How to Know a Person’s Identification Number: Steps, Codes and MORE

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The ID number is a very important credential in all the countries of the world, knowing it by heart is almost essential and sometimes, it seems that we know it by inertia. However, we may know ours, but we want How to Know the Identification Number of a PersonWell, this article is for you.

It turns out that we can know the identification number of another person in Ecuador through an online platform. Next we will tell you how you can do it yourself and why it is important to know this, go ahead!

How to Know the Identification Number of a Person in Ecuador?

The cédula number, or rather, the cédula itself, is largely due to the Civil Registry of Ecuador, which is the official entity of the State in charge of the area. Its functions are varied, but they range from governing and managing the registry of people in the nation. Of course, with the supervision of the Government.

However, its main activity It is the administration, certification, accreditation of the identity documents of the residents or citizens of Ecuador. Once they are ready, they are delivered to everyone in the country.

It is also the entity in charge of keeping a record of the birth and mortality of citizens. As well as issuing the documents that prove their existence before the government.

The Civil Registry of Identification and Cedulation of Ecuador It has a web platform, which is specifically designed so that any Ecuadorian citizen of legal age can access it from home and through a computer or smartphone. Only with personal data you can verify your identification number.

The web is always enabled, 24 hours a day. There, you can carry out all the formalities and legal procedures that you want.

How to Know the Identification Number of a Person: Steps to Follow

Since you know which is the platform through which you can answer the question of: How to Know the Identification Number of a Person in Ecuador? It is time for you to know how is the step by step to make the query of a card number.

To do this, you can follow the following steps that we will mention below:

  1. Gather the personal data of the person.
  2. Enter the consultation web page of the Official Civil Registry of Ecuador.
  3. Then, you will have to fill in the data requested by the form within the platform.
  4. Enter the names of the person you are looking for and click on the option «Consult”You will have a list of results which you can review.
It should be noted that each province has a database that works in the same way and therefore, the results shown may be partial.

In addition, this process is subject to changes and modifications, which is why we strongly advise all readers to inform themselves before making the query.

Another very common process to check the identity card of a person by province is the one that we will tell you below:

  • Enter the official website of the entity.
  • Select the online services tab.
  • Write the data query online. That is, full names and surnames.
  • Indicates the person’s date of birth.
  • Click on the part to check the Identification Number of a Person.
  • Ready, you should be able to see the requested information.

How to Know the Identification Number of a Person: Codes by Province

There is a list for the codes of each province and that way, it is much easier to be able to consulate a person’s identity card in Ecuador.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to look for it. Then we will provide you the codes or digits belonging to each of the provinces of Ecuador:

  • 01 Azuay.
  • 02 Bolivar.
  • 03 Cañar.
  • 04 Carchi.
  • 05 Cotopaxi.
  • 06 Chimborazo.
  • 07 The Gold.
  • 08 Emeralds.
  • 09 Guayas.
  • 10 Imbabura.
  • 11 Loja.
  • 12 Los Rios.
  • 13 Manabi.
  • 14 Morona Santiago.
  • 15 Napo.
  • 16 Pastaza.
  • 17 Pichincha.
  • 18 Tungurahua.
  • 19 Zamora Chinchipe.
  • 20 Galapagos.
  • 21 Sucumbios.
  • 22 Orellana.
  • 23 Santo Domingo de Tsachilas.
  • 24 Saint Helena.

How to Know the Identification Number of a Person: Account in the Civil Registry

Did you know that you can have your own account in the virtual Civil Registry? Well, if you didn’t know, write down all of the following.

The first thing you should do is enter the website of the Civil Registry, then, in that virtual account you can check your identity card number. You just have to attach all the data that is requested; names, surnames and date of birth.

After that, you can click on the «Consult» tab. When you load the page, the system will validate the information you entered and will verify that there are no problems with the data. Then, you should see information on your screen, which should contain the following:

  • Surnames and names
  • Citizenship status
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Mother’s names
  • Father’s names

Importance of Knowing the Identification of a Person

Many countries refuse this system, however, Ecuador has taken a risk and implemented it successfully. What does it mean? Well, Ecuadorian citizens have a series of numbers in their identity card, until now everything is normal.

The difference is that the first numbers correspond to the province where the procedure was carried out and each one of these varies among themselves. Thus, Thanks to the National Registry system, people can do a brief search and verify the data that is registered there.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that you, as an Ecuadorian, know what your identification number is and better yet, always carry it with you so that you do not lose it. Now why is it important to know someone else’s ID number?

The answer is simple. The identity card contains the most important data of the owner. From names, surnames, date of birth, issuance to the expiration date of the ID.

Remember that the National Registry of Ecuador cannot be used to carry out illegal actions, that have bad intentions or seek to harm the perpetrator. Otherwise, you could receive fines or serious consequences within the legal framework of the nation.

How can I get my ID online?

In case you do not currently have an ID, you should not worry, since the Civil Registry itself has created a section on its website where you can easily obtain the ID online. We will show you how it is done and what you need.

  1. Enter the VUV web portal (Virtual Single Window)
  2. Request the service of replacement of the identity card.
  3. Choose the point of care where the identity card will be withdrawn.
  4. Make payment.
  5. Come to pick up the card at the chosen point of service.

You see it? It is very simple and efficient. You should know that this Service is oriented to issue identity cards or identity documents for Ecuadorians and foreigners residing in Ecuador. Other cases do not apply.

Also, like any administrative process, this one has a cost. Consequently, you will need to make a payment to financial entities approved by the Civil Registry. Then, there will be no problem in withdrawing your procedure.

It is important to note that the costs may depend on the area of ​​the country where you are, however, you can approach the nearest local office and inform you about its cost.

The economy is changing, but you can have these reference prices: if you do the procedure for the first time, it will cost $ 5. Renovations meanwhile, cost approximately $ 15.

Thus, the process to consult the identity card of a person in Ecuador, such as obtaining the identity document via the internet, are extremely simple tasks thanks to the system created by the Ecuadorian Civil Registry. The only first step you have to do is register on the official website.

Once this is done, you will have access to a large number of benefits offered by the entity. If it is not clear to you how to do the registration process, we are here for you and for that reason, we leave you below a very educational video where it is explained in detail.


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