How to know how much electricity is owed: payments, cuts and more

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How to know how much the Light is owed, is a question that everyone should ask themselves, since they usually do not know your invoice and cancel the electricity service.

In the following article we guide you so that you can prevent a power outage massive that can cause great damage to your home.

How to know how much electricity is owed: payments, cuts and more

Light is one of the basic services most important in the world because today everything works through the electricity.

This service must be paid from time to time according to an established tax, since this way you secure the permanence of the same.

There are different ways to pay electricity in Costa Rica, being the most accessible payment through the use of the internet.

Through the internet: the electricity distribution companies save and maintain all the information related to the affiliated users.

Meaning that anyone can review their Account statements.

Checking the electric service account statements in Costa Rica is easy, you just have to enter the following link and follow the steps below:

  • Once you have entered the official portal of the ICE group, you must locate yourself in the option of «Online services», there will appear a menu with different panels, you will have to choose where it says «Invoice inquiry»

The page sends to a data system, where the data on the 3 options that will be questioned, these are:

  • Service you want to consult, in this space press where indicated is NISE (Servicio Eléctrico ICE).
  • Number of the service to consult.
  • Security code that the system will display.
  • After placing the corresponding data, you must click the button that indicates «continue» and then you will get the bill with all the features related to your light debt.

There are other similar alternatives, the ICE group has at its disposal an option to affiliate your invoice to direct sending by email, taking advantage of the facilities offered by the virtual world.

To obtain your invoice via digital messaging They must be supplied on the platform or directly at the agency your Email address.

If you send your updated data to the following email:, you can receive direct advice from the institute. Or in any case you can choose to dial the number of Customer Support official: «8000423532».

It should be noted that what you will have to pay will vary depending on your light consumption.

If you are thrifty, the amount will be less, and if you go beyond the limits, the amount will be higher.

As a last option you can also go to any ICE group agency that is near your town, you will be able to check where each one is here.

How to know how much electricity is owed: pay the bill

When you know the electricity bill and the debt it has, you will have to proceed to pay it.

If you do not know how to pay it, well, later we will indicate the ways that you have available to cancel your accumulated debt.

The ICE group contains different payment methods that adjust to the economic means available to the client, all provide the best comfort and quality when it comes to service.

In the following list, we mention the payment options offered by the ICE group so that you know what they are, and decide correctly how you want to cancel the amount of debt.

Some of these are fixed, and some are optional.

  • Automatic payment: The advantages of this method is that you will not have to worry directly about the payment of the electricity bill, you will only have to make sure that in your bank accounts always have enough to avoid unnecessary delays.

We recommend that you never spend the 100% of the funds of the affiliated bank, so you will always be up to date with the invoices and avoid unnecessary setbacks.

  • Prepaid: If you have the necessary money, there is a possibility of canceling the amount as soon as you review your invoice, for this ICE makes a proration of the previous invoices and establishes a advance rate.

In order to access this service offered, you must join the link that we leave you. Once there you will have to follow all the steps indicated by the portal.

  • Pay online: It is known that the internet as a payment method is beneficial because it offers practical ways of using it.

You even have the option to choose from a large number of chains of affiliated banks, which means that the ways to cancel the accumulated amount are quite broad.

Not to mention that, payment can be made via credit and debit card.

  • Face-to-face payment: This is the traditional method of payment, it is convenient for people who do not have an active internet service to use it directly.

You just have to go to any of the ICE group agencies or collectors with special permits, it is currently the most reliable form of payment.

Pay without Receipt

A receipt is a document that certifies the checking a payment, all public services are handled with this type of receipt, in the case of electricity it would not be different.

Nowadays obtaining a receipt or electricity bill is not difficult, it is just a matter of having the means.

Therefore, not having the receipt would be directly the responsibility of the user himself, taking into account that there are many accessible methods.

Electricity bills nowadays they are not emitted physically but by via digital, a topic that we have already mentioned in previous points.

The main benefit of issuing invoices by this means has been its speed and security at the time of processing.

So, to pay for the service you must necessarily know how much you have to pay, if you use the methods that we already explained, you will save a lot of time and you will be able to print your receipt if you want.

After having finished this process, you can or go personally to the ICE agency closest to your home.

Also, you can use the methods via Internet established directly on the official website of the same.

How many days pass for a power outage?

In each country the duration time of power outage Due to late payment of the invoice, in Costa Rica the situation that the user is going through is taken into account, for which there is always a prudent time for the situation to be resolved.

Commonly, overdue debts They are due to users who manually pay for the electricity service.

The power outage period does not have an exact period, however, it is estimated that the outage will take place 20 days as of the date of bill breach.

Always remember the instructions that we explain to you so you do not have to go through this bad situation.

Main Companies in Costa Rica

The main electricity distribution company is the group ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), also takes care of some Telecommunications services in all the country.

In its structure it is composed of 3 affiliated companies, these are:

  • The CNFL (National Company of Power and Light)
  • Collection management
  • Costa Rican Radiographic (RACSA)

Each one of them is undoubtedly in charge of guaranteeing through electricity through the 40 floors of energy located throughout the national territory.

The ICE group has a fairly good reputation internationally for its sense of responsibility towards citizens.

What should I do if my power is cut off?

If you were late in paying your electricity bill, you will most likely suspend the service if you haven’t caught up yet.

Obviously the first step you must follow to recover the services that were cut off, is cancel receipts that you have in your account.

Later, when you have already canceled your debt, you will have to wait for the database to process your request, once this process is finished you will only have to wait for the next business day to activate the suspended service.

It should be noted that if your power is cut off, you will not be assigned a additional amount thus.

If by chance your service has not been restored, you have the option of expressing your complaints by the following means:

Mark to the following telephone number: 8000423532.

Contact you via email to the next l address

Assist in person at any ICE agency.

That is why we understand that we must pay for electricity on time, since it is a mandatory tax to be able to enjoy all the benefits that this service offers us.


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