How to Know a Student’s RUDE: Steps, Notes and MORE

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This topic to be discussed on How to Know the RUDE of a Student in Bolivia, It is a very interesting topic to know. In addition, if the fact that each country has its form and style of organization in the society and community in which citizens develop is taken into consideration.

In this article you can learn about the procedure, the consultation and much more. Read carefully and learn about it, it is sure to clarify doubts. Afterwards, you can reflect on the information you have consulted and share the information with those close to you.

How to Know the RUDE of a Student?

Initially, to query the system, you must have a account assigned in RUDE, which corresponds to each student enrolled in Bolivia.

Therefore, the registration in the RUDE is very important to be able to carry out the consultation of the respective one. Should any inconvenience or doubt arise, you should contact the educational supervisor assigned to the respective educational circuit to which the student belongs or is enrolled.

You must perform the contact with the educational supervisor within the educational center in which the student is enrolled.

Likewise, you must ask your supervisor for an appointment through which he will make inquiries regarding the student.

Then it provides you a RUDE number together with the other information that is required.

How to Know a Student’s RUDE: Steps to Take

The procedure to follow to consult a student’s RUDE are the following:

  • Place the username and security key of student.
  • Must have the RUDE or identity card of student.
  • Also, the date of birth, this is a verification data (in case of not having the student’s identification data).

The above mentioned are the steps to make the query of the notebook. But, to consult the notes, you must enter the Educational Information System (SIE) page and follow the instructions to enter and navigate in the system:

  • You must fill in the boxes corresponding to the user and security key, to access the notes summary.
  • If you do not have the student’s personal information such as the access code and the user, then you must select the section that says «Consult Notebook».
  • Then you must indicate the RUDE or the student’s ID number, in addition to the date of birth.
  • Later, go on to choose the option of
  • Then the system automatically issues the list of notes. It shows the reliable endorsement of the academic performance of the last semester and of all those that it requires.

How to Know a Student’s RUDE: Consult the Notes

Consulting the Notes is the way to make proper use of the electronic notepad. You can enter through the web platform to make the respective query.

Take into account that to enter the official website you must have the student’s RUDE number, username and password. If you do not have this, you must use the date of birth. Here are the steps to make the respective query:

  • Login to Educational Management System web portal In the next
  • Go to place the username and password
  • Immediately, and automatically, the Electronic Note Book appears.
  • If you do not have the information, just select the check box «Consult Notebook».
  • Then, you must indicate the RUDE, or the student’s identification number. Also, you must enter the date of birth.
  • Later, you can choose between the consultation and the form of automatic presentation of the electronic notebook.

If you have any doubts, you can contact the entity authorized to issue the electronic grade books. Simply, you must go to the educational center where the student is enrolled.

How to Know a Student’s RUDE: Download RUDE

If you need to have the RUDE, you can download this document. Keep in mind that there is a form for issuing the RUDE or for an extension. Likewise, all the financial information that is had on the student’s personal information is exposed.

Likewise, through this document, the students are provided with the data regarding the income received and the location of the domicile. It also reports data related to the student’s work situation.

For download the Rude worksheet you can click.

What is the Electronic Note Book?

The Electronic Note Book is considered a very useful tool in the different queries that the student can make. This electronic notebook works as if it were a Digital type certificate, where all the student’s academic data is.

It is a document that is related to what is traditionally known as the report card or report card. Likewise, there is a fundamental difference, which is that it is not available to any student who wants to consult it. Is available to government entities and institutions.

This is a document that is part of a digital network where it is compiled in a database with all the socioeconomic information of each of the Bolivian students. This is how the situation of all students in the government sector can be known.

It is a very useful tool for making inquiries about a student’s school performance. This is a virtual instrument that contains all the academic information of the student.

This consultation instrument maintains a relationship with what is traditionally known as the report card or report card. It is not only available to representatives and students, but also to the different government entities that want to make the query.

This ballot or electronic notebook belongs to an electronic system that carries the entire student database. This information also includes the entire socioeconomic aspect of the student.

What is RUDE?

The Single Register of Students or RUDE as it is commonly known is a document that serves as the student registration with the Bolivian Ministry of Education. The purpose of this document is to be a communicative instrument for the Bolivian State. It makes it easier to plan, create, make decisions, and track student financial actions.

The existence of this document is a way of solving the deficiencies that exist in the educational system of the country. It is a way to strengthen the guarantee of good education for all citizens in Bolivia.

Importance of Single Register of Students or RUDE

Knowing that it is an important record to have knowledge of student matters and meet the stated objective of the entity with the authority in education. The following are important reasons for the existence of the Single Register of Students or RUDE at any education center:

  • The record can describe the particular problem that can occur to a student and all the information concerning the situation from elementary and middle school.
  • In addition, you can create a list of students who are located at the District, Departmental and National levels.
  • Likewise, it allows to attend to students who do not have identification documents, such as the birth certificate, the identity card, among others, through the competent authorities.
  • In the same way, present the appropriate information from the statistical data that is had with the socioeconomic study of the students to the Ministry of Education.
  • Due to these and other characteristics and particularities, the existence of this registry is necessary so that entities and educational centers can carry out their student records without any problem.

Having finished reading this article on How to Know the Rude of a Student, you already have an acquired knowledge regarding the subject. Surely, it clarified existing doubts and concerns. Now, all you have to do is share the information with your friends.


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