How to Know a Person’s ID: Methods, Reasons and MORE

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Do you need to know what is the National Identity Document of a friend, relative or acquaintance? Well, there are several simple ways about how to know a person’s ID in Spain, without having to carry out all the investigative work in this regard.

Sometimes we need to know a person’s ID to help them with some diligence or complete a job task. It’s an action totally legal and what you can do through several simple methods that we will explain in this article.

How to know the DNI of a person

Knowing the DNI of a person is very simple in Spain, it will not be necessary to assume a detective role or spend hours in an exhaustive investigation. Nothing of that. The methods that we will explain below will help you to know these types of documents easily.

In Spain, you have several platforms and processes to obtain this type of informationWithout falling into tedious or lengthy procedures, you only have to provide a few details of the person to be investigated.

In addition, you do not have to worry about breaking any law, since several of these platforms and methods are legal, because it is information that we can consult online or in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

How to Know the DNI of a Person: Methods to Do It

Okay, enough of introductions and let’s get to the reason why you entered the article.

As we have mentioned before, you have several methods and platforms to consult the ID of a friend, family member or anyone out of curiosity.

These methods that you have at your disposal are:

For the name

You can know the ID of a person just by name, although this is one of the more complex methods along with surnames. If you only know the name of the person, it will be somewhat difficult to find out their ID, because you can meet several people with the same name.

To apply this method you just have to enter the name of the person, in some help web page to consult DNIs. You can find several such pages, although remember that the information will not always be 100% reliable.

Among some tips that we can give you, are: Enter the name of the person along with their date of birth, enter the person’s name along with the Place where he lives, any other additional information will be very helpful.

By surname

Adding a person’s last name to your search can help you reduce the range of people. If you have the first + last name, you have managed to reduce the investigation minutes.

This method is the same as the previous one, you just have to join the name you already had with the last name and start searching the internet.

This search can help you reach the Official Gazettes of the State or a locality that you have entered -We will touch on this topic in more depth later-.

For the fines

Through the fines that the person you are looking for may have, you can find out their National Identity Document.

To apply this method, you just have to enter the website of the Directorate General of Traffic of Spain and look up the person’s name in the registry.

Similarly, since 2015 traffic fines are shown in the BOE of each one of the localities; so, you can also search there.

By the BOE

Another way you have to find out the ID of a person is through the BOE of each locality.

BOE are legal documents published by the country or localities where you can find people who have been fined or have approved an opposition; since the names of the people and their ID are published.

So if you want to apply this method, you just have to search the Internet for newsletters of the localities where the person resides what are you looking for. Once there, you can use the shortcut Google «Control + F » to find the person you want faster.

Other methods

In addition to these methods that we have mentioned, there are many others that you can apply. Practically, any document or procedure that deserves to present the DNI helps you to find out the information you are looking for from a person.

From Manage it, we present you some ideas a little more «Informal» for get a person’s ID:

  • Look for the courses that the person has taken, since you must leave a record of your ID.
  • Likewise, you can also search in the courses that are or are taking.
  • Similarly, you can search if you already have a academic title that reflects your ID.
  • Also, you can go directly to the institution where you are or have studied.
  • And so, many other methods in which you can access documents or information that warrant registering the DNI.

How to Know the DNI of a Person: Reasons to Do It

Although knowing the ID of a person is legal, if you use any of the previously explained methods, it is always recommended that your motivation for the search comes in an honorable way and without bad intentions.

You may need the ID of a friend or relative to help you with a diligence or do you need bliss information for the place where you workAlthough, in the end, there may be many more reasons to need it.

To exemplify some of the situations in which you may need to know a person’s ID, we have prepared the following list for you:

  1. Check that a person has fines, in case you want to know more about the owner of a vehicle you want to buy.
  2. In the case of universities, they can do it to know the qualifications of a candidate for proposals.
  3. Likewise, universities can also do it to verify admission or rejection in academic levels.
  4. Check the activities to which a person has been dedicated in a certain time.
  5. Know if a person has died or is missing.
  6. Check if anyone has debts, lawsuits or accusations scam, in case you have to do business with someone.
  7. In the same way, it can be used to carry out different procedures in cases where a person has died.

What is the DNI and what is it for?

We have talked a lot about the DNI and we have little deepened about it, you may already know what it is and what it is for, but if not, we will explain it here.

The National Identity Document, also known as DNI, is a identification card used by citizens of Spain to identify yourself. Equating with other countries, it is the Identity Card.

This document has many functions, since, practically, represents your identity to the country; so it is used for civil, judicial, commercial and administrative procedures.

This information could interest you: «How to get the DNI in Spain«.

The DNI must be requested and submitted by all citizens who have reached 14 years of age mandatory age; since this document gives them the rights and duties that a Spanish citizen should have.

Attention! Even though that him DNI can cause confusion with the NIF (Tax Identification Number), these are two different documents. The first collects all the identifying data of a person, while the second belongs more to the tax field.

How to know the DNI of a person: Search in the BOE

As we have mentioned previously, you can find out the DNI of a person through the State official newsletter.

The way to achieve it is very simple and it will not take you much time.

First, you should know if the people you find out, has a fine or has approved an opposition, since these are the cases that are published in the BOE.

So if the person meets any of these specifications, you can Look for it in the BOE of the town where you reside or at a general level, according to the case.

To search for it through the BOE, you just have to access one of these newsletters and use the Google shortcut «Control + F» to directly search for the person’s name.

Of course, be sure to search as many BOE as you can, since you may not find it in the first bulletin you have found.

What is the BOE and what is it for?

Now, to finish this article, we are going to talk a little about what the BOE is and what it is for; since it can be useful for other moments.

The Official State Gazette it is a public body which is associated with Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Court and Equality of Spain. Said body has its own treasury and patrimony, in addition to the full autonomy and management granted by the nation.

Likewise, the BOE sIt is due to the limits they establish on their own status, as well as the State Agencies Law.

On the other hand, The functions that are in charge of the BOE are the following:

  • Manage the electronic headquarters of the agency itself.
  • Publish repertoires, legal texts, compilations and reprints of decrees that are of special interest.
  • Create legislative, doctrinal or jurisprudence documents through other legislative publications.
  • Publish technical and scientific studies on their own initiative or through agreements with affiliations, organizations and public or private entities.
  • Manage the Auction Portal.

Distribute and commercialize works of their own character, as well as those of other entities in the country.


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