How to Know a Person’s Family Charges: Extinction, Assignment and MORE

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There are several programs in Chile, which aim to help various groups that need support to support and raise their children. One of them is the Family Assignment program.

All this is developed thanks to a Family Charges system, where it is defined as the person responsible for a beneficiary and for whom help is requested. However How to Know the Family Charges of a Person? here we give you the advice you need to know about it.

How to Know the Family Charges of a Person?

Different employees and retirees. have the possibility to request the Benefits included in the family allowance for different charges.

Those who have access to these assignments are:

  • All the workers public or private, self-employed workers affiliated to the pension scheme of January 1, 1974, and who benefit from a long list of benefits in addition to family allowances.
  • Self-employed workers, whether or not they are responsible for collection by AFPs who have reported exposures to IPS.
  • Any Physical person, employee or retiree who benefits from severance pay or disability pension (with the approval of a licensed physician).
  • All retirees, including widowers and mothers of children, not related to a worker’s marriage.
  • Any natural person who, in the judgment of a juvenile court, has a person under his or her responsibility.
  • Any state-approved organization that deals with orphans, abandoned or disabled minors.
  • Any employee eligible for the benefits of the Solidarity Unemployment Fund.
  • Those who take advantage of PBS, for reasons of age or disability in relation to their offspring.
  • Any beneficiary who receives aid for minors with disability psychic linked to their parentage.

To go through this process, the applicant must submit a application form Proof of child benefit signed and certified by him, his employer and the freight (only if he is over 18 years old) together with the relevant documents and documents.

How to Know the Family Charges of a Person: Process the Charge Extinction

To process the Charge extinction, you should contact an office of ChileAttend to submit a request. This request must be signed by the employee and his boss, indicating the reasons for the dismissal and the following documents depending on the situation:

  • The summons or beneficiary dies: your death certificate.
  • If the load becomes autonomous: your employment contract, your marriage certificate or your decision to initiate the payment of the pension.
  • The prosecution annuls the marriage with the beneficiary: the certificate of divorce or the nullity of the marriage, as the case may be.
  • When the protection of the child is no longer in the hands of the state: a decision of the family court.
  • In the summons, earn income that exceeds the legal limit for more than three months of the current year: copy of the employment contract.
  • If the citation is over 18 years old: sworn statement of the beneficiary.
  • The beneficiary decides to waive the family allowance for family allowance: the accrediting certificate of the second.
  • The beneficiary requests the extinction so that the load can be transferred to another beneficiary: an affidavit authorizing the transfer of the cargo.

When is it extinct?

Cases in which the family burden is extinguished when the requirements for access to the Household allowance. Benefits must be waived when the person in question:

  • Marries.
  • He has already reached the age of majority.
  • It becomes independent of the beneficiary.

In each of these (and in some other) situations that arise, the extinction of the cargo must be declared.

How to Know the Family Charges of a Person: Requirements for Family Allowance

Depending on the beneficiary’s role as a worker, the following must be submitted details and documents in addition to the employee’s identity card.

  • For any natural person, retired or unemployed, who is responsible for a minor by court decision
  • Your employment contract.
  • The resolution or settlement of your pension and payment details.
  • For unemployment benefits found in the database IPS.
  • No document, because your data is already in the service payment system.
  • For freelancers who participated in the former social security service, ex EMPART and former Caja Hípica.
  • An authorization from the PAC for your independent development.
  • The contribution list or certificate AFP.
  • The price list.
  • Income statements.
  • Data from the start of activities.
  • For dependent workers not linked to other entities.
  • The contract with the company.
  • The certificate AFP.
  • An affidavit about your income.
  • Details of your work licenses.
  • For retirees of the basic solidarity pension program
  • The resolution or settlement of your pension and your payment details.
  • For any institution verified by the State in charge of the care of minors that does not receive contributions of another type
  • A certificate of accreditation as an institution for the care of minors.
  • A certificate or statement of absence of state contribution.

How to Accredit the Family Allowance?

The family allowance was created as a benefit granted to Chilean workers, whose income does not match the amounts of their salary or minimum wage.

Since the objective of the project is to promote financial support to the family, family responsibility must be declared at the time of application.

The test of family obligations is provided by visiting an office of ChileAttend with current documents. The most common is usually:

  1. The birth certificate.
  2. The marriage certificate.
  3. A statement of uniqueness from young people between 18 and 24 years old.
  4. The enrollment certificate for children between 18 and 24 years old.

Family Allowance Amounts

Depending on the monthly income of the beneficiary, the value per charge is different in each case:

  • If the monthly income is 315,841 pesos or less, the load has a value of 11,887 pesos.
  • If the monthly income is between 302,200 and 461,320 pesos, the charge becomes 7. 587 pesos.
  • If the monthly income varies between 461,320 and 719,502 pesos, the load has a value of 2,398 pesos.
  • And if the income exceeds 719,502 pesos, the applicant does not have right to collect.

How to Know the Family Charges of a Person: What Are They?

The family allowance is a state subsidy for dependent, self-employed, retired and subsidized workers, by people who live on their own account and meet the requirements established by law.

Due to the emergency situation in the country, SUSESO determined through Official Letter No. 2813-2020 the automatic renewal of the Household allowance for children between 18 and 24 years old, if there is a case currently recognized as a student.

The Family Benefits System It consists of four benefits: family allowance, maternity allowance, family allowance (SUF) and maternal allowance.

The Benefits They are for those who receive income, contribute to the pension system and can support their families. On the other hand, the grants are awarded to individuals or family groups who do not receive income and, therefore, do not have contributions or they cannot be financially supported.

The money to which the Benefits and grants are paid to a beneficiary, for each of the people who qualify to cause the benefit (commonly called cause or credited family members).

Powers and authorizations

Regarding the powers of collection to third parties, in the case of Family and Maternal benefits, these must be authorized by notaries (or civil status officials in the places where notaries are found) or by a competent official of the branch of the social security institution. They will have a duration of one year, from the date of authorization.

In the case of Family and Maternal Allowances, it is done through application to be paid directly to the spouse, legal persons or their dependents, without requiring the consent of the beneficiary who has the initial right.

In addition, you can update your average income by sending the documentation to the email of

Household allowance

The Family Allowance, also known as Family Only, entitles you to receive, for each accredited family position, an amount of money that varies according to the beneficiary’s salary. If you earn more than 779,882 pesos, you are not entitled to this amount, but you can access other benefits and advantages.

The payment of the Household allowance It is carried out monthly to retirees and dependent workers affiliated to a pension system (AFP and former pension funds, merged with the Social Security Institute, IPS). The self-employed receive the money once a year.

A beneficiary of the family allowance cannot receive a family allowance. Likewise, the latter is incompatible with the basic solidarity pension and the allowance for mental disability.

When and how are family allowances paid?

  • Dependent workers: they are paid by the employer and included in the salary.
  • Independent who issue paid tickets: in the tax refund of the year following the one in which the charges were declared.
  • Self-Employed Self-Employed: when they make their contributions or contributions.
  • Retired: pays to the pension issuing entity (AFP or IPS).
  • Subsidized for unemployment: it is paid with the subsidy.


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