How to Know How Many Miles I Have in LATAM: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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If you wonder How to Know How Many Miles I Have in LATAMHow to use them? What is the value of the miles? and others, below, we will inform you everything you must do to obtain this service. Do not stay with the desire, elaborate the flight routine!

To enjoy this benefit it is important to be associated to LATAM miles It is an instrument offered by LATAM air lines to reward the loyalty of their regular buyers. By having virtual cash, you will be able to obtain several advantages within the organization’s platform and today.

Keep reading and you will get more information!

How do I know how many miles I have in LATAM?

To know the number of miles you have in LATAM, you must enter the system with the username and secret password. It is important to check before using the service as there are requirements that you must supply to verify your identity.

In addition, there is the option of entering the secret word from the mobile phone, you only have to provide the code of four numbers in the Call Center to request the miles you have accumulated in LATAM.

Requirements and Steps to Follow

Without doubt the most important requirement of How to know how many miles I have in LATAM, is to be registered as a client of the organization. By creating a username with the secret key, you will have the option to enjoy the many benefits of the airline without limitations.

Also, you will be able to access the various options for advice and claiming miles. Take into account the diversity of services that you can enjoy by accumulating miles on each trip you make.

Steps to follow

This cycle is completed entering the platform of the official website of the entity. It is important to note that this administration is not only accessible in Argentina. Also, you can use it from other Latin American and North American nations, along with countless European countries.

When this part of the cycle ends, explicitly the registration, you are given the option of checking the miles you have in your LATAM account. There, you will discover the option to view the balance of the travel records and you will have the option to access all the data regarding the accumulated miles It’s that simple!

How to Know How Many Miles I Have in LATAM: Value of Miles

When you need to exchange LATAM miles for any of the various advantages offered to you, it is imperative to consider the cost of charges that are important to pay on all flights departing from Argentina. Since the miles do not have an actual expense.

Nevertheless, are rewards that you can redeem for airline tickets or other offers, we suggest that you consider the costs that airline tickets may have when you hope to implement the upgrade Don’t get too stressed out! actually, the charge rates are low.

And in Argentina, generally do not exceed 10% of the total cost of the ticket. Also, keep in mind that the costs will change depending on the air terminal of the tickets, the country you choose for the trip and the service you hired, among others.

The ordinary rates are generally the following:

  • The rate of expenses for trips within Argentina, has an estimate of 6 dollars Americans to date.
  • Spending rate for flights worldwide, the estimate increases from 70 or 80 dollars Americans.

In the same way, during the change of LATAM miles, you are shown the appraisal fees that you must pay. Likewise, you can check how much that extra will cost you and choose with more commitment to enjoy the services.

There are also certain additional charges. Numerous aircraft (in case you decide to change the miles to use them within the administrations of different organizations) to have the option of making the exchanges, require a fee for fuel supplement and other extras.

Some of them are, for example, those of routes of British Airways, other companies from the United Kingdom and Iberia, so we ask that you do not make coordinated exchanges with them in case you prefer not to pay additional spending fees.

How to Know How Many Miles I Have in LATAM: Redeem Miles

To claim the LATAM miles you have accumulated in your time as a customer, you have more than 1,000 objections as an option within the LATAM Pass index. Not only that, you are offered more than 200 items you can trade for a significant distance.

Regardless of the accommodations, restaurants, fast food places, you get LATAM miles to enjoy the services, and you can even have access to benefits inside the plane, redeem them for Amazon items and, in addition, lease vehicles of your choice.

In the event that you need to take advantage of these advantages, customers must be associated with the website of any nation on the planet to enter the LATAM Pass site.

It is important to note that the measure of miles that you need to change for an excursion will depend on the objective set, the flight you choose to take and different variables. Also, we suggest that you audit the article index, so that you can access and find various things to make your travels more enjoyable.

How to Know How Many Miles I Have in LATAM: Frequently Asked Questions

If you currently have any questions about how to carry out the process, we will provide you with some answers regarding the benefits and services that come with the LATAM mileage system.

How many kilometers must the user have to change an exit in LATAM?

How many miles you will need will depend on your goal and the accommodations you need to enlist. In that sense, we leave you the miles that you must have accessible for each flight that you will take from Argentina.

In any case, so that you think better of it, we will calculate the kilometers you need to make various trips from Buenos Aires to different parts of the nation:

  • To venture to Mendoza, you need 4,200 miles.
  • In the event that you need to travel to Córdoba, it requires 3,600 miles.
  • To go to Bariloche, you will need 7,200 miles.
  • If you come to the conclusion that your goal will be Tucumán, you will need 5.00 miles.

So we could continue to perform calculations. The number of miles you need is consistently in the 3,500 and 8,000 range, but remember that this will also depend on the items we mentioned above.

You must remember that to this you must add the tariff rates that are related to each objective and flight, so you must be careful.

How many LATAM miles could I purchase?

There is no restriction on the number of miles you can purchase as long as the company has your loyalty as a customer.

Miles are running out, what should be done?

Unfortunately this happens! Miles are depleted and your highest accrual per ticket purchased is 200,000 miles. Consequently, the organization can offer an efficient and fast estimation framework that allows you to verify the number of miles you earn for each of your trips.

How could the number of miles that the customer accumulates with flights from airlines other than LATAM be resolved?

The best approach to gather them will be through the estimation of the distance and the cabin class where you fly, which will determine the accumulated in LATAM miles.

Can a customer’s LATAM miles be redeemed for buying a ticket for someone else?

Obviously! You can give a ticket to whoever you need. Simply enter the username and password into the registry as if you were planning to do a normal exchange and redeem your miles for the ticket.

In case I lose LATAM miles to recover a ticket or item, could I get them?

Indeed. You have the possibility to do so in the LATAM Pass Miles purchase area.

What is the base and the most miles I can buy?

The largest is 250,000 miles and the base is 1,000. Each mile has a current estimate of US $ 3.2.

What is the legitimacy of each mile?

Legitimacy is approximately three years after it is makes the purchase or the mile is acquired. Trip! with airplanes LATAM and acquire LATAM miles while you recharge it, you will continue to enjoy the benefits.

Consequently, later on you can repeat as many times as you need those long periods of rest and pleasure.

What are LATAM Miles?

LATAM miles are virtual cash that allows you to enjoy the multiple benefits of having a cluster of trips with the transport organization LATAM Pass. Likewise, it allows customers to exchange these prizes for tickets, facilities and more while using its services.

At the end of the day, they are acquired as long as your items and promotions are used, customers begin to accumulate miles that will allow you to obtain benefits later. This is the organization’s method of assessing the inclination of customers who continually agree to travel with the company.

Acquiring LATAM miles is exceptionally easy And you can do it from many points of view: from adding fuel to the vehicle, to buying with a credit card in approved stores or from the organization itself. As you go out of town to shop and spend.

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