How to Find Out My Green Card Balance: Where, Amounts and MORE

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The purpose of providing a green card is to help poor mothers or children. This allows you to get the necessary items for the basic food basket. If you already have it for sure you ask yourself the question How do I know the balance of my Green Card?

Of course, you can buy with your green card in some supermarkets and stores. This is given to underprivileged mothers in Buenos Aires. Here we provide you with the information you need to know about this card.

How do I know the balance of my Green Card?

Those mothers who have registered and are beneficiaries of the «More Life Plan» They can consult the monthly balance of the funds granted by their municipalities from the official VISA website.

It is important for mothers to check their Visa food card balance every month, especially in the case of inflation, which is especially important for mothers, although the amount will never be high.

Therefore, this is one of the main queries issued by Banco Provincia regarding the date of load of the green card.

  • You must consult the balance available by dialing the VISA 0800 phone number.
  • You have the option of accessing the official website to know your loading day.
  • You can also call Ministry of Social Development of Buenos Aires, to have information and make your inquiries.
  • To make your questions or inquiries You can call the phone number 0800 2222 776.

The green card loading date provided by Banco Provincia allows you to verify the balance Visa, know the date and time you will receive the money in your bank account.

How to find out the balance of my green card: where to do it?

Especially mothers who are in a situation of social vulnerability can use this social card to obtain this social welfare. Only applicable to those families residing in the province of Buenos Aires. Other provinces have similar social cards.

Every month you will be informed of the balance of the Más Vida program, to find out if the green card is loaded with the corresponding amount charged for each municipality each month.

How to Find Out My Green Card Balance: Amounts

The amount of the Food Visa Card is between $ 200 and $ 500Although the amount depends on the number of children participating in the «More Living Program.»

«More Life Plan» is an eating plan that depends on the Ministry of Social Development of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires. This program is for pregnant women and families with children between 0 and 6 years old.

Its purpose is to reach the basic diet of the maternal and child population in the nutritional risks of women pregnant and the kids. To simplify the procedure, inquiries are made through Facebook, WhatsApp and personal and telephone calls, depending on the region.

If a personal interview is required, the interview will be arranged by phone. You must attend the meeting on the date and time scheduled and present documents such as the owner’s identification card and the identification card of the responsible child for whom they charge fees.

How to Find Out the Balance of My Green Card: Enrollment

Register with community workers in the community (Manzaneras). If they do not know the Manzanera corresponding to their address, they should contact by phone with the Plan Más Vida office.

When is the Green Card Issued and What are its Requirements?

As mentioned above, the green card is suitable for economically defenseless mothers and protects the safety of their children. The requirements they should have are the following:

  • To be pregnant or have children between the ages of 0 and 6.
  • Be a mother less of the 18 years and that does not have frequent monetary income.
  • Underage mothers must be represented and provide the required documents.

Documents that pregnant women must provide include:

  • Present the National Document of Identity.
  • The payroll which issues the project more life for pregnant women. This must be evaluated and completed in a medical institution.
  • The spreadsheet inscription estimated by the apple tree.

The documents that are requested for the boys and girls.

  • Photocopy of the National Document of Identity of the boy or girl.
  • Copy of the registry of vaccines.
  • Certification of school of the boy or girl.
  • Photocopy of the Minutes of Birth of the boy or girl.
  • The spreadsheet inscription evaluated by the respective apple tree.
  • Photocopy of the National Document of Identity parental.
  • The approval of the application, will be subject in each case by the evaluation of their situation in the family.

What is the Green Card?

This is an assistance program provided by the Ministry of Social Development to provide food in Buenos Aires. Its purpose is to provide the necessary food for mothers and babies. This social protection assistance program is considering the most vulnerable mothers.

The first two weeks of each month, you can call the bank to verify the green card, also known as the «More Life Plan», is dedicated to providing a better lifestyle for these helpless mothers.

They consider it important to offer them the right to safety, education, health and food. Remember that children who benefit from this program can grow and develop better than everyone else.

Benefits of having a green card

The subsidy is made by transferring money to the bank account of the Banco Provincial de Buenos Aires. To use these resources, the bank provides a debit card to the beneficiary, better known as green card food.

Considering you and your children, the program materially helps mothers who are more needy and disadvantaged. The benefits they will enjoy are as follows:

  • Offers a support monetary of an approximate amount of 200 or 500 $. Taking into account that this will depend on the size of your family circle.
  • It gives you the possibility of owning the necessary items of the basic basket for your livelihood.
  • The alternative to improve your Lifestyle and it does not make you so troublesome.
  • Have the support of the state of Buenos Aires. Adding to this, that by having it integrated together with your children to the program, they will be aware of your needs.
  • You can get some supplements food, that your children need for their good growth.
  • You have the option of buying certain medications, in the event that the child becomes ill.
  • In turn you can to buy some vitamins.

Frequent questions

To better guide you about the green card, we develop a series of frequent questions and answers, we hope they will be very helpful:

Who can use the Green Card?

According to him Ministry Development Department of the Province of Buenos Aires, an organism in charge of ensuring the fulfillment of more life plans, only families with social vulnerabilitiesAs pregnant women and mothers, they can receive subsidies or visa cards. You are still breastfeeding or have children under the age of 6.

What can I buy with the Green Card?

With this plan more life card, it can only be used to buy staple foods that can help pregnant women and children under the age of 6 to Improve your quality of life.

In the basic diet they accept, each child has to distribute milk every week until he is ready to go to school. In addition, you can buy other types of food in the basic food basket.

When do you Activate or Charge the Green Visa Card?

The availability of the card or the date of collection always occurs in the last days of each month.

However, if you want to fully determine the date to load the card, you can call the Banco Popular de Buenos Aires customer service center at 0810-22-22776, and you will get help from the operator. Provide you with the corresponding data.

You must remember that the schedule bank staff work hours are from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. You can also visit the visa website from your local bank, just enter your 16-digit debit card number and you will immediately receive a statement on the latest card trends.

What do I do if the Food Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Call 0800 2222776 to get in touch Contact with VISA staff and get help from the support team. This is very important. Read on and follow the instructions below:

First, the support team will ask you to provide the number of ID owner’s personal or DNI, and then enter that number for the system to verify and verify the identity.

After entering the identification number, you will be provided with 3 options:

  1. Report credit card.
  2. Report debit card.
  3. Report both.

In the case of the green card, you will have to choose the option «Report Credit Card».

Then the support team will ask you to provide the number of the lost, stolen or damaged card, as well as other personal information, to obtain the registration or transaction number that you must keep.

Through the steps above, you just need to wait to receive a new green card and the new green card will be sent to the branch closest to your home.

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