seconds.

ETB de Colombia contains 95 high definition channels, and you can rent more channels through your own remote control without leaving your home.

Optical fiber

Through this service, ETB operators They go with the objective of consolidating and becoming one of the great technological companies of the national telecommunications industry.

Provides faster browsing speed than other companies using copper cables, with a speed browsing capacity of at least 50MB and a maximum of 300MB, allowing faster uploading and downloading of Internet content.


The company telephone ETB It has a special fixed telephone service that can connect homes, businesses, etc. With the telephone quality of ETB de Colombia you can make local calls to any country and international destination. Also, you can make unlimited calls to communicate with your favorite people.


It is one of the most stable browsing services and you will not be disturbed or disturbed. ETB de Colombia offers ultra wide band 25MB and 150MB to send and receive large files, such as high-resolution images or videos. With this service, you can download music and even games without waiting hours.

Data storage

The Informatic security It is one of the priorities of the State, for those companies that exceed the ETB of Colombia, they offer the option of storing data in the cloud, with comprehensive security and the best support for each client.

In addition, customers of ETB de Colombia can be sure that their information is protected by the most advanced technology in the industry.

What is ETB?

Given the ETB Colombia is called Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá, this is the full name of ETB, a company founded in 1884, which still implements new technologies and national and international communication networks, implementing high quality services for each client.

The most outstanding in ETB of Colombia are fiber optic services, 4g mobile phones, interactive digital TV and special solutions for companies and the public sector.

ETB de Colombia is owned primarily by the government of Bogotá, therefore it promotes communication and entertainment in Bogotá in a way as the national operator of the telecommunications operator and the various technical solutions it provides to its customers.

ETB is a mixed legal company with a private law system, its largest shareholder, the Bogotá Metropolitan Region, owns 86.36% of the shares, while private investors own 11.6% of the shares and other public shareholders own 2% of the shares. surplus.

His mission

Provide comprehensive solutions for information technology and communications to satisfy customers and contribute to the strengthening of the information society within the framework of social responsibility business.

Its technology

As to fiber optics, more than half of the city’s households have Internet access in front of their residences and are potential customers of this cutting-edge technology, known for its high network speeds of up to 150 Mbytes / sec. Then download the information, then upload 70 megabytes. Really super high speed.

In addition, ETB has consolidated its national operations by strengthening fiber optic coverage, and expanding its portfolio of solutions for corporate clients and government entities.

The modern and fast platform interactive digital television gives you a unique experience when watching and interacting with this service. With our TV, you can record up to five channels at the same time, go back one hour to any live channel and change channels in less than a second.

The grid of ETB is the grid with the largest number of high definition channels (95 in High Definition), and is the only user on the market that can acquire content through the remote control without an intermediary.


What’s more, 4G ETB mobiles It is a service that is offered nationwide, in less than two years of operation it has achieved commercial operations in 15 departments of the Colombian territory.

Today’s mobile customers 4G ETB They can enjoy services such as free browsing on WhatsApp and Facebook, these services will not have a discount for contractual plans, nor will they buy packages and alliances with large brands such as YouTube to encourage the use of data. This constitutes the future telecommunications of the industry. More information in its page official.


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