How to Know a Person’s ID: Tools, Functions and MORE

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In many countries there is an identification document or card that stores the owner’s personal information. In Argentina, the DNI is an extremely important document that everyone must have. More than once, people ask themselves the following question: How to know the DNI of a person?. To find out, there must be a good reason for the search.

In Argentina, the legal identification of people is the national identity document. It is a key document for everyone residing in the country. Here we will talk about the search process and the tools, institutions in charge of handling this information in the country and much more. Let’s get started!

How to know the DNI of a Person in Argentina?

Many people justify the search for a person because this citizen has been lost and is a relative of the seeker. This is one of the main reasons why a person wants to know someone’s ID.

Today, without exaggeration, technology has conquered the world, whether by sending a message, contacting a company, conducting Internet searches or other functions that technological progress offers us.

Finding a person online is simple and possible as long as you know the person’s first and last name in order to find the information you are looking for.

Follow these steps to search for a person using their national identity card and first and last name

  • Start a search in your favorite internet browser (Firefox, Google, etc.), type «Search person by DNI» (click here to access the search site)
    When we are on the site, click on the link «Search the identity document in the registry» to carry out the procedure, here we add a photo for orientation
  • Now we give the person’s full name and surname we are looking for and the date of birth (it does not have to be exact).
  • Finally, the system shows the information of the person we are looking for

(The process explained can work badly in some occasions. If this is your case, we recommend you the following: go to the nearest civil registry with your ID, prove kinship with the person you need to know your document, and the corresponding police report, and then receive the ID of that person).

Search tools

The search for people is very common, because there are several cases of loss or loss of relatives, acquaintances, friends or other personal links, so the websites are saturated with search systems.

Today in Argentina there are many search tools. Due to the Internet connection that the country presents, multiple websites have their different search methods, which help many people.

Here is a list of websites that can be used as search tools.

wheel for people:

  1. Spectacular portal that will help you find any citizen you are looking for by providing them with their identification. Full name and surname. This search network not only works in Argentina, but is also useful for Paraguay and Chile.
  2. PeekYou: A website that allows you to find someone you know, their family or a specific person. By simply entering the person’s full name, the site begins a thorough search for the people closest to their location.
  3. LinkedIn: People connected to the world of marketing, business, merchandising and other related fields will have this search engine as one of their favorite bookmarks. Since this prestigious site offers you the possibility to search for people in all parts of the world registered in the system, which will provide personal information and the location of the person.
  4. WebMii: You will be able to search on the most popular social platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram and Snapchat. You simply have to enter the full name of the user and you will get the results in seconds.

There are many search systems in the world. There are millions and millions of applications and web pages that are added to these types of tools.

When can we find the DNI of a Person?

Sometimes it is justified to use these online search methods that offer us advantages to find someone we know. But as long as you have the relevant information and the person is known to the person who starts the search.

Searching for a person can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • In case of loss of an acquaintance (family member, friend, partner or other relative)
  • Being in an unknown place (either in Argentina or in another country)
  • You come across lost documents from a person
  • Report a missing person
  • Connect and find the missing or wanted person
  • Find consistent information from users
  • Send an important document or message
  • Submit legal and important information
  • Remember that the use of records and personal data in a fraudulent manner is punishable by Argentine law. Therefore, if you do not know the person with whom you want to start the search personally, you should not do so, as this would create legal problems.

What is the National Identification Document?

It is extremely rare that there are Argentine people who do not know the meaning of the National Identity Document, because the use of this is very frequent, both to carry out some type of national and international procedure.

When we refer to the DNI, it is a card or document book that provides personal information registered in the National Registry of Persons (Renaper).

It should be noted that Argentine legislation requires that all Argentine citizens over 14 years of age carry their National Identity Document (regardless of whether they are a foreigner or a native Argentine).

This document is issued to Argentine citizens and foreigners legally residing in Argentina.

The issuance of the DNI is 100% legal by the Argentine State, because the data collected by the Registry will accompany the person throughout their life.

Functions of the DNI

The main functions of the DNI are the following:

  • Inform law enforcement authorities about the identity of the citizen
  • Register the personal information of citizens in Argentina
  • Granting of a unique numeric code to identify the person
  • Application of national and international procedures
  • The National Identity Document is key to enable the right to vote in elections, because to be able to vote you must have a DNI.

To request an identity document, you must go to the civil registry of the city where you are. You can find these records in an internet search.

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