How to Know for How Many Children the Allowance is Charged

If you have doubts regarding how to find out how many children the allowance is charged for of the National Social Security Administration (BEFORE), you have reached the ideal article for you. Here, you will be able to learn more about this topic and other pertinent aspects to it.

During the following lines, you will find information about the requirements, the days the allowance is charged Or until who can choose it. You will discover everything here; so, from Gestiónalo, we invite you to continue with this reading.

How to know for how many children the allowance is charged?

The first thing we will talk about in this article will be how to know for how many children the allowance is charged, so that you can get an estimate and count on it in your finances.

The process to find out the number of children for which the allowance is charged is very simple, since, it can be done through the web portal of the National Social Security Administration.

This web portal serves as an online system in which users can interact with the information of data, procedures and requests related to ANSES social security.

Likewise, it is in this web system that you will be able to know for how many children you receive the ANSES allowance. You just have to register and verify your case information.

The interface of the page is very simple and helps to make the query quickly, in addition to providing you with a guide to guide you and make the necessary query.

So, you know, if you want to know for how many children you charge the allowance, you just have to enter the ANSES web portal.

How to Know for How Many Children the Allowance is Charged: Requirements

Once you know how many children the allowance is charged for, we can talk about other more general topics about the process.

One aspect that we cannot forget about any procedure is the requirements that we will need to request and obtain them, respectively.

Also, knowing the requirements in advance allows you to get ahead of gather them with time and calm, to avoid inconveniences during the process management.

Therefore, requirements you need to obtain the ANSES assignment for your children, they are the following:

  • You National identity document (DNI).
  • The Birth certificate of your kids.
  • The Marriage certificate or the Convenience Act, according to the case.
  • You must have the Argentina Nationality and reside in the country.
  • On the other hand, if you are a foreign citizen, you must have, at least, three (3) years residing in the country.

If you meet all these requirements, you can request your ANSES assignment, without any problem.

Of course, you must bear in mind that not all people receive this allowance, since it is a benefit that is delivered for a specific profile determined by ANSES itself.

If you want to know what the profile of the person determined by ANSES is, then we will explain it to you.

How to know for how many children the allowance is charged: who chooses it?

There is a bad perception of citizens about the allowance provided by ANSES, since they tend to think that it is a benefit that is delivered to all residents of the country, and it is not.

To be eligible for the assignment, you must meet a series of criteria and attributes that establishes the National Social Security Administration, in order to study your case and determine whether or not to approve your application.

Attention! All the data and attributes that you present in your request, will be studied thoroughly; Therefore, it is recommended and invited not to present fictitious information.

So, in order to qualify for the assignment delivered by ANSES, you must meet the following criteria and attributes:

  • Parents who are unemployed and without work.
  • Workers who have not registered or whose income is not sufficient to keep the family economy stable.
  • Housewives or any other workers who perform domestic services.
  • Parents who have monotax social status.
  • People who are registered in social work, as is the case of: «We make the future», «Hands on Work», among other organizations.

Likewise, there is also a ANSES criteria to determine the people who should approach and those who should not to a delegation of the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina, to obtain the Assignment delivered by the organization.

People Who Must Approach an ANSES Delegation

According to ANSES, The people who must approach one of the Administration delegations are the following:

  • People who have children and have not been previously registered in the system.

Now, in order to carry out this procedure you must present the DNI and the Birth Certificates of each of the family members that you will register.

Likewise, you should also know that you can not only go to the ANSES offices, but also you can attend the following delegations:

  • Ministry of Social Development.
  • Ministry of Labor.

People who should not approach an ANSES Delegation

As well as establishing who should attend the ANSES delegations, there is also a criterion to determine who should not.

The criteria for these people are as follows:

  1. Their children do not reach the age of majority.
  2. They have worked on a regular basis.
  3. Currently, they are unemployed or working in a refractory market.

If you meet all these criteria, you belong to the group of people who They must not approach an ANSES delegation to receive the benefit of the assignment.

Similarly, people who are enjoying other social services nor should they approach the ANSES Assignment.

On the other hand, those people who already have the approval of the AssignmentThey should not attend the ANSES delegations either; since payment is made automatically, it is not necessary to attend to withdraw the payment.

It should be noted that Request and withdrawal processes can be done through the web portal ANSES.

How to Know for How Many Children the Allowance is Charged: When is it Charged?

One of the doubts that cannot be absent in this type of procedure is the collection day, the moment in which you will be able to receive the payment for the ANSES Assignment.

When it comes to paperwork for payment, pension or financial benefits, we tend to ask ourselves chen is the day I can collect all of this.

Well, the Assignment that delivers the National Social Security Administration I know begins to collect on December 1 of the year in which you make the request for the procedure.

ANSES works in this way to be able to take better control and organization of annual registrations.

In turn, this method of registration and payment allows each case to be treated carefully and individually.

Frequent questions

In addition to all the information that we have presented so far, there are other aspects and data that escape us, but, from Manage it, we always want to help as much as we can; so, we made a compilation of the Frequently asked questions that may arise regarding the subject and we will present it to you below:

What is the consultation for?

Before making the request for our ANSES assignment, we must be clear about some of the processes and situations that this governmental organization offers.

To do this, we must make a query with your own National Social Security Administration from Argentina to learn more about our case.

Now some aspects that we can discover with this query, are the following:

  • The limits established by the ANSES to finance the payments of the Assignment.
  • The requirements requested to be able to work in customs and obtain the DNI.
  • Calculate how much the payment will be for the children that are registered in the system.
Other methods to consult

In addition to the electronic methods established by ANSES, there are other alternatives to consult the assignment of the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina.

Once we receive the approval of the ANSES Assignment, the organization hands over a debit card for operations. Precisely, the balance of this card is the one we are looking to consult.

Currently, there are several methods to check this balance and, below, we will show you:

  1. If you are a bank user like Banelco or Homebanking, can make your inquiry online, at ANSES web portal.
  2. Similarly, if you are a user of these banks, you can make the inquiry through the ATMs of each banking institution.

What is ANSES?

Practically, we have been talking throughout the article about ANSES, but we have not explained very well what this state organization is about.

The ANSES or the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina is the institution in charge of the country’s social security area. They develop and enforce all respective policies.

On the other hand, this institution is responsible for providing some benefits, What:

  • Family stipends.
  • Stipends due to unemployment.
  • The Universal Allowance for children.

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